On Michele Bachmann Retiring

Oh, the self-anointed progressives are happy about this.

To them, it’s all about what a scandalously crazy idiot she is – an image they, through their enablers in the press, have carefully crafted over the last few years.

But, you know… I’ve been paying attention to the lady. And I like her.

She organized the Tea Party Caucus in the House. She organized impromptu Tea Party rallies in DC that got huge crowds with less than a week’s notice. She knows, respects, and loves the Constitution.

And she’s a Christian. A real one, not so much the a-la-carte Christianity that has gained so much popularity of late. She is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

Which means she is not afraid to say that she believes homosexuality is a behavioral issue, not something like race.

Race is genetic. Culture … behavior, is … well, that has been an argument for quite some time now. Nature vs. nurture. The progressive movement that spawned Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler, among others, really bought into the nature thing. And history tells us what that brought us.

Those who are more predisposed to believe in free will … believe that behavior can be wrong, no matter how much nature may have as an input. I believe it is probably true that some people (of any race) can be born more predisposed to violence. It does not make assault or murder less wrong, though.

A good friend pointed this out to me when we were discussing the issue of homosexuality and tolerance.

Of course, homosexual behavior and murder are far from equivalent. But one can certainly argue that one born with a more maleficent predilection still has a choice whether or not to assault or murder, and one could similarly argue that one who might be born with a predilection, a sexual attraction to someone of the same sex … still has a choice whether or not to act upon it.

Which is all separate from the issue of whether or not it should be legal in a free society between consenting adults.

In a free society, legal and moral are not necessarily equivalent to everyone.

But it does not follow that just because one believes that certain behavior is immoral, or even simply believe that one can choose to engage in a particular behavior or not … that said belief is in any way hateful or should be illegal or outside of the realm public conversation.

Now the deal is, Michelle Bachmann — to me — seems to be a perfectly rational, decent, kind, loving human being who can hold two opposing principles simultaneously in her mind and effectively separate them into their proper spheres of influence. This, to me, is the essence of a thoughtful, enlightened human being.

Bachmann isn’t trying to pass any legislation to force anyone to go through gay/straight therapy, or outlaw gay behavior. It’s the mere fact that she believes it can be overcome that is an anathema to them. Again, see, it’s projection. Progressives are all about making their beliefs about what constitutes social progress into law…. they know if they believed what she believes, they’d be passing laws to force it right and left. And if they couldn’t, say, if the gate were closed, they’d go over the fence. And if the fence was too high, they’d pole vault in. And if that didn’t work, they’d parachute

From what I’ve seen, there is nobody in politics any more mindful (there are a few that are as mindful … but I don’t think any that are any more mindful), and respectful of our founding .principles than Mrs. Bachmann.

But the George Lakoffs and Joseph Goebbels of the world know that he who controls the language controls the narrative. And to them and their acolytes of political correctness, the mere fact that she believes that homosexuality is a behavioral issue and not a genetic issue is an anathema. But if you ask me, this is not their main issue with her. It’s just one they can use in the language of “tolerance” they have so carefully constructed.

The fact is is that by and large they hate the Constitution. It stands in the way between them and their various visions of statistic utopia. But they can use “homophobe” (though there’s no evidence that she is afraid of homosexuals) or “hater” (though there’s no evidence that she actually hates … anybody) to paint her as the crazy b*tch from Minnesota, and then heap on all kinds of other nonsense about what a white supremist hateful woman she must be because she’s “conservative” and “conservative” is “all that”. Oh, they’ll argue that she must be hateful, but it all has to be couched in the deconstructionist construction that is the essence of political correctness to make any sense at all.

Now … I’m not really naive enough to believe that her decision is based solely on self-term-limiting, though it’s a great reason. On the other hand, the lady has done more to preserve our founding principles in government than most politicians in recent memory. She’s had some good company, but she is ingood –company. I don’t begrudge her bowing out.

Because as I think she would be among the first to agree… it’s not the person. It’s the principles.

Which has a lot to do with why I like her.

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One thought on “On Michele Bachmann Retiring

  1. Severian

    it’s all about what a scandalously crazy idiot she is

    Yeah, ’cause there’s none of those Occupying anything these days…. sheesh.

    This perfectly highlights the ethical inversion of the left. They like their moonbats. Calling for nationalized healthcare is fine, but single-payer is better and Cuban-style “free health care” is best of all! And if anyone resists, shoot ’em!

    The right-wing version of those sentiments gets hounded from public life. The left-wing version gets elected to the Senate in California. Ya gotta have “radical” street cred before you’re allowed to post on Daily Kos. “No enemies to the left” and all that.

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