New Improved Settled™ Science!

Stories have come out this week ahead of today’s expected new IPCC report that this one is it.  There’s no doubt at all.  The Science™ is now Sooper Dooper Settled™ and you can take that to the Carbon Credit Bank.

Of course, the report doesn’t really say that, which is why you have Mother Jones softening up the ground with “Five Climate Myths You Will Hear This Week”.  Yeah.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  Don’t read the report.  Just read the Summary For Policy Makers.  Which is written by … political people.   And whatever they say, that’s what 95% of Scientists™ say.

Recently, Severian made the observation that science is not a social construct.  This has a tendency to make your modern “educated” dyed-in-the-wool progressive’s collective head explode, since they’ve been taught that everything, including truth, is a social construct.

It’s a great battering ram, though, and I’ve made it a point and will continue to make it a point to use it on conversations about science that bring up concensus as their lynchpin.

Others are apparently picking it up, too … I mean … Zing!  From Michael Barone.

The religious analogy is appropriate because belief in global warming has  taken on the trappings of traditional religion.

Alarmists like to say the science is settled — which is nonsense, since  science is a series of theories that can be tested by observations. When  Einstein presented his theory of relativity, he showed how it could be tested  during astronomical events in the next decade. The theory passed.

Saying the science is settled is like demanding what religions demand — that  you have faith.

Religion has ritual. Global warming alarmism has recycling and Earth Day  celebrations.

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