Monday Quick Take: The Lakers, Alas

Sadly, word comes that the Negro Bitching Association has decided, after much soul-searching, to continue with their playoffs. I was hoping they’d stick to their guns — you know, like Kyle Rittenhouse did — and maybe, if we were really lucky, they’d take Major League Bitches and the Negro Felon League with them in solidarity. Alas, it’s not to be.

You won’t see this reported in the Media, of course, but it seems to be common knowledge among basketball fans that the reason Saint LeBron et al caved was: since viewership is already down something like 50%, they were told they’d lose something like a quarter of their pay if they didn’t get out there and finish for the cameras. All we can hope for now is that it was made clear to them that, since

  • a) China accounts for some huge percentage of their revenue, and
  • b) the Chinese are the most racist people on earth, who
  • c) would’ve probably given the Kenosha cops a medal for dusting Jacob Blake if they ran the place; therefore
  • d) you’d best just be thankful Big Daddy Xi didn’t make you lick his balls, too, because you greedy little hoes would’ve done it.*

I guess when it comes to a hard choice between “standing up for social justice” and “buying another Bentley for all the homies in your posse,” well, Bentley dealers need some social justice too. I sure hope those things hang on to their resale value.

Such is principle in the Current Year, I guess. But there’s still hope, kameraden. As we’ve noted before, the Left is badly overplaying their hand by going after sports. In fact, it’s worse than that for them, as “the Left” really has nothing do with much of anything anymore. The dogs have slipped the leash and, being stupid, are busy doing stupid-dog things like threatening to boycott themselves.

Yeah, they really did that.

Either way that plays out is a massive own-goal; nobody within shouting distance of sanity would’ve let them even make the threat if it were possible to prevent it. But the threat was made, ergo, nobody’s in control. As with the universities — who, to be fair, make the Negro Bitching Association look like rocket scientists — they’re willing to go down with the ship for The Cause, whatever “The Cause” happens to be this week. Here again, they’re so dumb or ideologically enstupidated (a distinction without a difference) that it all seems to have blended together in their tiny little minds — we shall only have racial harmony when we’ve eliminated COVID, or maybe it’s vice versa, but either way we’re so mad we’re going to hop up and down on this land mine until we get what we want.

So, you know, not the optimal outcome — that would be the end of sportsball, professional and collegiate, as we know it — but still not too shabby. At least it shows that even grossly overpaid, over-privileged POCs can figure out their own best interests when the consequences of not figuring it out are dire enough.

*As far as I’m concerned, I’m almost to the point of cheering for our liberation by the Red Chinese. It’ll suck, sure, but I can’t describe the joy I’d feel, watching multi-gazillionaires who bitch about “systemic racism” trying to pull that shit on the Han, whose book report on King Leopold’s Ghost reads “a decent start; needs improvement.”

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5 thoughts on “Monday Quick Take: The Lakers, Alas

  1. WOPR

    Was out eating and caught some of an NBA game on TV. The have giant TV screens showing fans who are remote watching the game. I think they are using Skype/Teams. Anyways, it is weird because the pictures are huge making the fans appear to be 10 feet tall. It all has a dystopian feel.

    Yes, I was disappointed as well that they didn’t go all of the way. However, your average pro sports guy is living paycheck to paycheck. They spend it at least as fast as it comes in. Some guy who does financial planning for NFL players goes through with them about buying a modest place and socking money away left and right. You know that isn’t happening with your average player.

    Meanwhile, The Big 10 has realized they screwed up when no one but the PAC-12 followed them into suicide. I’m waiting though for the conferences who are going to play going full BLM.

  2. Pickle Rick

    And negroes being, well, negroes, the NFL ones will attempt to up the ante to prove they’re even more black than the NBA’s negroes, because the one thing they love more than white women is showing off to each other in ridiculous displays.

    How fast Negroball, in all its virulent forms, finally becomes unpopular and unwatchable among White America is going to be the next thing Vegas will be betting on. These sports leagues somehow forgot that they weren’t always popular, except baseball. Pro Football didn’t gain massive popularity until the late 1960s. Basketball, the late 70s. Hubris, then downfall. That’s when I’ll be cheering. And I once loved my Pittsburgh Steelers. I was a little boy, watching Terry Bradshaw, Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Greene, with my dad. I’m glad he wasn’t alive when the kneeling began. It would have broken an old Navy man’s heart.

    1. Severian Post author

      Let’s hope the Vegas odds are on “real, real soon.” That’s certainly the way the trend lines are pointing: The NFL has announced that they’re going to let players write the names of those killed by police on their helmet liners. and some college — Ole Miss, I think — staged a football walkout in solidarity with the NBA. (Doubly brilliant, in their case, since they don’t even get paid to play yet*).

      Anecdotes aren’t data, of course, but I’ve got a LOT of anecdotes saying the same thing. I was at the gym the other day, and NBA playoff highlights came on. I turned to the guy on the bench nearest to me and said “Oh, did they decide to start playing again?” He replied, “I dunno…. who cares?” Which sparked off a conversation on that side of the room… now, this is a group of all dudes, all at least moderately serious weightlifters. You know, the type of guys who follow sports as if by osmosis. None of them knew, none of them cared, and some of them weren’t shy about expressing how little they cared.

      This is good. Damn good.

      *The nearest metro to me had, at one time, a team in one of those minor arena football leagues. I checked out a few games. It was fun, but most interesting was the number of guys from big college programs on their roster. Yeah, kids — a very, very, very few of you might make an NFL roster, probably on the practice squad, and only for a year or two. The rest of you are going to be playing for meal money in the bush leagues in Podunkville, in 3,000-seat arenas in front of 20% capacity crowds. I guess what I’m saying is, enjoy your fifteen seconds while you’ve got ’em, because nobody in the beer leagues which are your destination gives a shit.

  3. Southern Belle

    Give me a K, give me an A, give me a…Boom! Up goes the parasol, it’s raining stupid people! I have clung to that all summer and now you’re telling me it’s not to be? Dang! I’ll have to put my pom poms back on the shelf…for now.

  4. MBlanc46

    It will be a significant empirical test of normie enlightenment when the leagues eventually resume, with the players and the advertisers competing to see who can be the more anti-white. If enough of the normies say something on the order of “Eff that nonsense”, there’s hope. If not, not.

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