One Upshot of The Browning

In the previous post, a discussion of the parlous state of public schools.  It occurs to me that the main problem with any kind of school-alternative — homeschooling, online skill certifications, hell, we could probably cook up a decent “alterna-college” with just the Dirty Dozen Readers* — is the “accreditation” process.  Even your home school must be “accredited” in some fashion, which means you need to get certified via some red-tape rigamarole by a public functionary…

Ever traveled in the Third World?  It’s a revelation in so many ways, but as your basic decent, law-abiding White guy (redundant at least 2x, I realize), the biggest one was the sense of license.  It was the freedom of American currency combined with Third World mores — I could live like a Kennedy, up to and including Ted at Chappaquiddick, so long as I had the cash… and given the exchange rate, I had the cash.  I carried a crisp clean Tubman folded into my passport — should I ever be unfortunate enough to encounter the Federales, I was confident that would do the trick.

These days, as we all know, lower tier government jobs are the exclusive preserve of the useless, incompetent Diverse (again redundant at least 2x).  Traditionally, the ranks of the education bureaucracy have been the preserve of White education major ladies too stupid to make it in the fast-paced world of Human Resources, but as America browns, that will change.  Might as well make the best of it, comrades.  You want to home school your kids?  Sheeeeeeit, as the Hon. Clay Davis would say, a Tubman’ll get you that.  You could probably get the local school board to certify your garage as belonging to the Ivy League for a Franklin.

The Third World is a blast if you’re cynical, ruthless, and have cash on hand.  Let’s use that!


*I forget who came up with that, but I’m stealing it.  With thanks, of course!
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6 thoughts on “One Upshot of The Browning

  1. Al from da Nort


    So you’re saying we don’t need to bribe Congress to set up national certification exams to bypass Big U’s credentialing function anymore_?

    1. Severian

      I dunno – still thinking it through. I assume HR is bribe-able, though, probably even now, so your “credential” probably doesn’t matter as long as it says “legal tender” on it.

  2. MBlanc46

    Adapting to Third World conditions. That’s probably the most practical strategy for dealing with what’s coming. Not the noblest, but the most practical. Of course, we’d be competing with Chinese, South Asians, and Jews, all of whom have considerable experience in doing so. But if you can’t beat them, join them.

  3. Frip

    What’s this home schooling crap you’re on about? If I’d had to spend every waking hour with my mom I’d have killed myself. You think Steve McQueen was homeschooled? Larry Csonka? You think Evel Knievel hung out with his mom all day?

  4. Rod1963

    There is a certain upside but there is a downside as well.

    Forget about clean tap water, you may not even get water you can bathe with. We already have that in parts of Los Angeles and Detroit.

    Crime? Lots worse, since cops are corrupt and incompetent. Well lets say you’ll be investing in low profile body armor, a concealed handgun, and probably a bodyguard.

    If you have any wealth you put up a nice big wall around your home. Your storefront business will have steel shutters.

    Health care. Well when you can buy a MD from a major university like say Beijing U. You may well end up with a doctor who can’t do anything except kill you by idiocy. To get a real doctor you’ll have to know the right people and pay $$$,

    Trash pickup? Random at best

    Forget about clean air and water.

    1. Al from da Nort

      You left out the broken glass bottles mortared one after another to the top of that big wall all around the estate. Some try for artistry, some for color coordination the rest just go for random.

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