Note the Contrast

For the second post in a row, I have nothing to say that Stacy McCain hasn’t said better, at greater length.  So please RTWT.  For my part, I’d just like to emphasize the contrast.  No, not this one:

The contrast between the paunchy, balding Mr. Hicks and the rest of the [condominium] complex’s residents was stark. Many were aspiring professionals and academics at a premier public university. Mr. Hicks was unemployed, taking night classes at a community college in hopes of becoming a paralegal. He spent long hours in his apartment with a collection of at least a dozen guns, including four pistols and a Bushmaster AR-15. Mrs. Hicks told her lawyer that Mr. Hicks would stare out the second-floor window, obsessing over neighbors’ parties, patterns and parking…

That’s from a New York Times thumbsucker about Craig Hicks, the guy who shot those Muslim girls over a parking space.  The media, of course, was really really really really really hoping he’d be a right-wing gun nut, but — surprise surprise — he was a militant atheist Rachel Maddow fan.  But since he did to the Religion of Peace what they so routinely do to us, they couldn’t just memory-hole him, or outright lie about him…. so in comes this Jonathan Katz hack to do some cleanup.*

The contrast I mean is with one Jared Loughner, who — surprise surprise — was also a leftwinger:

Remember the Tucson Massacre of 2011: Because the shooting targeted a Democrat congresswoman, it was instantly assumed by the media that Jared Loughner must be a right-winger. It turned out, however, that Loughner was a psychotic who had become obsessed with a left-wing 9/11 “Truther” video called Zeitgeist. Because I spent several days researching the Zeitgeist phenomenon in the wake of the Tucson Massacre, I can assure you that this would have been a fascinating subject for the New York Times or one of the major networks to do an in-depth report about. However, once it became clear that Loughner was not a right-winger, liberals instantly lost interest in his motive and there was never any real media follow-up on Loughner’s Zeitgeist obsession.

McCain says the media “lost interest” in Loughner’s motives because of their biases.  But it was much worse than that — they lied about him first, and so extensively that I have liberal friends who to this very day insist Loughner was a right winger.

McCain’s point — which is right, and sensible, and just — is that we should call these freaks what they are: Moody loners, Creepy Little Weirdos, psychos.  We should leave the politics out of it, because crazy gonna crazy, and the particular form it takes is usually random.  I’ve said as much myself — if The Bad News Bears had been playing instead of Taxi Driver when John Hinckley went to the movies, his psychopathy would’ve manifested in some other, totally different way… but he still would’ve been a murderous psycho.

This is an honorable thing, as I say, and if we lived in an honorable world it would be good and sufficient.  But we don’t.  The media is going to politicize these things for all they’re worth, because the media are Cultural Marxists to a man.  That’s what they do — that’s all they do — and if they can’t just bury it, as they do with even the most horrific black-on-white crimes, they will spin it into irrelevance (as with Hicks), or outright lie about it (Loughner).

Every time a conservative’s cell phone rings in a theater, somebody blames Rush Limbaugh.  We need to get in their faces.  Somebody needs to demand that Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, etc. denounce Craig Hicks.  We need to do this every day, until no lefty cultural figure, media stooge, or politician can step out the front door without being called on the carpet for Hicks’s “extremism.”

Turnabout is fair play.  Let’ make those fuckers play some defense for once.


*McCain says Katz has “commendably done more reporting;” I assume McCain’s tongue is so far in his cheek that it’s coming out his left ear.

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