Never mind the AGW, here’s the real problem

We’re going to have to start setting money aside for this right now.  Fortunately, it will have a long time to accumulate interest, so we’ll have some real resources at our commend when crunch time comes.

I hope no one’s going to doubt the word of these Higgs-Boson people.  They’re real scientists, not like those dumb engineers, what do they know.  I don’t want to hear any complaints about the BBC reporter, either.  He’s just trying to make things vivid for us, because what we need is a clarion call to action.

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4 thoughts on “Never mind the AGW, here’s the real problem

  1. Zachriel

    If confirmed, it will be a significant achievement. The prediction of the Higgs Boson was made nearly half a century ago. It’s quite incredible.

  2. Zachriel

    Texan99: Confirmation, if any was needed.

    Scientists certainly think so. All scientific claims are subject to empirical verification. In this case, it took decades of work*, millions of hours, billions of dollars, the best scientific minds, the most ingenious engineers, multiple countries and scientific institutions. If confirmed, it will shows physicists are on the right track in terms of understanding the fundamentals of the physical universe.

    (* It didn’t take quite as long as it took to confirm Giordano Bruno’s prediction, though.)

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