On the Whole Jenner Thing …

I think I just summed my feelings on this up about as succinctly as I can here a minute ago….

“It’s not that I care, and it’s not that I care that anyone cares, it’s the whole mandatory caring that is expected or I’m just a bad person that I object to.”

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6 thoughts on “On the Whole Jenner Thing …

  1. nightfly

    If they really require an opinion of me, and if the opinion they approve is the only one I’m permitted to give – why involve me at all?

    1. Nate Winchester

      I’ve done that on a few internet debates at times. “Since you’re so set on putting words in my mouth, how about I just leave you for a minute and come back once you’re ready for something novel.”

    2. Gary

      … if the opinion they approve is the only one I’m permitted to give–why involve me at all?

      Because this is Political Correctness, aka mass propaganda, and therefore we want to create the illusion of total, unanimous agreement. Allowing you to ignore or tolerate transsexuals (or any other big PC issue) is not sufficient. You must enthusiastically endorse them and all they do. Celebrate Diversity!

      1. nightfly

        Part of it, no doubt, on the practical level… but there is a spiritual level to it that I believe is the main motive. They don’t just want a monolithic society – they want a monolithic ego. I mean, I may just lie to them and then be on my way. The only way for them to be really, REALLY sure is if I am unable to disagree… if I am, in fact, so debased as to make myself unable to disagree, to surrender what makes me a person. On some level the true desire is that there be no other selves, no personhood, no will. And merely crafting puppets isn’t enough, either. They want Vichy humans. It’s brilliantly illustrated by Darkseid here:


        Formerly free souls that have been utterly conquered, hollowed out to only hold the will and desire of the victor – only that will satisfy. The ultimate triumph is not merely to kill or jail your enemies, but to make them your willing worshippers. And the constant variation of what is now acceptable are a test of this. Will they zig and zag on command? Will they freely betray their sense of self and blithely conform to the Truth du Jour, will they contradict all that came before with no qualm or doubt? They sell it as “learning” and “growth” but the true reason is to test the congregants in this cult of ego.

        1. Gary

          Part of it, no doubt, on the practical level… but there is a spiritual level to it that I believe is the main motive.

          I agree. Creating “the illusion of total, unanimous agreement” is merely a first step in their grand plan. It serves two purposes: it makes most people afraid to express contrary opinions, and it convinces the weak-minded that whatever seems to be agreed upon by all must be true.

          The ultimate goal, as you say, is not merely to silence the recalcitrant few. Rather, it is to get everyone to enthusiastically believe whatever it is they say is “true.”

          From what I know of totalitarian regimes, the goal of imprisoning and torturing dissidents is/was not merely to punish them and thus make them too afraid to say or do anything “incorrect” in the future. The goal is to break their spirit entirely and convert them into actual supporters of the regime, like the sad ending of 1984 in which Winston Smith “learned” to love Big Brother.

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