Own Goals

I admit it, I was wrong.  I thought 50% of the reason the Left wins is because they’re impossible to take seriously.  But then Elizabeth “Dances with Socialism” Warren took a DNA test, and now I’m certain it’s more like 75%

When Lieawatha first came to my attention, I thought “surely no one who looks like that would be stupid enough to….”  But of course I was wrong, because that’s why she came to my attention in the first place.

“But given that,” I thought, “surely nobody would be so dumb as to double down on it.”  I was wrong there too, because nevertheless, she persisted.

“Even so,” I said to myself, “surely someone who knows enough about the rules of evidence to get a law degree wouldn’t be so foolish as to take a DNA test, especially when she’s on record saying her grandparents faced discrimination because of their Indian-ness.”  But, there it is.

Will any of this matter to the moonbats when Warren throws her hat in the ring for 2020?  Of course not.  And as for us Normals, we have this weird mental block where we assume that someone who has been so thoroughly humiliated would never dare show herself in public again.  When even Orrin Hatch is bagging on you, for pete’s sake, there’s no hole deep enough to crawl into… or so we Normals think, anyway.

And yet, there’s a better-than-decent chance that this woman ends up the Democratic nominee in 2020, which means, what with the constant immigration and the voter fraud and all, there’s a better-than-decent chance this fucking clown ends up the next President of the United States.

It’s pretty simple, y’all — if facts and reason motivated any significant part of human behavior, there would be no Liberals.  As impossible as these bozos are to take seriously, we can’t afford not to, not even for a second.  Fauxcahontas just scored a huge own goal; we need to put that fucker up on the scoreboard, and keep it there.

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7 thoughts on “Own Goals

  1. MBlanc46

    I share your concern about Warren, but I incline to the view that we’ll be saved from her by a demand from the Dem base that the Dems nominate a Person of Color. Whether something could save us from Kamala Harris or Cory Booker is another question. My guess is that Trump would have a better chance against them and the anti-White hatred that they would stir up than against Fauxahontas.

  2. Kirk Forlatt

    If a white man even mentions blood, he’s pilloried as a Dr. Mengele type, and yet the shitlibs clearly place great importance on blood and genetics and so forth. Very amusing to watch them shriek about the importance of this racial component or that racial component of someone’s DNA. And yet with few exceptions, those on the right who have public platforms refuse to point and mock. The refusal to fight realistically is going to pay interesting dividends.

    1. Rod1963

      Of course shitlibs place a massive importance on race and blood. Hence their total support for AA, set-asides, quotas, etc.

      In certain ways I have to respect Warren. As a mediocre white college student she figured out a way to make AA and set asides work for her. She was perceptive enough to notice there were no real ‘tests’ to proved she was or was not a Indian. It was a blind spot you could drive a 18 wheeler through. I suspect it came as a shock to her to how many doors that one check mark on a form opened for her. Eventually it allowed her to run for national office.

      People like Sailer who made a hobby horse whining about set asides in college instead should encourage many other young whites to check the “indian” box when applying for government jobs, grants, college, etc. They won’t call you on it because it opens them up to a discrimination lawsuit.

      Yes, it’s not ethical, but the system itself is not ethical and in fact quite hostile to whites. His failure and those in the HBD movement to see just how rotten the system is just shows how out to lunch they are.

      Blow up this shit show from the inside.

      1. Severian

        Yep. Cloward-Piven that shit.

        (The irony of being “alt-right” (or whatever) in 2018 is making my toes rust — we’re using all the same rhetoric and tactics of the Old Left. Encouraging people to swamp government services to “blow up this shit show from the inside” IS Cloward-Piven — sign everyone up for welfare, bankrupt the government, then comes the Revolution).

  3. Frip

    I guess Warren thinks this test at least gives her at least a bit of an out. Enough not to be called a complete liar going forward. I know the Right is making fun of the results, as they should. But I’m sure the MSM is helping her out with it, so as to “put the matter to bed” in the public mind.

    I could be a moron but still think George Clooney will win if he decides to run. And Avenatti has a good chance too. I’d really fear Avenatti since he’s bold, quick, high IQ and articulate. Half the country is so pozzed that I don’t think the “creepy” tag matters. I don’t think the Dems will demand a black or brown person, since we gave them 8 years of Obama already.

    I hope Warren gets the nomination as I think she’s a crappy candidate in almost the exact way as Hillary, but maybe worse.

    The Open Thread is a cool idea. Shows good faith in the readership. I hope there’s a way to keep it near the top.

    1. MBlanc46

      As the immortal (to me, at least) Yogi Berra is supposed to have said, “Making predictions is tough, especially about the future”. I don’t claim any special gift for it. Besides, in politics a week is a long time. With the venom being spit at white women by the left of the Dems these days, it seems to me that any white woman will have a tough row to hoe in 2020. Right now ( and it’s a long time until early 2020), it looks to me as if Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are at the front of the pack. Warren might be at three. Deval Patrick is also in with a chance if he decides to run.

  4. Al from da Nort

    I’m not so sure that we have to worry about Warren in 2020. Why_? She may be attractive from a Prog point of view as a virtue-signaling front-person but she has incompetent handlers, as has just been demonstrated. Maybe she *has* no handlers, hence the obvious but to herself, own goal.

    As a youth I took a clinical (and cynical) interest in Chicago politics do to my then proximity. That Obama was a well spoken empty suit front man was immediately obvious to anyone familiar with the genre. In Chicago, any front man that goes anywhere at all has competent handlers toiling away in the background, mostly White ethnics. All knew the score and the rules. Obama had R. Emanuel, P Pritzger, and V Jarrett (as a change up) among others.

    But Progs. are apparently so stupid as to think that finding another virtue-signaling front-person is all it takes. Hope they keep it up.

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