Our Side of the Rhine

The Romans were a (justifiably) proud people, but they were no chauvinists.  A bare-assed, long-haired Gaul wouldn’t get very far in Roman society, but his son might, and his grandson would be as Roman as they come.  Just a generation removed from Julius Caesar, the famous three divisions of Gaul were the peaceful, prosperous heartland of the Empire.  Antoninus Pius, the most peaceful of the “Five Good Emperors,” actually was a Gaul.  The best, cheapest way to secure your borders against barbarians is to civilize them.

Caesar’s Gallic Wars is worth reading for a lot of reasons, but especially to see this outlook in action.  He, like most Romans, subscribed to what we might call a laissez-faire mission civilisatrice.  His attitude, in the parlance of our times, ran something like this:

This is the border.  You are free to be blue-assed savages on your side of it, raping and killing and eating each other to your hearts’ content.  If, however, you want to embrace the comforts of civilization, we’ll give you as much of it as you can handle.  Bring your dysfunctional barbarian shit onto our side of the Rhine, though, and we will slaughter you to the last man.

Which brings us to Black History Month (betcha didn’t see that coming!)

BHM is designed to be divisive.  Black Americans simply are Americans; Black Americans’ culture is Western Culture.  The historical process by which that happened, though awful, is irrelevant, in the same way that Antoninus Pius’s provincial origins were irrelevant.  (Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul weren’t just slave raids, but one hell of a lot of Gauls ended up enslaved).

BHM is, in fact, deeply counterproductive.  Modern life is the easiest, safest, and most pleasurable existence in the history of the human race, and it was built almost entirely by the scientific junior varsity — engineers, tinkerers, “rude mechanicals” (the truly towering intellects are all theory guys).  Judged by the B-team’s standards, George Washington Carver was an impressive dude; he did a lot with a little, and human life is better for it.  Judged as the intellectual apex of his race, though….

It shouldn’t be that way.  In this one sense only, race really IS a “social construction.”  We white folks, even those of us who are, say, Bulgarian, don’t sit around ranking the greatest Bulgarian scientists*, pissing and moaning if our top guy is three notches below Isaac Newton.  Western Culture is vast, it contains multitudes, and we all did our bit.

Now, before you start that all-caps comment about how this is just another cuckpost about Dems r tha real rayciss, please note the argument I am NOT making: Blacks are part of Western Civilization; therefore we’re all equal.  I’m well aware of the average Black IQ, and its likely implications in a highly technological society.**  The argument I AM making is: Bulgarians are no great shakes either, IQ-wise — the Italians, apparently, wipe the floor with us, if you can believe that Bologna — but since Bulgarian-Americans don’t go all-in on a cosseted, histrionic  grief culture, nobody has to pay a bunch of extra taxes, write off entire cities, and live in what amounts to a police state to avoid Bulgarian-American social pathology.  Bulgarian-Americans are happy just rolling with Western Civ.

If we want to start reclaiming Western Civilization, we must first acknowledge that we’re talking about civilization — which entails its opposite, barbarism.  If you want to come over to our side of the Rhine, I for one am happy to have you… provided you play by the rules (“having rules” is step one in the civilization process).  You may not make it all the way to the top of our civilization, but you can certainly be happy here, and contribute your bit.  Ask the Gauls… or, better yet, the Thracians.


*This being the internet, there of course are ranked lists of great Bulgarian scientists, but the very fact that these lists are created by Internet People should serve as a built-in refutation.

** Jesus, though, that list is brutal.  One wonders how the authors haven’t been reeducated to death by now.

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6 thoughts on “Our Side of the Rhine

  1. Anonymous White Male

    What did George Washington Carver actually do? He certainly didn’t invent peanut butter. When various black invention myths are actually researched, we find that “most of Carver’s peanut and sweet potato creations were either unoriginal, impractical, or of uncertain effectiveness. No product born in his laboratory was widely adopted. The boom years for Southern peanut production came prior to, and not as a result of, Carver’s promotion of the crop. Carver’s work to improve regional farming practices was not of pioneering scientific importance and had little demonstrable impact.”

    These are just myths that are sops to blacks and White libtards. As you said, B-team. He’s one of the best they’ve got and he didn’t accomplish what “historians” have anointed him with in his biography. White liberals need these falsified histories to conceal the fact that the presence of blacks in White society is akin to a viral infection, which they have infected White culture with.

    1. Severian Post author

      OK, but let’s not go overboard. “Viral infection”?

      Whatever the rights and wrongs of it, historically, we’re here — this is the situation we have. We need to make the best of it. Let’s assume a caricature of the extreme HBD position: 100 IQ is the cutoff; nobody 99 and below will ever move the techno-industrial ball forward; in fact the further down you get from 100, the more of a net drain on society the person is; all Blacks fall below 100. (Obviously I don’t agree with any of this, but let’s stipulate for the sake of argument).

      What then? It’s obvious that present trends can’t continue for too much longer. What happens once we pass the tipping point and returns start going negative?

      The point of this “civilization” stuff — carving out “our side of the Rhine” and defending it — is to find a niche for everyone who wants to pitch in. Maybe it’s true that nobody <100 IQ can advance the ball. But they can surely do something. It’s a question of attitude, not competence. We could fix every problem in America, most certainly including the race problem, in a few years if we reframed it as a civilization-vs-barbarism problem.

      As I see it, most every problem “African-Americans” face comes NOT from (lack of) IQ, but from (lack of) cultural competence. Black culture is a dysfunctional subset of Western Culture. Nothing unusual about that — as late as the 1980s, you could find “dumb Polack” jokes about pretty much every European-descent group that ever existed. The difference is, the dumb Polacks (or whoever) got with the program — they went more “white” and less specifically Polish. They were considerably aided in this by not embracing victim culture — there’s “Polish pride,” of course, but it’s about distinctive Polish contributions to Western Civ. Polacks might not be up in the highest ranks of Western cultural and scientific titans (though there is that Copernicus guy), but they did their bit.

      Blacks, of course, went all-in on victim culture; what we call “Western Civ” they call “Acting White.” Right now we can still just barely afford to play along with that… but not for long. We need to get them on our side of the Rhine, pronto — a Black American is still an American. Going all-in on the HBD stuff, as so many in Our Thing do, doesn’t help with that. We need all the help we can get. Telling an entire group that “you’ve done nothing, you can’t do anything, biology is destiny, please FOAD” is, if nothing else, a bigtime strategic blunder – our entire urban landscape is now filled with a pissed-off Fifth Column.

      1. nightfly

        Hey – speaking as one of those Italian would-be geeeenyusises – brains ain’t everything. One could wind up a Marconi… or a Wile E Coyote… or even a malevolent mafioso kingpin. One makes devils out of fallen angels, not fallen cows, as CS Lewis observed. Failing all that, one could live up (down) to Calvin Coolidge’s observations on the topic: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

        It goes with something I’ve had in drafts for a little while now, about the difference between giving somebody powers and giving them morals. I was thinking of this more in the context of arming ordinary people – an idea that the Left shirks from in horror – but my observation is that they shy away in horror at *anything* from or among the ordinary people. They don’t want them armed with any sort of power at all – certainly not armaments, but also not prestige, money, social capital, votes, cultural influence, education (either actual learning or the brainwashing they favor).

        Looks like I’ll have to expand just a wee bit on my post.

  2. Anonymous White Male

    It has nothing to do with IQ. There is a bell shaped curve with standard deviations for almost every possible character and biological trait. There are White plumbers with an IQ of 90 that are competent plumbers (I’m not saying plumbers are inherently on the low end of the IQ scale, just an example). They are also BORN competent citizens in a society created and maintained by Whites. This also is not saying that some Whites are not defective and must be culled from the herd. This, however, was never a problem before the 1960’s when parasites’ rights became more important than majority rights. Sure, there are a certain percentage of blacks that are intelligent enough to see that White civilization is superior, respect that, and accept their role in that society. But, what percentage is that? The talented tenth? No, that was just something a mixed raced individual used to try and maneuver himself into a leadership role. And the talented tenth turned out to be almost exclusively of White/black admixture. So, even by their own admission, it requires White blood for a negro to excel.

    However, “black” leadership has always been cancerous to the White host. Its entire function is to excuse all black failings, blame Whites, and siphon off White assets/taxes to be “fair” to achieve “equality” with White race. As all intelligent people know, fairness doesn’t exist in Nature anymore than equality does. Yes, there are hard working blacks and intelligent blacks, like Thomas Sowell, that recognize their race’s deficiencies. But, like “moderate” muslims, they rarely speak out against them. Why? Because of the genetic tendency toward group solidarity. The only thing that can merge the two groups is by interbreeding both groups and producing an amalgam. That amalgam will not have the White gifts necessary to create and maintain. And whenever you have more than one racial group living side-by-side, you will always get miscegenation. Even when you create laws against it. ALWAYS. Look at Rome and Greece. Statutes from that time period indicate the, for lack of a better word, the White nature of the inhabitants. Look at Greece now. A large percentage of Turkish admixture. Look at Italy. Dark in the South, lighter in the North. Look at India. Who is at the high end of the caste system. The lighter skinned inhabitants. Look at the American South. Anti-miscegenation laws and yet their are a large number of mixed individuals.

    My take on black/White relations is that it doesn’t matter if some blacks are “good”. Not enough of them are to justify their presence. And those “blacks” with White DNA are jealous and resentful of Whites. The natural “black” mulatto class hates the White class. They also hate darker blacks because they resent that they prove blacks are not as intelligent, productive, or peaceful as Whites. How does this hate help White societies? The thing that made Western Civilization the master of the world was that there is a large variety of White accomplishment. Some geniuses, some scientists, some engineers, some mechanics, some teachers, some artists, some leaders, some good burghers, some laborers, all working together to create the ethos of White civilization. Anytime a black is introduced into a White civilization, he eventually does a job that a White could be doing, usually better. Blacks are a net negative to White society. ALWAYS. Sucks to be them, I know, but biology is what it is. We need to separate from them. This could have been achieved after the Civil War. Blacks could have been given reservations or their own States, or transported to Africa, to live as they are capable of living. This was prevented, even then, by those who focus on what some future utopia will be, not on the non-utopian reality that exists. And, even if the separation occurred, as long as there is a land bridge between Whites and blacks, blacks will gravitate toward Whites. Even when Whites show discrimination and segregate, the blacks won’t go very far. They hang around so they can get the scraps from the White table. Decades, centuries, millennium go by. What is left? A mixed race amalgam that is less in every respect than a pure White society would have been.

    I’m not saying that White societies are filled with saints. Hardly! No civilization is. What I believe is that there is what works and what doesn’t. White societies work. Black societies work, albeit at a much more primitive level. Mixed societies never work. NEVER. Plus, only force can maintain mixed societies. So do the smart thing and separate. And, yes, I know this is easier said than done. But, if we are going to be faithful to reality and provide the best possible outcome for our children and theirs, we need to implement segregation. It will require will. And guns.

  3. Recusant


    One of your best posts: never a truer word spoken.

    AWM: It ain’t going to happen. You criticise other Utopians, but you’re succumbing to the same utopian thinking.

    1. Anonymous White Male

      Never said it was going to happen. Just gave my opinion. And I don’t think anyone would call me a utopian. Unless you think utopia is filled with flawed individuals competing with each other to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves. I just prefer to avoid what I know will be a horrible dystopia. But, I fully expect to go through it because everybody is afraid to do what could minimize suffering for our descendants.


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