NPC Guide Part IV: “Privilege”

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, so….

When you come right down to it, the only thing Leftists really believe is what I call the Great Inversion:  Reality is always wrong, such that

  • if the Normals believe it,
  • it’s wrong,
  • because the Normals believe it.

This has been the state of Advanced Thought, the default setting of Friends of Humanity, from the beginning.  Parmenides (6th century BC) knew that Normals believe their own lying eyes when they see things moving out in the real world, so he proclaimed that nothing can move.*  Normals believe that A can’t be not-A at the same time, so Hegel said the universe “overcomes itself” (aufheben) through some mysterious process of “synthesis” in which the same thing is simultaneously A, not-A, and both-A-and-not-A.  Normals believe in sexual dimorphism among the higher animals, so feminists declare that men can have periods.  And so on — see any freshmen humanities seminar at any college in the land for more, oh god so many more, enraging examples.

The key to becoming real is to apply this insight emotionally, not intellectually.

An example will help.  Back in my single days at Flyover State,** I frequented the townie bar; it was the one place I knew I wasn’t going to run into any academic colleagues.  I soon became drinking buddies with a guy who was more or less my polar opposite.  Though a very bright fellow and a fine human being, he’d had the classic trailer trash upbringing — broken home, a bad crowd, petty crimes, drugs, and eventually a stretch in jail.

That right there is what they originally meant by “privilege.”  I looked at my buddy, and all I could think was “there but for the grace of God go I.”  Had our life circumstances been reversed, in all likelihood he’d be the one with the university gig and I’d be the guy stocking shelves at WalMart because that was the only job I could get with a felony arrest record.  I was — I am — deeply privileged to have been born where I was, and when, and to whom.  Of the many gifts I’ve been given over the years, that’s by far the best.  I am profoundly grateful for it.

The Left, on the other hand, insists I should feel guilty.  See what I mean about the Great inversion?

If you’re worried you might be an NPC, use your emotions.  Try feeling the exact opposite thing than what you’re instructed.  In the case of “privilege,” yes, of course it’s “unearned;” that’s right there in the definition (if it’s earned then it’s not “privilege,” it’s “pay,” and if you think about it that way for a moment, you’ll see that SJWs believe it, too — they feel they’ve earned the right to order you around because they’ve spent so much time studying “intersectionality” in graduate school.  Not even professors whine about “professor privilege,” and though every book by an academic feminist contains a many-page disclaimer about how she’s just so awfully sorry she can’t be more inclusive, not one of them has ever given up her nice cushy job so that a POC could have it).

Reverse the Great Inversion.  Feel the opposite of what they tell you to feel, and you’re on the road to becoming real.


*His argument for this is fascinating, as it shows that Lefties have been playing their silly word games long before there was a “Left” to give them tenure for it.  He declares that there is nothing but Matter and Void.  Since nothing can exist in a void, nothing can move into one.  Therefore, all the space that currently exists is occupied by Matter, and since two things can’t inhabit the same space, therefore nothing can move.  The surviving ancient busts of Parmenides don’t show him with blue hair and a nose ring, but they might as well.
**For the newer members of the 14 Regular Readers, “Flyover State” is of course a composite of several different institutions, spread over several geographic areas, as is the “college town” in which it’s located.  The one thing they all have in common is total infestation by this SJW nonsense — it’s as bad in the junior colleges as it is in the Ivy League.
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2 thoughts on “NPC Guide Part IV: “Privilege”

  1. jamesjomeara

    “Up to a point, Lord Copper”

    Interesting analogy, but the preSocratics were serious men flailing around a bit. They were sufficiently serious to provoke Aristotle to try to address their arguments and find a way to reconcile them with each othere and common sense; result: the works of Aristotle, including the first codification of logic itself. Not bad. Of course, one doubts the NPC Left will generate similar results,

    1. Severian Post author

      True. Which ties to a meta-point I’ve been making here for a while — we (the “dissident right” or whatever we are today) have all the ideas. It takes intellectual work to reject PC cant; all the thinking is going on on our side. Just as refuting Parmenides resulted in Aristotle’s categories — that is to say, in the foundation of human thought for the next 2000 years — so refuting PoMo nonsense will lead to….

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