Nobody likes you. You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

or, Towards a Prolegomenon of Any Future Morality

The Z Man routinely points out that the Left wins because they’re moralizers. Though they still occasionally make hamfisted efforts to dress up their pronouncements as “science,” it’s always crystal clear that they’re really talking about salvation. Force this piece of Mandatory Make-Believe through the courts, my fellow Americans, and the bad juju will go away for another few months.

But as I always say, Leftists are Hollow Men. Since Leftism is an entirely negative creed, they’re moralizers without morality — “whatever is, is wrong,” is the whole of their eschatology. Since normal people still believe that words should bear some recognizable, systematic relationship to the truth, Leftists argue that everything is a “social construction.” Since normal people still believe that envy, sloth, gluttony, and the like are sins — or, at least, déclassé — the Left lionizes social parasites. Above all, since Normie still believes that one’s actions have at least some bearing on one’s life outcomes, Leftists insist that everything is someone else’s fault. Evil, be thou my good, as I’m pretty sure Dr. Dre said.

Thus the way back for Dissidents must start with an alternative morality. And since the old morality is deader than disco for the time being — being based, as it is, on the unchangeable human condition — we have to find a way to get the camel’s nose inside the tent, as the saying is. Such a new morality would have to work with the material to hand, and since we’re such a stupid, slothful, envious, degraded culture, and so addicted to Mandatory Make-Believe, I suggest:

Truthianism, or something like that (I stink at titles).

Basically, this valorizes the principle of “keepin’ it real,” as the cool kids used to say back in the 1990s. Base the new morality around telling “the truth” at all times…. and by “telling the truth,” of course, I mean “indulging your natural urge to tear people down” (again, remember that we’re playing the long game here). Why yes, that dress does make your butt look big. Gosh, you must’ve had egg salad for lunch; your breath could stop a charging rhino. You look like a fucking dork with that mask on. Nobody likes you; you’re ugly and your momma dresses you funny.

Such a new morality allows people to feel good about themselves while indulging one of their base impulses — in other words, it’s exactly how the Left managed to attain its unchallenged stranglehold over modern “culture.” But with the added bonus that the “truth” you’re telling is, in fact, true (just obnoxiously stated). Get people into the habit of telling the truth in small things, and soon enough some real truths can start to emerge….

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18 thoughts on “Nobody likes you. You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

  1. AvatarMBlanc46

    “You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny”. Haven’t heard that one since jr high days. There’s an old Rod Serling story, titled, if memory serves, “The Whole Truth”. A used car salesman named Harvey Hennicutt (again, if memory serves), for some reason that I don’t recall, is struck with the inability to utter an untruth. Hilarity ensues. In real life, the result would be a lot of screaming arguments and fist fights. Among whites. In the ghetto, a lot of shootings.

  2. AvatarMaus

    Truthianism may force behavioral changes because all the special snowflakes (they have the trophies and medals to prove it) are ignorant of the adage I learned on the playgrounds of yesteryear: sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Xer and xim have either forgotten this, rejected it because “microaggressions are real” or never learned it in the first place because the damned helicopter parenting forestalled the opportunity. So mock away. Some snowflakes will adapt to escape an imbalance of “thumbs down” feedback on social media. Or they’ll kill themselves in increasing numbers, either intentionally or through poorly calibrated opiode overdoses.
    Realistically, with the way sanity is spiraling away, the morality we are gonna get is that of Pol Pot and his killing fields or of mid-90s Rwanda. Future historians will marvel at the piles of skulls. Dysgenic breeding is just one way to end up with Idiocracy. Like achieving financial independence through minimizing expenditure, you can “save” the world by reducing the surplus population of clever, mouthy people spouting Truthianity. The bloodletting phase of Revolutions always seem to target the so-called “intellectuals;” and the brush stroke of demarcation is always overbroad to ensure that none inadvertently escape the Re-education/Endlosung.
    So my advice is to keep your head down and your mouth shut. Follow the old dictum that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open it and confirm the judgment. Sooner than we’d like to imagine, giving verbal evidence of one’s rationality and reality-based viewpoint will be perilous rather than merely fruitless.

    1. Avatarganderson

      My proudest moment as a hockey dad happened one year after the year end banquet- My three boys came home, participation trophies in hand, and one by one deposited them in the waste basket. I beamed!

      1. AvatarMaus

        They are to be commended for understanding the value of a thing. And they played hockey, so they certainly know about sticks versus words in a very concrete way. Something tells me they’ll be better at avoiding the pile of skulls than some of their generation. A father of such sons deserves to be proud.

        1. Avatarganderson

          They’re good boys, if a bit to tolerant of the social changes of the last 50 years. One lives in China so he has a close up view of our future.

  3. AvatarThe Kaigat Of Wands

    Much as I deplore foreign adventures (I don’t think there’s been one in my 68 years that was worthwhile) I almost find myself hoping for the long-heralded attempt on Iran. Since our rulers need something to replace covid this could divert their attention from the growing resistance and give it a chance to develop – thinking of things like individual states pushing back, or even counties within states, possibly bits of states breaking off to join another state (Eastern Oregon, South-West Virginia), more home-schooling, a fall-off in university enrolment – all that sort of thing.

    I don’t think they’d be able to whip up anything close to the level of support they got for the silliness in Iraq and Afghanistan and between their confusion at the old trick not working this time and their inability to handle the hard work of being in government we may yet find a way out of the mess.

    1. AvatarPickle Rick

      I’m sure the Chinese are pulling their strings, as they’d like nothing more than their idiot puppets in Washington to get tangled up in a war against someone better than illiterate goat herders or the babytown frolics of the hapless Iraqis. Especially if the Russians decide to back the Iranians, as that gets China’s major rivals embroiled in a proxy/Cold War (part Deux), which frees up Chinese ambitions.

      It’s definitely showing how much resentment these people have created when I actually hope they get their war, and we lose, badly. I bled under that flag, but it represents nothing to me anymore but my enemies. I will never salute it again.

  4. AvatarL. Beau Macaroni

    Call it Fearless Honesty.* I like this idea more than I probably should.

    * Taken from one of P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster stories, in which Bertie Wooster’s friend Tuppy Glossop tells his fiancee (who is also Bertie’s cousin, Angela) that her new hat made her look like a pekingese. Tuppy recalled his remark to Angela as a moment of “fearless honesty.”

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      I love it! “Fearless Honesty.”

      Do please recall, y’all, that we’re playing the long game here. It’s not going to work if we follow up “that hat makes you look like a pekingese” with “Blacks commit 75% of the crime in this country.” Give people a chance to get used to feeling their oats about being “honest” before working your way up. The Left, after all, gives a good long K-thru-5 “education” to their victims before they start suggesting that boys should start chopping their dicks off…

      1. AvatarMaus

        That really is the heart of the debate. Gradualism avoids the shocking confrontation with reality that may lead to rejection before due consideration, especially for a society that has grown ever more prone to an emotional response to disturbing facts. The analogy many reach for is the canard about the frog being boiled to death by slowly raising the temp of the pot because too rapid a rise in temp would lead to said amphibian to jump from the pot post haste.
        But, Sev, the long game you attribute to the Left still includes an acclimatization that begins fairly early in the “education” of that young lad. He’s given a gender neutral name from birth, say Jaden or Evan. He’s made to play with dolls, and told to stop treating sticks like guns or swords when his imagination and his biological hardwiring kick in. He may be dressed in colors or styles that were formerly associated with girls, like pink. As he begins to learn to read, he’ll be given books that strenuously avoid any suggestion of purely masculine energy, emphasizing singing and dancing and baking cookies rather than rough and tumble outdoor adventures. And those books will be read to him by some perverted tranny so that he can be comfortable from a young age with people his grandparents would have despised and shunned. It is only the rapid approach of puberty as he enters 5th grade that kicks the celebration of dick-cutting-off into high gear. Though they will never admit it, the surge of testosterone that will inevitably begin in a few short years will forever deprive them of the opportunity to convert the vast majority of Jareds and Evans into another amazing unicorn of diversity rainbow land. #Ican’teven…
        So, how do we devotees of Truthianity, committed to fearless honesty, acclimatize normies to race realism? If we want them to arrive eventually at a comfortable appreciation that 75% of crime is committed by blacks, what appetizers can we serve to whet their appetite for the main course that will not have them turning from the hors d’oeuvre tray with fear and disgust? To torture the metaphor, can you foresee any problems with serving the lobster canapes (or fully-loaded nachos) first, followed by the less savory liver and onions? I honestly don’t know the answer here.
        Then, there’s the issue of whether we have the time for gradualism. The idiocy and chaos seems to be accelerating alarmingly, and … see my comment above about piles of skulls. Ah well, too much of the black pill recently. I’ll stop now.

        1. AvatarWOPR

          what appetizers can we serve to whet their appetite for the main course that will not have them turning from the hors d’oeuvre tray with fear and disgust?

          My thought would be to break the “Never Criticize Blacks” mindset is where to start. Let’s say the conversation is about attractive women. You begin by mentioning that Gina Carano (white) is not attractive, but looks like she should be playing linebacker. Then throw in that Serena Williams could be her teammate. Watch who bites. Just find inconsequential things to chip away at the wall. Up the ante in very little bites where possible.

          1. Avatarganderson

            I may have made this observation here before, but the attempt on the part of the sports media ( principally, but not exclusively ESPN and SI to convince people that Serena Williams is hot is among the most amazing things I’ve seen

            Or maybe it’s that they PRETEND she’s hot. Why, I don’t know- negro worship, I guess.

  5. Avatarganderson

    Sev- have you posted on the Times guy who lost his battle with a high school-aged Basic College Girl?

    I draws together some Rotten Chestnuts themes.

  6. AvatarDVDC

    More people need to hear this:

    “…What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    -Bill Madison, 1995

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