Oh, and By the Way….

In the wake of last night’s Super Bowl, lots of folks on our side linking to some lunatic at someplace like Salon, claiming that the Patriots are the team of “white supremacy” and “Donald Trump’s America.”

Remember when I wanted to do that thing with the white Patriots hat?  More than a year ago, I think it was.  Bet you wish you’d listened to me now!!!  We could’ve been the most fashion-forward 12 people in America, but now we’d just look like bandwagon-riding posers.

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5 thoughts on “Oh, and By the Way….

  1. Frip

    The Left have thought this about the Patriots for about 10 years now. I assumed this is why you first suggested the Patriots cap. Anyway, this morning, some old lady from Alberta who doesn’t know a thing about the NFL started telling me what an awful person Tom Brady is. She knew I was a Pats/Brady fan. From what you just said about some recent anti-Patriots article, her comment makes sense now. She probably read it this morning and suddenly feels full license to pontificate about him.

  2. MBlanc46

    I’d feel a bit of a twit to wear a sportsball cap, but I thought that it was a good idea and am on board.

  3. P_Ang

    Don’t blame me, I was never the start of fashion trends, except that one time in France where I wore a yellow safety vest to a protest…

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