Monday Quick Takes

What are the odds of the “MAGABomber” and the Synagogue Shooter living to face trial, do you think?  In the case of the former, one of three things seems likely:

  1. He’s just a garden-variety lunatic, inspired — but not incited — by the Media.
  2. He’s a lunatic who was incited by the Media, and is happy to talk about it.
  3. He’s a full-on Deep State patsy.

Frankly, I don’t see the Powers That Be risking a trial for this guy, since even (1), the most benign scenario, means letting this weirdo take the stand to talk about how much CNN sucks.  If — IF — they were absolutely sure (1) was the case, the smart move would be to let the guy talk, because then they could tar everyone to their Right as a Sayoc-style fake-Indian male stripper crazy doofus… but they won’t, because they’re not smart, and because they’re egomaniacs.  CNN et al won’t be able to stand getting trashed by this guy on live TV.

I don’t discount (3), but even I find it hard to believe the PTB are that fucking stupid, even now.  My money’s on (2), because crazy people, while crazy, aren’t unpredictable.  They have a “delusion architecture,” as the term d’art is, and though the “break” part of “psychotic break” is sudden, there’s a long buildup that’s obvious in retrospect.  Hell, read any story about the guy, even in the Media — it’s clear he’s been deeply weird for a long, long time.

Given all that, I hope for Sayoc’s sake that he’s truly a lunatic, a barking-at-the-moon schizo whose madness is plain from a mile away.  If it is, he might live, since the Media can write him off as a madman and just not cover his trial.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure he’ll be “shot while trying to escape,” or commit suicide by shooting himself four or five times in the head, or any of the other charming fates that these days are called “Arkancide.”

As for the Synagogue Shooter, I doubt he’ll live through the week.  We’ve come a long way from the days when the Media could just memory hole Nidal Hasan — remember him? — and anyway he only shot up an Army base.  That’s the problem with lunatics, you know?  They can be goaded into doing something spectacular, but you never know what they’ll do afterwards.  Initial reports say this guy hates Trump almost as much as he hates Jews.  They’re sure as hell not going to let him say that on the stand, and since they couldn’t ignore his trial should there be one, I’m betting Bowers comes down with a 9mm migraine here in the next few days.  No autopsy at the family’s request.

Teaching and Indoctrination.  A decent piece by the Federalist, only going of the rails at the end.  The author is a teacher, so of course his solution is “better teaching.”  While I have some sympathy for this point of view, even Dead Poets’ Society couldn’t do much with today’s curriculum.

Good teachers (which include parents, mentors, and other knowledgeable adults) train students in methods of thought while supplying the stuff of thought. They teach a person to evaluate an argument properly, find actual solutions to problems, and determine what is true and what is false.

Yes yes, but what if nothing’s true and everything’s false?  What if “the stuff of thought” you’re required to supply is just ass-pulled self-esteem special-snowflake PoMo bullshit, as it has been for going on three decades now?  When the Facts contradict the Narrative — as they must — ditch the Facts and keep the Narrative.  “Thought-terminating cliches,” these are called, and while the man’s right — replacing Maya Angelou with Tacitus wouldn’t do any good — he’s right for the wrong reason.  It doesn’t matter what Tacitus has to say, because Tacitus is a Dead While Male, and that’s all ye know in this world, and all ye need to know.  Any student who says otherwise will get sent to the principal’s office, while any teacher who says so will be sent to the unemployment office.

Sting in a Thong.  In steering y’all to John C. Wright’s excellent essay on the Unified Field Theory of Madness, I suggested that while Mr. Wright has me beat on name recognition, sales figures, award nominations, etc. (to say nothing of quality of thought or prose), he doesn’t have sexy sexy pictures for section breaks like I do.  To which he replied that he does too have sexy sexy pictures, of Catwoman.  As I am a Southerner by both upbringing and temperament, nothing gets my blood up faster than being the underdog in a pointless, self-destructive blood feud, so I promised massive retaliation.  Here ya go;

General Pickett would be proud.

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13 thoughts on “Monday Quick Takes

  1. MBlanc46

    Any trial will be long after the midterms and we’ll have long since moved on to the next outrage and probably several dozen after that, so it would be page 17 news at best.

    1. Severian Post author

      I dunno. The dude shot up a synagogue, man. I get sick of people on our side making everything about (((them))), but this time all that stuff really does come into play. Is everyone in the Media just going to drop this to focus on the midterms? Plus, this sure seems to be as close as they’re ever going to get to the “White Backlash” the Media keeps trying with all their might to provoke. Are they just going to drop it?

      I bet he’s Arkancided within a week. Two, tops.

      1. MBlanc46

        There may be something to that. But a trial is a long way off. When it finally takes place, our betters will remind us of the evil deed loudly and often, but it will be ancient history. Unless he was a Dem party operative, or CIA agent, I doubt that he’ll be assassinated.

      2. WOPR

        If they decide to get rid of him, it will be he died of unexpected complications from his wounds.

        I don’t believe they will. They’ll simply deep six the trial. Ever hear what happened to the guy who ran over the chick in Charlottesville? Hear anything about the guy who shot up a church last year? They’ll ignore it except for fundraising by the SPLC, ADL, etc. The got GAB and that will be enough. Otherwise, if they harp on the synagogue shooting, who in their coalition cares other than Jews?

        The thing I find interesting is the situation in which progressive Jews have placed themselves. They’ve placed themselves in a really untenable situation. Their coalition consists of groups that at a minimum dislike Jews. Asians are probably the only group that don’t dislike them. However, they are the group that is most likely to displace them. Meanwhile, they have nothing but contempt for Evangelicals who would be their strongest supporters. And honestly, I don’t know how long Evangelicals will hold out. They’ll simply become indifferent to Jewish concerns.
        It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

        BTW, I will admit you are correct that you are right about Progs being a religion. You need a win anyways since you can’t beat Catwoman.

  2. John C Wright

    Out of all the deep issues of the day, the one of most concern to me now is how can I top that photo of Sting dressed as a na-Baron Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen?

    No, sorry, I think you have to take the cake with this one, the beefcake I mean. My few hundred pictures of Yvonne Craig as Batgirl are an insufficient counter-barrage. In sorrow I retreat to my lair of defeat to lick my wounds and console myself with bromides of fatalism.

  3. Frip

    Severian: “As for the Synagogue Shooter, I doubt he’ll live through the week.” Really? Or you’re just talkin’.

  4. Contrariandutchman

    Dear Host,

    Arent you ignoring the possibility:

    4. He is a hired and fully paid actor for the deep state who will use every (copiously alloted) second of media time to drive home the evils of the bad orange man and the alt right?

    After all, -somebody- among the enemy must be competent right? It seems too improbable there is nobody there.

    And that he shot bagels (the term of art iirc) seems a giveaway here, bagels make a good bloody shirt to wave for historical reasons, but the current masters of the US dont like them all that much when they are honest.

  5. Rod1963

    My money is on bomber guy to be a FBI asset and guided along. Why? Given the fact that the bomber had all his felony charges adjudicated makes me wonder if he had friends in high places, like Whitey Bulger, the Tsarnev’s or Hassan. All of whom were well know by the FBI and given a clean bill of health before they went out and murdered people.

    And oddly enough no one asks why did the FBI give them a pass even when they were foaming at the mouth fanatics. Hassan was caught numerous times emailing Al Awaki in Yemen.

    Or for that matter the pair of Muslim lunatics who tried to kill Pam Geller and friends for her draw Mohammed contest. The Jihadis were actually encouraged by a undercover FBI agent who then followed both men all the way to Waco, Texas to do commit mass murder. He informed no one and watched it private security shoot both fanatics dead.

    Lets not forget the Branch Davidians. The backstory leading up to that is very interesting and has gotten little attention.

    And lets not forget all those packages with insufficient postage, the mysterious couriers, no video of them being delivered, etc.And the bombs themselves. The FBI has went dark on the bombs the same way they went dark on the Las Vegas shooter. The one FBI presser I saw, the agent giving it was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs and gave out no information whatsoever. Normally the Feds will give out details and break down of the bombs like they did with the Unibomber. They didn’t in this case.

    1. nightfly

      The van is what gets me. There is NO WAY that nobody ever saw this thing tooling around his community. It would certainly have been remarked upon, if for no other reason than “Florida Man” jokes. NONE. Now imagine that thing rolling down the street in DC and elsewhere. Its very presence in Robert DeNiro’s neighborhood would have led the five o’clock news on all the local networks. Yet it went rollicking up and down the eastern seaboard with no sign of road wear, no dirt, in showroom-fresh condition, with a series of meticulously-applied decals that seem to come straight from Central Casting’s idea of how a loonie-bird alt-righty would be festooning his van.

      And yet we’re to believe that the guy took all that trouble, waxed the thing to car-show quality shine, and then, apparently, parked the van under a canvas tarp in his garage. That a guy who was apparently unrelentingly MAGAsized never took this thing out to show off to anyone, never drove it to Own The Libs, never showed anyone pictures of his sweet ride on social media or anything else. Never left behind any other clues over the months and years, either, unlike just about everyone else. They ALL want you to know why. Synagogue guy did. The Scalise shooter did. Even the Unabomber put out a manifesto. None of them can ever shut up… except this crackpot, apparently.

      1. Al from da Nort

        I’m with you on the van. To me another tell in favor of Option 3 above was the FBI’s carefree handling of it. They didn’t call out the bomb squad to search it first, just casually loaded it up on the flat bed, covered it (badly) and drove it away. Apparently they actually knew nothing explosive was ever involved. Other tells:

        – The FBI has a long history of using fake bombs for entrapment, – usually against aspiring jihadi’s – just like they used the Paki limo owner in upstate NY to do.

        – Their FBI’s weasel-worded description of the ‘devices’: They could have just as accurately been describing a book of matches or a butane charcoal lighter: Too cute by half.

        – The device itself is a tell in favor of Option 3. Looks like something one of my NCO’s cooked up for an exercise back in the day of real Commie front group anti-military terrorism: Real enough to unmistakably require reporting during the exercise but obviously fake enough to avoid going into a really disruptive ‘this is no drill’ scenario. Plastic pipe filled with something, stick on digital clock, three wires taped on (vs two on a maybe real device), no detonator and no battery to power it. All that was missing were the words ‘Inert’ & ‘Exercise Only’.

        – Not much thought in the planning of the operation despite considerable efforts being expended on it (the ‘no true terrorist’ argument): Nobody on the recipients’ target list opens their own mail, just to start with. I’ll resist temptation by just saying that the purported ‘devices’ are obviously inappropriately matched to their purported targets.

        – CNN’s carefree handling of the device they were ‘sent’ shows reckless disregard for their minions in the mailroom or their being in on the ‘Fake News’. They *opened the envelope* (which usually detonates a real letter bomb), moved it around to take pictures (which can detonate an unstable bomb, particularly one made with home-brew explosives), didn’t cut the wires and only then called 911.

        – The obvious postal mail anomalies pointed out by many: No stamps cancelled + near simultaneous ‘delivery’ = had to be injected into a secured mail sorting center, if actually mailed, bypassing initial screening that would be required at any post office, etc. And all these anomalies are ignored by all delivering mail carriers, etc.

        – The obvious diminished mental capacity of the perp/patsy, etc.,etc.

  6. Al from da Nort

    Re Synagog Shooter: Here is an interesting take that might indicate that he’s even more at risk. RS MaCain uncovered that the shooter’s own asserted motivation was that he had noticed that said synagog was engaged for profit in a conspiracy to aid and abet illegal immigration. His evident Trump-hate as PDT being a tool of (((Them))) is also an incentive for Arkincide to shut him up and let him be portrayed as an evil white.

    But how they can off him is going to be difficult. Were he to have shot up a Black Church, all it would take is him being put in a Saturday night lockup and letting his name be known.

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