Only Inertia?

The other day I went to cancel my gym membership.

By “went” of course I mean “logged on,” since my state governor, though not one of the high priestesses of the Church of COVID like Gavin Newsom, is still angling for a slot in Tha PrezzyDizzle’s third term. I’m sure online yoga and whatnot work great for some people, but there’s no such thing as “Zoom curls” or “virtual bench press” and I’m not gearing up in a goddamn hazmat suit just to hit the weight rack.

It was an eye-opening experience. I’ve had an easier time assembling IKEA kits using the Swahili instructions. This went way beyond incompetent website design; this was active malice.

Which makes sense given the “villain decay” we talked about yesterday, I guess. Just as Spotify, Pandora, etc., seem to have decided that they can annoy you into subscribing to their premium service, Globo Gym evidently believes that if they just make cancelling your membership enough of a chore, you’ll give up and keep paying them $100 a month for the privilege of not working out there.

And I hate to say it, but they’re probably right, at least in the short term, if for no other reason than every other institution in this pathetic excuse for a “nation” has bet the farm on the same business model. They’ve worked very hard to set up a world in which “not doing anything” is far, far easier than “doing something.”

It starts in grade school. In his very interesting memoir The Molding of Communists — get yours before it’s banned — Frank Meyer discusses his time as a “cadre,” one of the hardcore infiltrators. Being a smart guy eager to flex his intellectual muscles, very early on he tried doing some “theoretical” work and got his ass kicked by the higher-ups. Never do that, the bosses told him. You can’t write a single page without committing some kind of deviation; leave the “theorizing” to the experts…

…by which was meant: the guys more wired into Moscow, the keepers of the official Party Line. Since the Party Line changed unpredictably, without warning (except to the very, very clued-in), “deviations” were inevitable for anyone aiming above his station. Some of these Party Line changes were just politics — e.g. the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact — but lots of them weren’t. Stalin was an evil genius, and one of his best tricks was to suddenly flip the Party Line every now and again, seemingly just for shits and giggles. This induced learned helplessness in his slaves. Note that Wiki finds a way to quote the CIA — as if Commie torturers, especially the Chinese, didn’t write the book on this stuff (get it before it’s banned!) — but whatever, please note:

learned helplessness is characterized as “apathy” which may result from prolonged use of coercive techniques which result in a “debility-dependency-dread” state in the subject, “If the debility-dependency-dread state is unduly prolonged, however, the arrestee may sink into a defensive apathy from which it is hard to arouse him.”

“A defensive apathy from which it is hard to arouse him” is a perfect description for life in the USSR, 1917-1991, and if you know anyone who grew up behind the Iron Curtain, you can still see the scars. You don’t have to torture a guy to induce learned helplessness, though. Indeed, the best “defensive apathy” is the kind where the “arrestee” thinks he’s neither defensive nor apathetic. So what you do is, you change the catechism without warning, Stalin-style, between iterations of the same standardized test.

Since it’s an issue I’ve had a lot of experience with (anecdotal experience, you goofs, get your minds out of the gutter), let’s talk homosexuality as an example. If you remember the 1990s, the One True Way to be Gay back then was to have as much anonymous unprotected sex as possible. The merest suggestion that settling down into a committed relationship might have some benefits was a hate crime. And then… suddenly…. just like that…. “gay marriage” was all the rage, and it was now a hate crime to suggest that all gay men everywhere might not want to settle down in the suburbs to raise lhasa apsos together. See what I mean? If you don’t want to get in trouble with the Lavender Mob, the best thing to do is just avoid the subject entirely.

Take that down the line, for every item of the SJW catechism, and you’ve got No Child Left Behind. The good students are the ones who can parrot today’s catechism flawlessly. The best students, the ones who get the scholarships to the Ivy Leagues, are the ones who can not only parrot it flawlessly, but who can, Khrushchev-style, anticipate the changes and get out in front of them. In their minds, they’re neither defensive nor apathetic — no no, they’re good little boys and girls (or whatever they identify as today). Be sure to post your gold stars on all your social media accounts!!

Alas for the world, they actually are defensive and apathetic, as you can prove to your heart’s content by merely suggesting that they turn the fucking phone off. Even older folks, who should damn well know better, will start giving you every excuse in the book. What if an important client calls? What if one of my grandkids is attacked by a bear?

“Well, ok then,” should be your reply. “Then just uninstall Facebook and Twitter.”

Go ahead. Watch what happens.

And that’s grownups. Try that with a kid — meaning, these days, anyone under the age of 35 — and they’ll look at you the way your dog would if you asked it to factor quadratics. Arf? Woof? It just doesn’t compute.

Which suits the Powers That Be just fine, but the problem with betting the farm on this state of affairs continuing indefinitely should be obvious. Consider Nuke1776’s analysis of what happened to that cargo ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal. Nothing seems simpler than sailing a giant-ass ship in a straight line, but it’s actually a very complex endeavor that requires a lot of systems working in perfect sync… or it requires a lot of quick-thinking people with real knowledge making correct decisions on the fly. The crew of the SS Clown World decided to roll the dice and just assume that everything was hunky-dory, because hey, why not? When has a complicated electronic doohickey that requires constant maintenance by highly trained technicians ever failed in a critical spot before?

Some systems have a lot of “give” in them — a lot of redundancy, wide margins of error. Some have very little. Some are so huge and complex that we can’t even guess as to how much “give” they might have. I’d say that “society” falls into that latter category, but we seem determined to find out. There’s nothing like installing an obvious dementia patient as our totally legitimate, not at all fraudulent “president” to signal to the world that you’ve decided to say fuck it and just roll the dice, assuming everything’s hunky dory because as some Dead White Guy once said, objects in motion tend to stay in motion….

…unless something something something, oh who remembers, I’m sure it’s fine, and anyway physics be rayciss, yo. Inertia for the win. What could possibly go wrong?

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14 thoughts on “Only Inertia?

  1. AvatarDansidea

    Nuke’s analysis of the potential cause really resonates – for example the SJW’s I know seem to think electricity flows like a river from some endless mountain stream or something? They have no idea of the vigilance and diligence it takes to keep a power system balanced and operating over a period of time, never mind what goes into making the precious little phones their lives center around work. Once the discipline goes those types of things are the first to fail…

  2. AvatarMBlanc46

    Making predictions is tough. Especially about the future (_pace_ Yogi Berra). I won’t even try. Things might just drift along, slowly declining for decades. Or society might collapse next week. But I can think of a couple of things that could really upset the apple cart. One is China. If Comrade Xi is similar to Mustache Man in feeling he’s got to get the show on the road while he’s still in his prime, hell could start poppin’ real soon. Second, if the Modern Monetary Theory folks have it wrong, and you can’t keep increasing the money supply exponentially as long as it’s just your own currency, things could go pear shaped at any time.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      I’ve pretty much given up trying to make any predictions. The first problem (among almost infinite problems) is that the disconnect between us out here in Reality and the Cloud People is all but total. Our predictions are constrained by things like “human nature” and “basic economics” and “physical reality.” The Cloud People don’t acknowledge any of those, so nothing’s off the table for them.

      [It reminds me of a time back in college, when an old friend had an honest-to-god psychotic break (turns out schizophrenia ran in his family). Even when you started to feel you had a bit of a handle on his “delusion architecture,” as I think the term d’art is, it goes veering crazily off in some totally unexpected direction. Which is no fun at all, when you’re trying to get the guy to turn himself in before he hurts someone or kills himself].

      The main thing I’m trying to get at with these “inertia” posts, though, is that it’s possible, perhaps very likely, that what finally lights the match will be something minor, petty, almost irrelevant. When everyone’s just drifting along — and especially when nobody acknowledges they’re just drifting along — things that a functioning organization would shrug off can mushroom into huge problems. Something that should’ve been handled by the PFC gets foisted off on the Corporal, who passes the buck to the Sergeant, who just lets it drift along until the Lt. notices, but he’s too busy at sensitivity training to be bothered, so then the Captain… and so forth, and now it’s a major crisis.

  3. Avatargedeon

    MMT can work (mathematically) within two fundamental constraints:

    1) The velocity of money stays >1.
    2) The taxed don’t react adversely.

    The thing everyone needs to accept, first, is that the China flu is the product of gain of function research and it would not exist apart from military intent. Second, the legacy financial system is insolvent and can only persist so long as exponentially increasing amounts of fresh debt are created. Early in the legacy debt merchant system the private sector could easily sustain debt production, but the private sector reached its relative zenith in 2007 and that is when the US Treasury stepped in as the borrower of last resort.

    Where we are a year after the initial chaos of shelter in place orders is the early implementation of coerced consumption and borrowing to sustain the debt merchant machine. This too shall fail because even investing in improved roads is not going to yield positive net present future value on the money spent. Most of the money is being directed offshore and appears to be capitalizing various crypto currency schemes in an effort for insiders to bridge to the other side of the storm.

    When you accept and combine the two facts that 1) the debt merchant system is insolvent and 2) the pandemic is an engineered fraud you can see that the chaos of the last year has only been chaos to the normies. What the great reset is, in fact and not just mere essence, is a great repossession and foreclosure on all assets as well as people. The good little slaves will get an allowance to rent back their home and personal property that they previously worked and paid to acquire.

    I say this because it is imperative to accept the virus was not the exogenous random event that would topple the house of cards. We have been under an MMT since fall 2008, but the corporate debt-finances buybacks and trillion dollar annual deficits were no longer sufficient to produce the quantities of debt to sustain the system any longer and here we are.

    I know it seems wise to lay low, but I believe the best personal action anyone can take is to shame maskers who are now vaxers while these foolish trivial ideas are the contested battle space. The Great Reset tm is global and the math can work for a very long time especially since once they get most of the architecture and passive energy infrastructure stood up they can depopulate at will.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      Lots of interesting stuff here.

      I’m really curious about “forced consumption.” While I certainly wouldn’t put it past the GloboHomo pirate class to try something like this, the question becomes: Forced consumption of what?

      Marx talked about this back in the day — overproduction is one of those “crises of capitalism.” Lenin (et al) said that imperialism was basically “forced consumption,” dumping the products of industry on colonies. And once Lenin et al got power, they were quite good at fudging the numbers to keep their “economy” growing — those infrastructural investments you mention happened all the time in the USSR, where they built huge roads going nowhere etc. (North Korea has raised this to an artform — Pyongyang is a huge modern metropolis according to the numbers, but few people actually live there and no commerce takes place).

      I have no doubt that we’ll all be forced to purchase our government-issue smartphones here before too long, the better to spend our required six hours a day on social media (and keep our vax passports up to date, of course). But there are hard physical limits. Thanks to Kung Flu, building projects are being cancelled left and right — can’t get the materials. Meat prices are going through the roof — slaugherhouses are all shut down — and while the Davos crowd loves that, there’s only so much fake meat one can eat.

      Depopulation does seem to be the only answer, and at this point, I’m about ready to say fuck it, go ahead and unleash the New and Improved Kung Flu — our “leaders” cooking this up are so dumb they’ll definitely fuck it up in some hilarious way, and as for the rest of our so-called “civilization,” if we’ve allowed it to get to that point, we truly are too stupid to live. I know astronomers and whatnot like to play around with the idea that we haven’t been contacted by any star-faring civilizations because there aren’t any — any group of aliens who gets to that level of technology ends up nuking themselves to atoms.

      I’m increasingly signing on to that thesis, with the proviso that their self-destruction wasn’t anywhere near as dramatic as that. They solved all the physical problems facing their species, and they would’ve invented the Freem Drive, but the guy who could’ve done it keeled over in his youth during a Netflix binge, and the rest of them were so fat and stupid that they sat on The Button.

      1. Avatargedeon

        I forgot to add that MMT is just a means to an end they are aiming for: TGR tm.

        The consumption isn’t the critical feature, it is the debt expansion. The way I can describe it is like trying to keep pressurized tent inflated while the tent has an increasing number of leaks.

        This is just a working hypothesis, but many different ideas are converging on it. Bear with me because I do believe we are in a live process that has some competing factions. One faction might not ascribe to any morality and would depopulate viscously with a deadly disease or mass starvation while another might have some sense of morality and seek to psyop the masses into celibacy or voluntary sterilization. These are broad strokes, but I believe all of the parties at the negotiating table are Malthusians and all discussion of anthropogenic ________ threat are veiled conversations about the Malthusian trap and proposed final solutions and maps.

        It is an established fact that our modern banking system came from The City of London and that our legal system is derived from English law and we can trace it back centuries before that to at least the Code of Justinian which itself was based on Roman law and everything Roman was a ripoff of Ancient Greece.

        I have tipped off a friend of mine who is a bioinformatics insider and he may or may not comment, but if you look at the DNA of Ashkenazim they are closely related to modern Italians and modern Greeks as opposed to Semitic. I recently encountered the Apollonian transmission works, reading the Tron analysis first, while concurrently reading Stephenson’s Quicksilver which begins post-Charles 1 with the establishing of the Royal Society, scholarly interest in alchemy (Newton et al) and the reintroduction of jews to England via Cromwell. It caught my attention when Stephenson introduced Henry Oldenburg as a crypto Jew going by the anagram of Grubenold or something like that.

        In any case, I spent formative years in Chicago where I have read blanc calls home. I came to the attention of the local powers that be who took an interest in me and then tried to steal from me. This escalated to involving the New York powers that be and the powerful think tanks coming at me. All because of an information exchange I was building.

        So I have had some exposure behind the curtain and I do believe the end goal is to collapse the population through whatever causes the least damage to the good infrastructure and general environment. At least one faction appears to have codified their goals on the Georgia Guidestones. As they have published and promulgated their goals, I consider this faction to be on the more moral end of the spectrum than the other(s).

        I don’t wish to dox this person by which I can say this with authority, but the space hype is crap ex-communications satellites and weapons systems. The tell is that it has media hype at all. It is a money laundering operation with a rocket veneer and a huge goal that requires more tax payer money to achieve.

        On the forced consumption, it is also accompanied with forced deprivation. All welfare is welfare for society’s richest. When you give $1k to a homeless person or any a single mother, the money is immediately spent and that $1k flows up hill.

        The alchemy that Soros practices is monetizing reflexivity. Ie – charging interest on money that doesn’t exist which was originally declared fractional reserve lending and became asset-backed lending in 2009 and then deflating the corresponding asset bubbles. It is one big check kiting scheme and now the debt merchants are attempting to psyop everyone into a voluntary mass repo/foreclosure event followed by voluntary slavery until they euthanize all people they deem to be useless eaters.

        Marx was not wrong in many of his observations, bu he was wrong in his prescription. Communism is coerced consumption and deprivation. We all have a learned or observed understanding of what profit is, this is to say that our attitude about profit is fundamentally cultural. What profit IS in fact is a risk margin that producers must bake in to their pricing models to ensure they will at least recover their COGS on paper. They get it wrong with products that the market rejects all the time as well as not producing enough of the products the market loves. Due to double entry accounting, the debits have to equal the credits at the end.

        CH Douglas observed and articulated the problem and proposed the original “social credit” which the current control freaks have appropriated for their uses. His observation was that the public could not afford to buy the goods they produced because the price was higher than all of the wages and dividends paid out. He doesn’t call this gap the profit or margin of risk that I do, so his work doesn’t have any of our current Friedman profit moralization baked in.

        The social credit was Douglas’ proposal to close the gap, but the banking and legal priests stuck with offering credit to everyone instead to close the gap. Mathematically, it is impossible to have a >0 stock market value without debt. Public debt = private asset and vice versa (debits = credits).

        The important thing to grasp is that risk is conserved and the long term outcome is debits = credits, which is zero, and there is no profit.

  4. AvatarMaus

    Congratulations, Sev. You’ve finally attracted a reader who’s posted a weird bloviating comment that is weirdly unhelpful as anything but doom porn fiction. As most of the (Insert Revised Canonical #) Readers are historians of some degree or another, the casual encapsulation of millenia summed up with the conclusory “and everything Roman was a ripoff of Ancient Greece” might have been a sufficient tell. But for a guy rooting the causation for the end of civilization, i.e. the Great Reset, in exponential debt growth as the means, the real head scratcher was the earlier “positive net present future value,” a financial analysis concept of previously unknown provenance because it is in fact an oxymoron. To repeat, the thesis is not that their is a cabal of evil Malthusian geniuses, or indeed any other sorts of illuminati. Rather, there is an excess of stupidity and chaos that is engulfing reality and rationality. Swim, tread water, float or drown. Those are your options. It’s too late to build a dam or pump it somewhere else.

    1. Avatargedeon

      I am typing on an iPad and frequently interrupted. Do you dispute that resurfacing an existing road will not bring in another dollar of revenue or do you believe that resurfacing a road will pay for the road with a new toll? Neither are economic net positives.

      Which part of Rome do you believe wasn’t a rip off of Ancient Greece? The money? The architecture? The math? The art? The pantheon?

      The people running Chicago are the Crown and Pritzker families and the people under them are the legacy Elmwood Park and Bridgeport mobs. My experience went through AEI, Aspen Institute and all of the way to the British House of Lords via Conrad Black – former owner of the Sun Times.

      It is not doom porn, you dolt. It is math and if you remove the human moralization from the population variable you can see the outcome of the inputs in the formula.

      Out of curiosity, is maus a German mouse or an ashkenazi maus?

    2. Avatargedeon

      Any thesis should be falsifiable. I have never said there are Malthusian geniuses, but it is indisputable that there are Malthusians living among us. You are attempting to discredit what I have written while not refuting any of the facts and attempting to slide the conversation by painting over it with the Illuminati conspiracy paintbrush.

      The people who run Chicago and much more are the Crown and a Pritzker families, with the legacy Elmwood Park and Bridgeport families under them. My personal experience brought both AEI and Aspen Institutes into my life without invitation and the trail ran all of the way back to the British House of Lords via Conrad Black, the former owner of the Chicago Sun Times whom Trump pardoned.

      I am typing on an iPad and have frequent interruptions, so pardon me if I inadvertently leave out an important detail. It is ok to ask for clarification, but it is not ok to slide the conversation off of the actual content.

      It is not my understanding that this house of ideas believe Biden legitimately won office or of his own merit. If that is the case, we are not debating if there was a conspiracy to inaugurate him but the nature, participants and objectives of the conspiracy.

      Maus, do you believe Biden legitimately won the election?

      Ps – German mouse or ashkenazi mouse?

      1. SeverianSeverian Post author

        Keep it civil, please.

        It doesn’t matter if it’s German or Ashkenazi. We don’t do (((that shit))) around here, comrade.

        1. Avatargedeon

          It only matters to the extent that maus (my hypothesis – spiegelman propaganda homage) responded with an ad hominem attack as opposed to a substantive rebuttal or criticism. Why would you do that if you want a honest discussion and can criticize on merit?

          1. AvatarMaus

            Not that you deserve a justification for my moniker, but it’s based on a nickname from my law school days. It was bestowed because I liked to argue and I held what, even then, some considered to be outre, far-right views. So, in terms of your implied slur, a decidedly German homage.
            I pointed out two preambles to your MMT theory, one historical and one financial, that led me to question the soundness of your analytical framework. I am rather more confident about my grasp of classics than of finance; so I’ll merely point out that the Romans owe very little to the Greeks regarding military tactics or civil engineering projects. So, in concluding GIGO (as the software folks put it), I may have painted with a broad brush; but not entirely unfairly. I have no intention of refuting your screed point-by-point. I did not intend an ad hominem so much as speak a sort of humorous, inside-baseball argot that many of the long-time readers here are readily familiar with.
            If you want to persist in arguing for some intentionally malicious group as the source of our present dystopia, I wish you much joy of it. I remain unpersuaded.

  5. AvatarThe Kaigat Of Wands

    Well, if you can have “Software As A Service” I guess you can have Life As A Service.

    There’s an old sci-fi story, you probably know it, I can’t remember the name and author, in which the upper classes spend their lives in fairly minimalist serenity while everyone else toils frantically to fill their required consumption quotas of (free) stuff.

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