Nouns vs. Traits

An interesting link at Anonymous Conservative:

A group or researchers in Kent found that conservative politicians prefer using nouns in their speeches compared liberals….The researchers…established that conservatives, more than liberals, generally tend to refer to things by their names instead of describing them in terms of their features.

AC goes on to argue that

Liberals have a psychological need to have a moldable world around them, because they have an innate aversion to a solid reality. Throughout their life, they have learned to perceive the world as changeable….That wiggle rooms is not to be able to deceive you later. It is to maintain their ability to deceive themselves, and construct the reality they need to keep their amygdala puttering along, without revving up over the redline.

To “using traits instead of nouns,” add an addiction to passive voice and an aversion to pronouns.

Saying “I propose a code of conduct” puts you on the hook for the details of the code — and its consequences.  Saying “a code of conduct should be put in place to make all feel welcome” is — in addition to being an obvious SJW brownshirt entryist move — a way to isolate yourself from the consequences.  “Oh, the code of conduct went bad?  It wasn’t me who proposed it!  I was just expressing my support for the concept of codes of conduct in general.  Of course I’m against this particular code.  I am a GoodThinker.”

See also “some people might be offended” vs. “she might be offended.”  If you say “she,” you have to point at a real person, to whom the question can easily be put: “Hey Jane, does this offend you?”  But theoretical somebodies are always on the verge of being offended, and never available for direct interrogation.

It’s all of a piece with taking liberal arguments seriously.  Pronounless, passive voice word salad is the first and most obvious liberal tell online.  A simple restatement of their premises into active voice is usually enough to send them running for their safe spaces, screaming about trigger warnings.


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