OK, I’ll Admit It…

…I kinda wish I’d tuned into the “debate” last night. The recaps make it sound like, compared to Sundown Joe’s performance, the Titanic was a slight navigational error. Even the Media, I hear, are calling it a draw… which, in Media-speak, means it was Cannae-plus-Tannenberg-plus-Stalingrad for the Democrat.

Please feel free to amuse us in the comments with the inevitable supercuts of Media pundits curled under their desks in the fetal position, sucking their thumbs and cuddling their binkies, desperately trying to convince themselves it was good for Biden.

We all need a good laugh in these trying times.

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4 thoughts on “OK, I’ll Admit It…

  1. texinole

    Tangentially related: has coronachan largely eliminated office water cooler talk as a phenomenon, and therefore allowed soft leftists to avoid uncomfortable realities and even the threat of tepid political discussions informing them of details (or entire news items) that the MSM has hidden or spun?

    I ask because I’m wondering how many people heard about this Hunter Biden hullabaloo for the first time last night. 5,000? 50,000? No idea, but every one is a “loss” for the Cathedral.

    1. Severian Post author

      Probably. That’s why I called even the first debate, shit show though it was, a pretty big win for Trump — since Biden doesn’t campaign, that was a LOT of people’s first look at the guy in real time. That was Joe at his absolutely fittest, rested-and-ready, Stuka-pilled-to-the-gills best.

      And he was terrible. And based on what I’ve heard, last night was light-years away from that. He didn’t soil himself of pop a blood vessel on stage, but he didn’t do much better than that. Forget the Hunter stuff — if that was your first look at Joe, he’s toast.

  2. Southern Belle

    I didn’t watch it either. But this from Tim Stanley of The Telegraph:

    “Threatened with a mute button if he got out of control, Mr. Trump stayed disciplined and (mostly) on message. In the first 30 minutes–coronavirus and the economy–he was calm, positive, well-informed, and even a little invigorating. Joe Biden faded away, like the ghost of Adlai Stevenson.”

  3. Maus

    I caught the latter half while eating pizza with a buddy and talking about legal cases he’s working on; so I wasn’t riveted to the screen. It seemed to me that both Trump and Biden were growing increasingly frustrated by the format as imposed by the moderator. Trump started to use that to his advantage. He’d take concrete examples from the Obama/Biden era, make a pothy jab at Joe then leave off before being muted or excessively chivvied by the POC gal. Joe on the other hand was reduced to moments of jaw-clenching, red-faced rage punctuated by platitudes and forlorn staring into the screen or looking upward like he was struggling to recall something. And it seemed obvious that something was going on with the pupils of his eyes. Maybe it was pharmacological, but it made him look like an animated corpse begging for the evening to be over.
    It goes without saying that the substance of the debate did nothing to move the bar on any truly undecided voter’s choice. I’d say the best bit of amy that I actually paid attention to was Trump’s incredulous quip about the Hunter laptop being a Russian plot. “Russia again?” in this dismissive, battle-weary tone followed by a perfectly mocking “Russia, Russia, Russia!” riffing off the classic lament by Jan from the Brady family sitcom of the 70s: “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.” I don’t know if younger folks will get the cultural allusion; but to those who do it was top-shelf rhetorical dynamite and classic Trump.

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