Notes on the Weird Myopia of Liberals

Part one of what could no doubt be a millions-long series.

Barack Obama is president of the United States.

Had you forgotten?  I hadn’t.  But evidently this is news to liberals and the media (BIRM).  For instance, Pharaoh Obymandias made some kind of speech in Germany the other day, and all the coverage includes something like this:

Ultimately it was little more than a laundry list of Obama’s favourite liberal pet causes, including cutting nuclear weapons, warning about climate change, putting an end to all wars, shutting Guantanamo, ending global poverty, and backing the European Project.

Admittedly that’s from a hostile source, but notice that bit I’ve bolded there, second from last:

Shutting Guantanamo.

I repeat:  Barack Obama is the President of the United States.  He could shut Guantanamo with the stroke of a pen.  Hell, he could do it with a few taps on the ol’ Blackberry on his way to get in a quick 18 at Augusta.  He’s had five years to do it.

I’m just sayin’.

Weird, no?


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4 thoughts on “Notes on the Weird Myopia of Liberals

  1. Great White Rat

    “he could do it with a few taps on the ol’ Blackberry”

    I wouldn’t assume that, Sev….remember, this oaf has trouble telling the difference between windows and doors at the White House, and probably still hasn’t figured out how to open and close an umbrella right. He’d probably need to call the Marines out just to turn the Blackberry on for him.

    1. Severian

      True enough, I suppose. Obama combines the economic competence of Jimmy Carter with the broad, deep intellect of… Jimmy Carter. But still: just saying, “hey, somebody go close Guantanamo for me” in a roomful of staffers is probably enough to do it when you’re the Commander in freakin’ Chief.

      See, it’s stuff like this that destroys my hope, that makes me believe the American people really are as stupid as I think they are. The media dutifully reports Obama’s constant laments about Guantanamo, and nobody bothers to ask why they never press him on it. Again: he’s the fuckin’ President. Every liberal in the country — which includes every single person in the media — would slobber all over him even more than they already do if he just closed the damn thing already.

      So why does nobody ever ask him about it? Why does nobody wonder why nobody asks?

      The whole thing is akin to me constantly lamenting that nobody drinks that last beer in my fridge, only for some reason, that beer’s been in there for eleven years, and during that entire time, the mere fact of its existence was enough to drive about a third of the country — the loudest third, with by far the biggest megaphone — totally bugfuck bonkers. Maybe I couldn’t drink it until 2009 for some reason, but now, in 2013, I can chug it anytime I please. And yet I won’t drink the beer, and constantly lament that I can’t drink the beer, and even though all my party peeps had the keys to the house (and senate!) for two of the last four years, nobody drank the beer for me.

      Like I said, weird. And now I need a drink.

      1. Great White Rat

        Oh, I got your point the first time. My comment was strictly about his inability to do many everyday tasks that are second nature to the rest of us.

        So if he didn’t do something he could do by saying ‘make it so’, then why didn’t he? I think it’s his pathological fear of responsibility. Why did he spend years in Springfield voting ‘present’? Because if he voted for something and it blew up later, he didn’t want anyone to be able to say he was WRONG. Have you ever heard Obama admit he was wrong on anything? No – and furthermore, if something does go wrong, he’s taken steps to make sure his fingerprints aren’t on it (see: IRS, NSA, Benghazi, etc., etc.). You can bet that if the Navy SEALS didn’t terminate bin Laden that May night, you’d have never heard about the raid, or if you did, you certainly wouldn’t have seen that now-iconic staged photo of him watching the action. He’d have said he found out about it when he read the papers the next day.

        Consider Gitmo in the light of that. There are only dozens of ways that could go wrong. The tourists at Club Gitmo would be sent to stateside facilities – except no one wanted them. Wherever they ended up, he’d get a s#!tstorm of criticism, and if one of the jihadists killed a guard or got loose or started a prison riot, there’d be no blaming George Bush. Everyone with more brains than Keith Olbermann would be pointing fingers at him. And that’s unacceptable. His ego couldn’t handle it.

        So you keep Gitmo open, and whine about how you wish you could do it, and that’s a goal he’d achieve except for some unnamed Republican evil, and you know the media lapdogs won’t press it any further, but if they do, then look – a squirrel!!! It’s the executive branch equivalent of those ‘present’ votes.

        Maybe he could have used the Eric Holder gambit – signing the order and then claiming he had nothing to do with it. But that probably didn’t occur to him.

  2. tim

    “…you certainly wouldn’t have seen that now-iconic staged photo of him watching the action.”

    They had to tell him it was a basketball game. He’s still sore that he lost sleep.

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