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I know y’all don’t come here for the optimism, but I’m having fun playing Captain Whitepill for a bit, so:

The reason Karl Marx’s hare-brained theories made intuitive sense to Europeans is the same reason Adam Smith’s hare-brained theories* did: White folks, being accustomed, through birth and training, to seeing the world logically, assumed that all men are, at bottom, logical creatures. In other words, the great Enlightenment fallacy (Karl Marx, you’ll recall, was born in 1818). As “reductionism” seems to also be a universal human tendency, it was very easy for those sane, logical Europeans to make the mental leap from “men tend to act in their own economic self-interest” to “men are nothing but economic actors.”

Few theories in the history of Man have been more comprehensively refuted, but lots of us still cling to it anyway. Consider sportsball. The prevailing assumptions, even now, seem to fall into two camps:

The first says that the overwhelmingly Black players of the Negro Felon League will realize which side of their bread’s buttered and come to their senses. All this talk of collectively kneeling at every game, or even boycotting the season, is just that: Talk, by guys who have too much time on their hands before training camps open. The Commissioner will make some token gesture, this line of thought goes, and some idiot Karen of an owner will sign Colin fucking Kaepernick, and all of this will blow over.

The second is just like the first, but with the races flipped. This camp thinks that Whitey is so sportsball-addled that it doesn’t matter what the players do. After all, at least some of them kneeled at every game when the Kaepernick thing first happened, this line of reasoning goes, and though the NFL has seen attendance and revenue drop across the board for the last few years, they ain’t going broke any time this century on the current trajectory.** Moreover, this theory goes, look at what else Whitey will put up with for sportsball: Months where everything’s pink. Spanish announcers in the booth. Ugly sideline reporterettes. So long as the aforementioned Negro Felons are chasing a ball around, all that other stuff is incidental.

I dunno. The opium of the people is opiates, as any trip to trailer country will confirm, but sportsball is a close second… and now there really can’t be any doubt about how pozzed it is. They just invented a new holiday, “Juneteenth,” for everyone to get all ginned up about between Memorial Day and the Fourth. All the cop-kissing and flag-sucking at every summer sporting event will now bookend a week-long (undoubtedly soon to be month-long) celebration of Magic Negroes. And it just so happens to fall right in the middle of baseball season — that is, midseason of the second-Whitest sport in America — and at the tail end of the Stanley Cup playoffs, i.e. the most popular time for the Whitest sport in the world, ice hockey. There will soon be absolutely no place to go to get away from it… and should any substantial number of White fans defect to something like curling, they’ll Kwanzaa it up too in short order.

That doesn’t strike me as the self-confident action of a ruling power. That strikes me as a giant tactical mistake. They’re betting that Whites are too beaten-down and pozzed to make any protest when their last form of solace is taken away. As a purely tactical decision, it’s one hell of a roll of the dice…

… and if they really were winning, they wouldn’t need to roll the dice.

And that’s just Theory #2. It could be a lot worse with Theory #1. As we all know, the kind of guy who makes it in pro sports is, shall we say, “in the moment” a lot more than your average person. If Whitey isn’t a rational economic actor — and he’s obviously not, judging by how much money he keeps giving to organizations, like the NFL, that clearly hate him — why on earth should we suppose that Blacks are rational economic actors?

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they actually did it. Walked out on the season, that is, or whatever it eventually ends up being (and remember, there’s lots of summer left; “boycotting the season” is just their opening bid).

Again, that’s not the mopping-up action of a triumphant army. That’s a clear indication that the generals have lost control of their troops… indeed, maybe never had much control in the first place, which is why they’re so desperately rolling the dice, to rally everyone back in line.

As I say, this isn’t a prediction. I’m more playing the role of Captain Whitepill than anything else. But it’s at least plausible, you must admit.



*No slander intended on Adam Smith. He was, from all reports, a decent man who was trying his best to observe actual patterns out in the real world. He wasn’t an “economist,” a profession that didn’t exist back then. He was a moral philosopher, who made his rep on books like The Theory of Moral Sentiments. He was wrong, all in, but he wasn’t evil. Karl Marx was pure fucking evil.

**I assume at least some of them kneeled every game of every subsequent season, but I haven’t watched a snap in years. Feel free to correct me.

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12 thoughts on “More Devil’s Advocate

  1. WOPR

    Basically, under theory one, the army thinks they have completely won and are now looting the enemy camp.

    I believe most of the pro sports are about to suffer serious drops in viewing, especially the NBA and NFL. College football looks like it is close behind when a big program coach has to apologize to a player for wearing an OAN t-shirt. Politics is one thing the fans don’t want in their sports. The pink is stupid and annoying, but not overtly political. The NFL tried pushing Hispanic stuff but dialed it back after one official got booed on MNF for making calls in Spanish. Now, though, it has gone full blown SJW. The interesting thing is watching the NFL and NBA players creeping towards canceling their seasons. I have to believe a lot of people are simply going to tune out. That’s especially true since people have been without sports for months now.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s just it – it’s a desperate grab at continuing relevance. Staying in my Captain Whitepill persona for a moment…

      I don’t think this stuff is actually political. At all. It sounds political, and politicians are making the usual noises, but they — the politicians — are just trend-surfing mercenaries, same as the “protesters.” See also: the New Left. You can ask MBlanc46 what it felt like at the time, but with the historian’s cold ear, the Port Huron Statement sounds like nothing but “My Mom and Dad suck, waaaaah.” They made a lot of noise about Marx and Mao and Marcuse, but the only real use they had for The Communist Manifesto was as a convenient place to set the bong.

      It wasn’t an organized revolutionary movement; it was a giant temper tantrum. Worse (from their perspective), it was a failed temper tantrum — as I pointed out to MBlanc46 somewhere below, all the “Days of Rage” ended up getting them was four more years of Nixon, a vastly stepped up campaign in Vietnam, an out-n-proud segregationist cleaning up in the Democratic Party primaries (until he got shot), and, at the end of it all, their great White Progressive hope… Jimmy Carter.

      That’s a fuckin’ LOSS, man. A ship-going-down-with-all-hands-level loss.

      This latest mess — tearing down statues, re-branding Aunt Jemima, “mistaking” exercise bands for nooses, Colin goddamn Kaepernick, all of it — is just a desperate bid for relevance. For the sportsball players and their parasites in particular. ESPN’s ratings and revenue were in the shitter well before the Wuhan Flu. Now that they’re reduced to showing the World Series of Fly Fishing? Jesus. All sports, across the board, were losing big revenue. Worse, youth sports participation was cratering, too. Karen and Co. all but checked out in the last few years — can’t have their precious little Dakotikhaleesi getting a concussion — and nowadays, who’s going to volunteer to coach Diversity? All you need is one angry little 14 year old knucklehead (and I truly can’t count how many ways that’s redundant) to say you said something potentially “racist,” and your life is ruined. Hell, I’ve seen social media posts from Black people asserting that the engraving of a lantern on the back of the $100 bill is really a lynching. I shit you not; it’s not a satire.

      Who in his right mind is going to bother with them under those circumstances?

      Without sportsball, who’s going to pay any attention to them AT ALL?

      It’s a desperate bid for relevance, nothing more.

  2. BadThinker

    Thanks Severian, I like white pills. Some days I read Bruce Charlton and come out thinking the Devil is in control of everything.

  3. Pickle Rick

    Jesus, I hope those idiots burn it down. Either scenario is a win for us. I’m more in favor of theory #2. At this point, I’m convinced that half of white Americans would get on the cattle cars to the camps quietly.

    Never hinder your enemies from cutting their own throats. I truly hope the Negroes show their asses to white cucks. I truly hope that every white owner bows and kneels to show just what spineless cowards they are, and I hope it’s a gigantic slap to sportsball normie’s face.

    People are waking up. I dropped into my local hot dog shop for the first time since March. Not a single mask, not one sign demanding one to enter. And for the first time ever, the discussion among patrons was the negro question, publicly. I dropped some truth, unopposed, and I saw heads nodding in agreement. That’s stuff I could not have done a few months ago.

    There’s YOUR whitepill, Sev.

    1. Severian Post author

      Beautiful. Just beautiful. From your lips to God’s ears, man.

      I’m not even cosplaying as Captain Whitepill anymore when I say this whole thing could be a giant-ass mistake for them. Not on the part of Blacks themselves, because… well, you know… but on the part of the Media. For the first time ever, Chad and Stacy Normie are getting a good long look at Blacks the way they really are, the way we who grew up in the South have always known them. The Media thinks that’s just peachy, of course, but the Media are all fucking idiots. For Chad and Stacy, this shit is outright terrifying.

      I mean it when I say that I don’t wish harm on any group, across the board and with no exceptions, other than White Liberals. There are things I like about Black culture, lots of Blacks are great as individuals, but as a culture… they’re weird, man. They are fucking weird, to put it no more strongly than that. They sure as hell aren’t part of my culture, have no desire to be a part of my culture, and, in fact, explicitly define their culture in opposition to mine.

      Which is perfectly ok. I have no problem with a Chinaman calling me a “white devil” either. That’s his culture, and a large (and growing) part of it is defined in opposition to mine. But — crucially — knowing this, he’s not going to raise a stink when I call him something very very uncomplimentary in return (I’m talking about from-China Chinese, of course, not Bananas — excuse me, Asian-Americans — whose offspring are, almost without exception, such repulsive SJWs that even other SJWs hate them).

      As I say, I have no problem with this. I grew up in the New New South, of course, where the segregation was de facto, not de jure… but it was real for all that, and that’s the way everyone, Black AND White, liked it. They did their thing, we did ours, and met on common ground, much more often than Liberals would ever imagine, and 99% of the time quite peacefully. Forced de facto integration ruined all that, but we coped, sort of, because we knew each other.

      Chad and Stacy are getting this experience now, but without centuries of built-up cultural and intellectual immunity. It’s fucking them up as surely as the smallpox fucked up the Native Americans.

      I’m pretty sure they’d be delighted with actual, de jure segregation now. And you know what? It’s achievable. It doesn’t even involve secession. Just defund the police, just like the #BLM people want. But here’s the catch: Any neighborhood currently incorporated into Greater ____ can, for law enforcement purposes, decouple themselves from the major metro. Let Minneapolis burn, while Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, etc. hire all the ex-Twin Cities cops and tell them to crack some fucking heads on any migratory dysfunction. Same with Atlanta, Chicago, and all the rest. Definitely Seattle. You guys are seemingly willing to tolerate a halfassed cosplay version of the Paris Commune — long may you enjoy it!!! But anyone caught wearing black out in the ‘burbs will be beaten within an inch of his life.

      Tell me Chad and Stacy haven’t at least had this awful, heretical thought already. By the end of the summer, they’ll be begging for it.

  4. Pickle Rick

    Absolutely. The big topic at the hot dog shop also was a “protest” scheduled by the local white lunatics this weekend. This is in a 98% rural white town, in Western Pennsylvania.

    I’m cheering it on, secretly. These people are gonna dispense more propaganda for us in one day than I could in a hundred years shouting from a soapbox on the same street corner. Normie yinzers are going to get a dose of Clown World, in their faces. And I’ll be whispering in ears ready to hear…

  5. ryan

    Juneteenth originated as a Texas Holiday in 1980 (called Emancipation Day). It was part of the curriculum for my Texas history class in college (like 2003 or something). It was taken as quite a point of Texas pride among good whites. Now that it’s kind of blown up to a national thing the sentiment seems to be “fuckin posers stealing out shit.”

    I’m with you all on the acceleration plan. I think the rumors about the Atlanta PD not showing up were a bit overblown. But what was rumored to be would have been awesome. Cops just step back and let the rats loose, especially if they can get to the good white’s part of town. Even if it doesn’t change hearts or minds hey at least they had their house burned down.

    1. Severian Post author

      As I’ve written, I’ve lost friends over this, and that’s one of the reasons why. I have to show my sis and her kids how to load a shotgun on a videoconference, because the Diversity you’re so busy making excuses for is organizing on social media to loot WalMart?

      FUCK. YOU.

      Fuck you good and hard, right up the ass, until it’s like the Lincoln Tunnel back there. Any Vibrancy that shows up ready to riot in my neck of the woods will be strongly incentivized to leave, via my spokesman Mr. Remington. But as a parting gift, I’m handing them a map to your house.

  6. MBlanc46

    Desperate bid for continued relevance. Or castrating a defeated foe and shoving his testicles in his mouth. Just because you can.

  7. Frip

    Sev: “Colin fucking Kaepernick”. LOL. That just clicks. May it fall into name-lore like Bucky Fucking Dent.

    (dudes, Sev is pissed offfffffff)

  8. MBlanc46

    Severian: I had not noticed before that you were from the South. That provides some context. I’m from the Chicago suburbs. However, my people were working-class people and they had traveled in the South for a few years, so they had more direct experience of blacks than most middle-class suburbanites had. One of my mother’s favorite expressions was that she was ”free, white, and 21”. In later years, my father came right out and said, “I hate n* qq*rs” (he actually used the word, of course, but I don’t know what kinds of constraints you operate under). He added that what really got up his nose was seeing a white woman with a n*qq*r. I know it irks black men to see a black woman with a white man. These are pretty common views, although a lot of whites are afraid to voice them. Your attitudes toward blacks are shared by many. I’ve spent many hours in racially-mixed or mostly-black music venues listening to some black blues singer tell the truth. I’ve bought drinks for them and left a generous tip for the bartender. We get along fine with our black neighbors as neighbors. But their friends are black and our friends are white. They’re only here to escape the ghetto. We’d all be happier living apart and getting together only for what we share. I’m skeptical that segregation can be re-established without disaggregation, but that would be the optimal solution.

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