Organizational Behaviour in the Human Female

Work forced me to venture into the cesspool that is YouTube, where I was exposed to Lizzy Warren’s presidential campaign ads.  Ye gods, what a shrew!  I haven’t watched the tv with the sound on for years, so I’d forgotten how much her voice makes one long for the dulcet tones of an air raid siren…. or the whistle of a descending 500 pounder bringing the sweet release of death.  Freud was famously stumped by the question “What do women want?”, and for once I’m with the ol’ cokehead 100%.  Elizabeth Warren stories are what chupacabra parents tell around the campfire to scare their kids straight, and yet this woman is — somehow, someway — an aspirational figure for every short-haired, power-skirted, man-jawed cat lady in America….

Poli-sci types really miss a trick when it comes to (for lack of a better word) aesthetics.  Put as simply as I can: Except for the aforesaid cat ladies, every single person in America is put off by nagging, hectoring schoolmarms.  If only middle-aged White women voted, Hillary would’ve won 2016 with a Saddam-esque 99% of the ballot.  The rest of her “support” was Democrat diehards, GOP-E losers, and confused old people who still think that nice Mr. Roosevelt is the only thing keeping the bank from foreclosing on Pappy’s dirt farm.  Since Warren looks likeliest to be the last bozo standing when the Democrats’ primary circus folds up its tents, they must be counting on the bulk kitty litter purchasers to come out even more this time around.

That’s not the way I’d bet.  Yes, granted, every single xirl who pages through sperm bank brochures the way boys used to finger Victoria’s Secret catalogs is a guaranteed Warren vote.  But are younger women going to break that way?  In my not-inconsiderable experience of college age girls, they’re getting pretty fed up with feminism.  Not the platitudes, but the career opportunities.  They’ll still sing hosannas to “strong, confident wymyn” — college girls are nothing if not out-and-proud herd animals — but “catty” is a female-only adjective for a reason.  Elizabeth Warren is nothing if not a Boomer, and today’s college girls have spent their entire lives waiting for fossils like her to finally retire so they can have their moment in the sun….

From their perspective, Elizabeth Warren has won.  She played the girl card, and the Fake Indian card, with consummate skill.  She’s so good at Victim Poker, she ought to be nicknamed after a city.  She’s rich, famous, and gets to tell men what to do, all without visible accomplishment, and she did it with a college girl’s work ethic — that is, by working sooo haaarrrrrdddd! (vocal fry x1000) and tattling on anyone who made her feel bad.  In other words, to the Basic College Girl, Elizabeth Warren isn’t a shining example of Sisterhood is Powerful; she’s a Mean Girl bitch who needs to be taken down a few dozen pegs.

Plus, she’s a professor.  Donald Trump needs no advice from me on how to skewer an opponent, but if you’re reading, Mr. President, hammer that for all it’s worth.  Basic College Girls don’t have mothers, they have day care providers.  Professors are just babysitters on steroids.  Nobody likes them, not even other professors, and Basic College Girls hate female professors most of all.  They’ll all say they’re behind the Woman’s Candidate 100%, but they’ll vote differently.

Last, but certainly not least, The Great Fuck You of 2016 continues apace, and has been dialed well past 11.  “Nagging, hectoring schoolmarms” describes everyone in The Media, of both sexes and all 37+ genders.  Most men, and a considerable number of women, voted for Donald Trump precisely because he told those nagging, hectoring schoolmarms to get bent.  As Elizabeth Warren is fully as reptilian as Hillary Clinton, but somehow even dumber and more shrewish, the same basic playbook should work wonders.  There’s no linguistic killshot like “Crooked Hillary” for her yet, but I’m sure Trump’s got one (it’d be stupid to pull it out now, when she’s not yet the nominee).

Along those same lines, Hillary had to run away from her many, many, many scandals; the Media spent the week after every debate instructing the electorate that all that stuff Trump brought up didn’t really happen, well ok it did, technically, but it doesn’t matter, and anyway he’s got orange skin and funny hair.  Being an accomplishment-free nonentity (rather than an obviously felonious accomplishment-free nonentity) is a formidable advantage for Warren.  But see above: Elizabeth Warren is stupid.  Seriously, bone-deep dumb, in the way only a tertiary-educated academic can be.  Hillary kept walking into punches; Lizzie will leap into them on a rocket-powered pogo stick.

This is not to say I’m sure Trump will win.  I think he’s pretty likely screwed, actually.  But he’s screwed structurally, largely as a result of his own cucking.  But if he’s going to pull it out, going after the Basic College Girl vote is, counterintuitively, a good way to do it.

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Socialized Medicine

Medicine doesn’t show up in the classic utopias.  If you think about it for a second, it’s striking, even shocking —  Campanella, More, et al, all the way up through Edward Bellamy and V.I. Lenin, describe their paradises in detail, and they always mention that disease has been overcome, but there’s never even the hint of a mechanism.  They just somehow assume that common property and communal living make illness a thing of the past.

Medicine didn’t show up in the Progressives’ political fantasies, either, though these were specifically designed to be (and, alas, all too often were) made law.  This is not, you can be sure, because of some weird vestigial respect for personal autonomy.  The Progressives, after all, thought that the State could and should run your sex life for you.  Medicine doesn’t show up in Socialist fantasies because medicine was, for all practical purposes, completely useless.

Historians of medicine (of which I’m not one) like to joke that if you somehow get sent back in time, and you get sick, you’d better stay the hell away from the doctor if you’ve landed anytime before 1920.  It turns out that physicians have the same joke, only they pick 1950 as the annus mirabilis.  In other words, “medicine” is so recent an invention that there are probably still a few guys in nursing homes somewhere whose professional medical practice was little better than voodoo.  The three great medical accomplishments of the late 19th century — germ theory, aseptic surgery, Koch’s postulates — laid the foundations for modern medicine, but without an effective broad-spectrum antibiotic, actual treatment remained all but medieval.*

The history of medicine highlights the deepest, most dangerous irony of “Progressivism:”  They must assume that what’s now is forever.  Progressivism is, at bottom, just organized envy.  If anyone, anywhere, possesses X, then there can never be justice until everyone, everywhere, possesses X.  That X might just be an accident, a historical hiccup, a blip of static on Time’s radar screen, never occurs to them.  It can’t.  Otherwise, they’d be praising the Gilded Age’s “universal access to healthcare,” since John D. Rockefeller’s kid was just as likely to die of some horrible infection as the poorest immigrant’s.  Same for Rockefeller himself — burst appendixes are no respecters of rank.

This locks “Progressives” into their categories, such that they can’t see the runaway freight train heading right at them.  Bernie Sanders is still on the campaign trail sounding like a refugee from the Wobblies, talking about poverty.  Poverty, fer chrissakes!  As if America’s “poor” people didn’t keel over from heart disease while fiddling with their Obamaphones in front of their HD tvs.  The real driver of social change isn’t poverty, it’s idleness.

The signature pathology of the 21st century is our utter lack of purpose.  Our inner cities aren’t vibrant because the people there are poor.  It’s because they’re bored.  They don’t lack jobs; they lack the very notion that anything they could possibly do might be meaningful for its own sake.  Likewise, people don’t jump the border for “economic opportunity.”  They jump the border because they want to loaf on the public dime.  Why else would all those hardworking immigrants, working 24 hours a day doing the jobs Americans won’t, end up acting exactly like our very own native-born ghetto bangers?

If you think it’s bad now, wait until the robots start taking over for real.  The consequences are obvious — so obvious that H.G. Wells, himself a moron Socialist, saw them back in 1895.   But that’s “progress” for you….   We should all thank God that medicine didn’t really get going until after the Progressives had shot their wad.  Otherwise your Obamacare doctor would want to bleed you fortnightly to release your bilious humours.


*For the record, the first effective, widely-available antibiotic was Salversan.  It came to market in 1910, and treated two conditions: Syphilis and trypanosomiasis (African Sleeping Sickness).  Feminists, natch, have been having a field day with that ever since — of course The Patriarchy would develop an STD cure right off the bat!  Which just goes to show that feminists know as much about chemistry and microbiology as they do about economics and logic, but whatever, the point is, there was no broad-spectrum drug until 1928, and the word “antibiotic” didn’t even make it into the dictionary until the 1940s.
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Reality is Oxygen

No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.

That’s the opener from Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House.  Stephen King calls it the best opening in horror literature, and I think he’s right.  Just three sentences, but you could write a small book about everything they accomplish — setting the scene, introducing the theme, foreshadowing the ending….

Note especially the contrast in the first two lines: “sanely” / “not sane.”  This suggests that “Hill House, not sane,” exists “under conditions of absolute reality.”  But Hill House is haunted — something walks there (though it walks alone).  Which suggests that were we not in some sense blinded by our sanity, we’d see the ghosts all around us….

Which is why I wrote “the best opening in horror literature.”  The Haunting of Hill House is a ghost story, yeah, but it’s art for all that, because it tells us something important about the human condition: “Sanity” — for lack of a better term — is a very recent, very contingent phenomenon.  Pick any random human from our species’s long, long history.  It’s ten million to one that this sample of homo sapiens takes the supernatural world for granted.  He sees the ghosts, in a way that Modern people simply can’t.  We’ve had it beaten out of us by 300 years of “the Enlightenment.”

Which means, perversely, that we’re less in tune with Reality, not more.  The Enlightened, scientific mindset seeks to reduce Reality to math.  We Moderns know incomparably more about that tiny slice of the Universe than our ancestors did, but at the cost of vast and growing ignorance of everything outside of it.  Our culture rests on a synecdoche — we cling to a tiny slice of the world, mistaking it for the whole.

This matters, because as our understanding of that tiny slice of Reality grows, we approach the dilemma of Hill House: How much of any given Reality can we handle while remaining sane?

Our ancestors’ Reality was much broader than ours.  Death, for us, is a remote, sterile thing.  It happens in hospitals, and when it’s over we reduce the dead man to a mawkish car window sticker, a Facebook page, a moment’s histrionic grief… then nothing.  Our ancestors, who knew Death intimately, had an elaborate ritual structure for dealing with grief.  The dead were gone, but never forgotten.  Death — the ultimate sanity — spawned the elaborate insanity of requiem masses, saints’ days, Heaven, Hell…

We Moderns know better.  Death is just one last chemical reaction, before all chemical reactions cease.  Consciousness can’t survive the body, because consciousness IS the body.  There is no Heaven, nor Hell.  Our threescore-and-ten is pointless agitation, because life itself is an accident, the random collision of atoms in a void.  That’s our Reality.  How sane are we?

To ask is to answer, and it’s the key to understanding the insanity of Postmodern life.  The Left, as Science’s BFFs, have committed themselves to the notion that life is colliding atoms.  It terrifies them, because it’s a psychological impossibility — it must be true, yet it can’t be true, because if it is, then what’s the point of anything?  Even Social Justice, if per impossibile it could be achieved, is meaningless.

The Universe might actually be nothing but atoms colliding in a void, but no one can live as if it is — not for one single second.  The Left know this better than anyone, because they’ve spent the most time staring into that void.  Thus the Left’s peculiar insanity, which insists that though everything is just a social construction, everyone who doesn’t move in lockstep with the social construction of the moment should be hounded out of society.

The key to deprogramming the Left, then, isn’t to get them back in touch with Reality.  They’ve seen Reality — their little slice of it, anyway, which is the only one that matters to them — and it has driven them insane.  Reality is like oxygen: Necessary in small doses; lethally corrosive in larger.  The only way to fix them is to manage their insanity, to get it more in line with ours.

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Real Personal Evil

If I were building a #RealResistance — an intellectual resistance only, government goons, and anyway this is all hypothetical — I’d bring back the notion of real personal evil.  Yes, I’m talking about Satan, loose in the world, always prowling the night in search of souls to corrupt.

This has two huge advantages.  First, literally Satanic is a good way to describe Liberals’ behavior.  Honestly, ask yourselves:  If we got the Prince of Darkness himself on a conference call, and asked him for instructions, what exactly would he tell us to do differently?  Sacrifice some babies?  Planned Parenthood has us covered, and they’re orders of magnitude more efficient than any coven could ever even dream of.  Deny Christ more openly?  The combination of Marxism, Freudianism, and Postmodernism — hereafter, the poz — has convinced everyone in the West that the Seven Deadlies are actually the highest virtues.  Modern people don’t even have to bother with actual blasphemy — it’s wasted effort.

The second, crucial advantage to describing Liberal behavior this way is: It gives them — the Liberals — an out.  We’ve all read our Festinger here; we know that drastic disconfirmation of a belief system only causes people to dig in more deeply, because otherwise they’d have to admit that they’re idiots.  Heaven’s Gate types — which all SJWs fundamentally are — would rather die than admit they were wrong.  Note, please: That they were wrong.  That is, that they were presented with the full catalog of sub-Scientology stupidity and said, of their own free will and after due consideration: “Yeah, sounds right.”

But if the Devil literally made them do it?  Different story.  A rigorous rite of exorcism and repentance can bring them back into the fold… and as we all know, there’s no one more zealous for your cause than a recent convert.

Now I suppose you’re saying “But that’s all superstitious hooey!”  Perhaps…. perhaps.   But it works.  Come up with something better, and I’ll be happy to listen… but 100+ years of the Left going from triumph to triumph says that whatever you come up with has already been tried, and it comprehensively failed.

Of course, the real reason we’re afraid to break out the supernatural isn’t contingent falsity, it’s the fear of mockery.  The Left have spent no inconsiderable time, in the 100+ years they’ve been setting the agenda, in establishing themselves as Science’s BFFs.  “Undermining religious belief through relentless mockery” was the Left’s main thing before there even was a Left — Diderot was doing it back in the 1740s; Hobbes was doing the nudge-nudge, wink-wink routine at the stupidities of organized religion a hundred years earlier.

All you have to do to refute this is recall the 3nd Law of SJW: SJWs always project.  Again, since we’re being completely honest with ourselves, which is easier to swallow:  A creation narrative, or the Big Bang?  “First there was nothing…. which exploded.”  SJWs will tell you that “nothingness exploding” can’t possibly be a willful act, because shut up, that’s why, but in our heart of hearts we know better.  How could it be otherwise?

And, of course, the Left have always been the truest of True Believers.  Indeed that’s how they won — the notion of blank-slate equalism, from which all Leftism derives, is so bizarre, so cattywampus to observable reality, so easily refuted by literally every singe thing in human history, that for two hundred years or more we’ve had no other response than Dr. Johnson’s: “I refute it thus!”  Which worked out so well that we now have Leftoids telling us it’s a scientific fact that men can have periods and women can have penises.

What could that possibly be, other than actual, personal demonic influence?

Even if you don’t believe this, act like you do, and watch what happens.

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The Myth of the Conservative Revolution

When Liberals aren’t pretending to be the Constitution’s BFFs (e.g. Slow Joe Biden’s bizarre call for more Originalists on the Federal bench), they’re insisting that the American Revolution was a “conservative” revolution.  The Founding Fathers were, after all, a bunch of CisHetPat White slave-owning gun nuts.  They still cite Charles Beard’s Marxist agitprop from 1913 as the gospel.  The Constitution, they argue, was never intended as anything more than a tool of the Pale Penis People to protect their entrenched “privilege.”

You don’t even need to know any history to disprove this.  All you need is the First Law of SJW: SJWs always lie.  The American Revolution was radical indeed, as Gordon Wood demonstrated in his creatively titled book The Radicalism of the American Revolution.*  If you do know any history, this “conservative revolution” stuff looks even sillier.  George Washington may have carried himself like an aristocrat (doubtless this is why he’s my favorite revolutionary), but guys like John and Sam Adams, John Hancock, and Alexander Hamilton were as radical as they come.  Hell, Thomas Jefferson was for all intents and purposes a Jacobin — hence that goofy “pursuit of happiness” stuff in place of Locke’s “life, liberty, and property.”  They had privilege, yes, but so does every Trust-Fund Trotsky.  The only difference was that these guys had courage, character, and principles…

….which I guess makes it a conservative revolution after all, those items being nonexistent on the Left, but whatever, the point is, revolutions are inherently radical.  The difference between griping about the government, versus shooting at government officials, is as vast as the difference between yelling “I’m gonna kill that guy!” at the dude who forgot to supersize your fries, and shooting up a McDonald’s.  No conservative is ever going to go to the gun unless his family’s back is unmistakably against the wall, and at that point, by definition he’s no longer a conservative.  Conservatives are loyal to traditions and institutions.  They’re why he has a family in the first place.  If those have grown so corrupt that only rebellion will do, then how can he possibly remain loyal to them?

As the Z Man points out today, it’s the so-called “conservatives” who are contemplating (metaphorically, FBI goons, metaphorically) rebellion.  James Comey is unquestionably guilty of treason, but he won’t even see an hour in the slammer, much less the short end of a long drop.  If you need any more proof that “democracy” as currently conceived is fatally flawed, there you have it.  The Constitution isn’t a living document, it’s a dead letter.  The only way a system of government designed for White, Christian, frontier-dwelling farmers can work is in a nation of White, Christian, frontier-dwelling farmers.  We haven’t had one of those since at least 1861.  If some anti-Charles Beard wanted to write A Cultural Interpretation of the United States Constitution, it’d be one sentence long: “The laws, customs, and form of government of a state are the expression of the soul of its people.”**

Some form of essentialism is true.  Biology being what it is, it can’t be otherwise.  If you want to label this a “conservative,” even a “reactionary” view, be my guest… but you’ll be flying in the face of 100 years or more of mandatory make believe.  What’s more radical than that?



*Sorry, cheap joke.  But if you need proof that Wood was on the money, and utterly demolished arguments like Beard’s, all you have to do is look at that wiki entry.  It’s one of the seminal works in the field, every single Americanist is familiar with it, it’s still assigned in colleges and graduate seminars across the land, and Wiki…. gives it three sentences.
**That’s Gustave Le Bon, quoted from memory, but close enough.
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Quick Take: NYC Schools

I’ve got nothing much to add to this, but if you still need convincing that our elites are terrifyingly stupid, here it is (Ace of Spades link):

For years, New York City has essentially maintained two parallel public school systems.

A group of selective schools and programs geared to students labeled gifted and talented is filled mostly with white and Asian children. The rest of the system is open to all students and is predominantly black and Hispanic.

Now, a high-level panel appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio is recommending that the city do away with most of these programs in an effort to desegregate the system, which has 1.1 million students and is by far the largest in the country.

Ace’s comment:

This is going to get very ugly, and test liberals’ commitment to the ideals they pretend to worship.

One other factor in play: If Di Blasio forces a mass exodus to the suburbs, not only will New York City take a big hit in tax revenue, but it might cause a serious deflation in NYC residential real estate.

I don’t see what choice Di Blasio has apart from making the case that Equality and Integration Are Overrated. A politically-engineered exodus of the high bourgeoisie — a White Flight combined with Asian Evasion — would be a disaster.

There it is.  There once was a time where the only certainty beyond death and taxes was liberal hypocrisy.  As they consider themselves the Vanguard of the Proletariat, “Socialism for thee, but not for me” is a feature, not a bug, of their worldview.  Or, at least, it was — just as the fastest way to find yourself in Siberia was to suggest that The Workers should maybe have access to The Party’s special consumer-goods stores, so the Golden Rule among Western fellow-travelers was: Never mention, on pain of social and perhaps literal death, all the special exemptions we carve out for ourselves in the policies we impose on the rabble.

But fear clarifies the mind wonderfully.  When Stalin’s around, the notion that “true Communism is whatever the Boss says it is today” is incandescently obvious.  Tell the NKVD to ease off a bit, though, and pretty soon you get guys like Gorbachev, who really seemed to believe all the Party’s hooey about “democracy.”  Similarly, having long since driven the bitter remnant of Legacy America’s rear guard from the field, New York liberals have grown quite attached to the smell of their own farts.  They really believe their own bullshit, in the same way The Media does.

Which is why this will be such a good test for my theories.  Ace argues that Di Blasio will flinch, because

You wanna know who this affects and why it’ll be ultimately rejected? JOURNALISTS.

They don’t have fuck-you money for private schools and they can’t move to the burbs. But they’ll drag DeBlasio over this.

I agree that this would’ve been the case, perhaps as recently as a decade ago.  Back then, there were still enough crusty old fossils in the newsroom that could see the obvious if you beat them about the head and shoulders with it for a few months.  “Punch” Sulzberger was no genius, but little Pinch, in addition to being terrifyingly stupid, is also the truest of true believers.  Far from putting the brakes on White Flight and Asian Evasion, I’ll bet that The Media will trumpet them out of town.  The new Media generation is nothing but blue-haired Millennial soy addicts and xzheir transgendered cats; what do they care if New York is now completely unlivable for families?

Time will tell.  Bookmark this one, and tell me how wrong I was three years from now.

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The Committed Christian Culture Project

If I were trying to organize a Resistance — an intellectual resistance, FedGov goons please note, and anyway this is all hypothetical — I’d handle the opsec issue by forming a church-like front group.  Not an actual church, with the 501(3)(c) paperwork, as this invites IRS scrutiny, but a Bible study society.

There’s lots of precedent — that’s what the Puritans did, after all.  And that’s the great thing about Protestant Christianity — any ol’ body can pick up a Bible and start preaching, on no more authority than the Spirit.  There’s no need for any organizational affiliation, other than what members choose to create.  All you need is a website stating your core principles, and let the guerrilla cells, by which I mean intellectual guerrilla cells, by which I mean study groups organize themselves, 4G style.  4G being the highest internet speed available in most regions, of course, not the other thing.

There are several huge advantages to creating a specifically Christian group.  As we know, the rot at the heart of the American soul is: Lack of Purpose.  Life seems meaningless, because as currently constructed, it is meaningless.  Progressivism is a nihilistic death cult that has infected almost every aspect of American life.  “Normal” politics — the caesaristic charade of “Left” and “Right,” “Republican” and “Democrat” — is merely an argument over the most efficient way to pull the plug.  “Pop culture,” meanwhile, is quite literally poz — live the life the Glowing Box urges on you, and you’ll soon die, friendless and childless, from AIDS.  (Consumerism, of course, is just TV with a higher blink rate and more popup ads).

Christianity solves all that, because it’s a lifestyle.  Note that I didn’t say a “doctrine.”  There are lots of very committed Christians who don’t really bother with that “Jesus” guy — the Jesuits, for instance, one of which is currently the Pope.  But if you do want to bother with that Jesus guy, he’s a pretty good role model.  No, seriously, read what the man actually said.  The ambiguously gay fellow who tells Episcopalians to hold lesbian weddings for their transgendered cats is an invention, and a very recent one at that.  The real Jesus, the man from the Bible, had a philosophy orders of magnitude tougher than anything else on offer in the ancient world.  Constantine thought so, anyway, and though the late Imperial Roman Army had its issues, they didn’t fuck around with gender-benders and furries.  The Stoics thought so, too, which is why one of early Christianity’s main influences was Marcus Aurelius…

Christianity is quite clear on several points that fly in the face of the poz, which is why your Churchians try so hard to ignore them.  Leviticus doesn’t say anything the Koran doesn’t — the only difference is, the Aloha Snackbar crowd are willing to stand up for it.  The proper response for anyone wanting to make your Committed Christian Culture Project study circle more “inclusive” is “Leviticus 18:22,” followed by “Ephesians 5:22” (and, for the single gal, Exodus 22:18; furries get the next verse).  That’s it.  Those exact phrases, no more, no less.

Moreover, the real Christian lifestyle rejects modern excesses.  The Rule of St. Benedict can be followed in all important points by simply turning off the goddamn smartphone and unplugging the tv.  And as for the stuff about lectio divina, one can become an excellent Christian simply by reading Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus and putting it into practice.  See what I mean about not needing to bother with that Jesus guy?  A true Stoic is a manly man indeed, and (liturgical requirements aside) a true Stoic simply is a practicing Christian.

“But,” you’ll no doubt say, “any group like this will quickly get infiltrated.”  They’ll try, of course, but that’s why you really should commit those Bible verses to memory.  Recite them at the start of every meeting.  Potential infiltrators will be so triggered they’ll faint — remember, these are the people who need jazz hands in lieu of clapping at their revolutionary planning sessions because the noise is so bothersome to their delicate sensibilities.  And as for more “professional” infiltrators, see the Rule of St. Benedict, above — as we are trying to live the committed Christian lifestyle, members aren’t allowed to have smartphones, and any flip phones that members need for work are to be turned off, turned in, and stored in a safe (= soundproofed) box for the duration of the meeting (hold the meetings out in nature for added security, and if you really need to go all out, have members change into loose, flowing robes and bare feet — in full view of the other members).

Endless elaborations are possible on the basic idea.  Since this is designed to appeal most to young, directionless, purposeless men, take a page from video games.  Institute a rank structure, with participation points, merit badges, etc.  Create a visible, obvious, but plausibly deniable mark of membership (feel free to steal the white ball cap thing).  The very difficulty of doing everything face-to-face — NO social media, email, or electronic communication of any kind, save the one “statement of principles” website* — will appeal to coddled kids who have never actually had to work for their participation trophies.

As for what one actually does at the Bible study meetings, well… that’s obvious, isn’t it?  Study the Bible, and come up with ways to apply its lessons to your local community, 4G style (4G, again, being the fastest wireless connection available in most localities).


*Which in all seriousness should be called the Committed Christian Culture Project.  That’s not a joke.  Think SEO, opsec style — if one must refer to it in online communications (and you’ll eventually have to proselytize over social media, if only initially), you know the rat bastard commies at Google aren’t going to ban mentions of the CCCP.
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Skynet Becomes Self-Aware

The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

Character, some Dead White Male once said, is what you do when nobody’s watching.  That short sentence explains pretty much everything about the weird affect — half cringing mouse, half junior varsity kommissar — of the upcoming generations.  For them, somebody’s always watching.

The Pale Penis People focused so obsessively on “character development” in their schooling because communications were so slow in their world.  A 19 year old kid fresh out of Eton might find himself in command of a regiment somewhere on the Northwest Frontier, where, as the only authority figure for 300 miles, he’d have to deal with native rebellions, blood feuds, famines… Without a very flexible character operating within a very rigid set of norms, he might be overwhelmed.  Which mattered, because if the subaltern on the spot blew it, by the time the captain 300 miles away finally heard about it, he might have another Mutiny on his hands.

This system resulted in some real absurdities — officers in the mess at Quetta, eating roast beef and drinking wine and passing out from heat prostration in full wool dress uniforms — but the absurdities were a natural outgrowth of those necessary character constraints.  A subaltern who wouldn’t “play up, and play the game!” when “The Gatling’s jammed and the Colonel dead” would succumb to the thousand and one lesser temptations he faced every day out there on the frontier.  He wouldn’t have the moral fortitude to lead, which in a very real sense was the only thing keeping a nation of 500 million, plus the scum of the British jails under his command, from putting his head on a spike.

They could be real bastards, those public school boys, and Modernity got them in the end, but the same Modernity that killed them wouldn’t have been possible without them.

The reason they’re so hard for modern people to understand is their — for lack of a better term — historical sense.  Even the 19 year old kids — if you know anything about teenagers, especially the 19 year old kids — were acutely conscious of their importance in the grand scheme of things.  As a young frontier nation full of self-avowed rugged individualists, we Americans have nothing close to the Old School Tie.  Even if you’ve been to the Ivy League, even if you’re one of those insufferable pricks who considers himself a “real Harvard man,” you’ve got nothing on Old Etonians, old Carthusians, etc.  Those kids always acted as if Henry VI was watching, because in a very real sense, he was.  When your father, and his father, and his, and his, all the way back to 1441 were “Old Etonians,” you can’t take the simplest action without feeling the weight of all that ancestry on your shoulders.  It doesn’t matter that everyone else around you is running away or surrendering — Great-Great-Great-Granddad didn’t run or surrender at Bosworth, so neither will you.

Modern kids, by contrast, feel nothing but the weight of their own peer group.  They’re characterless, and while we on the back nine of our lives read that as an insult, it’s not intended to be.  How could they ever have developed any character in the first place?  Today’s 19 year old was born exactly at the turn of the Millennium, to parents born in the late 1970s or early 1980s.  Their parents’ world was already heavily globalized; their world is almost exclusively online.  If a kid barely knows his own father — and 40% of all children in the US are now born out of wedlock — then how could he possibly know what his grandfather did?

Today’s 19 year grew up at a physical address, but not a neighborhood.  In our day, our playmates were whoever happened to be roughly the same age whose parents lived on the surrounding blocks.  We  had to learn to at least tolerate pretty much everyone, because that’s who you were stuck with, and since everyone from the neighborhood went to the same school, such was your social life until at least high school.  Nowadays, local kids don’t play together.  Everyone has his own set of tightly supervised activities, and it’s unthinkable that little Jimmy should just, you know, go outside and play.  Something like pickup baseball is inconceivable — even if you found enough kids to play with, with no adult supervision and no liability waivers Mommy wouldn’t know who to sue if you scraped your knee.  Plus you could hurt your hand, meaning no piano practice for a week, which means you can kiss early decision at Princeton goodbye (never mind that you’re only ten years old).  Plus it’s ten to one that you’ve moved three or four times in your childhood, as Mommy clawed her way up the corporate ladder…

Given all this, it’s no surprise that today’s kids are so painfully self-aware.  All their peers are online, and since everything they do must be tweeted and instagramed and snapchatted and facebooked as it’s happening, peer feedback is both instantaneous and constant.  They’re either a part of the online outrage mob, or desperately trying not to be noticed by it.  Whatever works is right, because now is the only moment that will ever matter.

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The Devil’s Dictionary

We seem determined to do Gettysburg II: Electric Boogaloo sometime in the near future.  But just so you can’t say nobody warned you, I’ll make one last effort to explain to the “Democracy dies in darkness” crowd just why things are going to happen the way they are.

Since all of you Media people have been to college, you’re comfortable with academia’s bizarre lingo.  On campus, nobody means what they say, because nobody on campus uses words the normal way.  I’m not just talking about fugly jargon like “intersectionality.”  Even more-or-less everyday words mean something very different in the ivory tower.

Take “privilege.”  In the real world, a “privilege” is something tangible — like how you say “it’s an unofficial fringe benefit” when you swipe a case of pens from the office.  On campus, though, “privilege” means…. well, it’s actually really hard to tell what it means, and that’s the heart of the problem.  As near as most people can figure, it just means “something bad that other people have,” or — stranger, but more in line with how the term is actually used — “something bad that other people are.

With me?  It matters, because y’all insist on lecturing us 24/7 about the vast and ever-growing threat of “White privilege.”  To y’all, of course, this means nothing more than “Look at how virtuous we are for hating Whitey!  Come sing our praises!”… but normal people, who use words the normal way, actually start looking around for this “privilege” White folks supposedly have.  And guess what?  Not only don’t they find any, but they find the exact opposite of that — these days, a White guy would probably get twenty years in the slammer for swiping a case of pens, but a Black guy can be a violent, gun-toting, drug-slinging, repeatedly-parole-violating thug and get a five-part documentary made about him by Amazon, the largest retailer on the planet (and whose founder, not coincidentally, owns the Washington Post).

That’s bad enough, but then y’all combine it with another word you — and only you — use in this particular way: “Political.”  The way y’all use it invariably means “left-wing.”  E.g. when an aging, suddenly thunder-thighed pop tart — Taylor Swift, say — starts lining herself up to be a Very Serious Artist, y’all insist on calling her songs “political,” by which you mean “SJW boilerplate plus a drum machine.”  The problem is, out in the real world, normal people think “politics” comes in at least two varieties…

Which leads to the third misunderstanding, the one that’s guaranteed to end in bloodshed.  See, in y’all’s tiny little pea brains there’s a clear distinction between “violence” and “free speech” — free speech y’all don’t like is “violence;” violence y’all approve of is “free speech.”  This is as befuddling to normal folks as y’all’s definitions of “privilege” and “political.”  To normal people, doing your very best to put a guy in a coma by braining him with a bike lock is violence, full stop.  It doesn’t matter what either party’s personal opinions are when their interaction ends with one of them getting his skull taped back together.

But that’s not how y’all see it.  In your world, Media “people” (using the word only in its strictest biological sense), all the violence was coming from the guy who got his skull cracked — he was out there voicing opinions of which y’all disapprove.  Meanwhile, the skull-cracker had the correct opinions, so his very earnest attempts to kill someone were “free speech.”  The crackee had “privilege;” and so the skull-cracking was “political,” therefore “free speech,” therefore ok.  Better than ok, in fact, because having “privilege” means you’re a “White supremacist,” which means you deserved it.

Here is the point, Media “people,” the incandescently obvious point, in boldface, blockquoted type so you can’t possibly miss it:

To normal people, this looks like y’all are cheerleading for indiscriminate violence.

Because, you see, as far as normal people can tell, y’all think political violence is ok — because it’s not actually violence; it’s “free speech.”  Out in the real world, hospitalizing a guy is assault.  You go to jail for it.  But Antifa goons don’t go to jail for it, because — again, pay attention, this is crucial — according to y’all, it isn’t really “assault,” because it’s political.  See what I mean?  You and all your friends know that “political” means “left-wing” — right-wingers don’t have politics, only “hate” — but normal people don’t  have the secret decoder ring they issue y’all at J-school orientation.  Instead, they see a very obvious domestic terrorist walk on felony charges because he did it in the name of a political movement.

If this were a novel, everyone reading would throw it across the room at this point, because the “twist” is just so fucking obvious.  But since “ability to grok the obvious” disqualifies you from getting a Journalism degree, I’ll explain: You “people” are responsible for the mass shootings.  Yes, all of them.  Anyone who is unhinged enough to consider shooting up a WalMart in the first place surely isn’t mentally stable enough to play y’all’s silly little word games.  A person like that sees y’all defending stuff like The Hunt and concludes that the way to win your hearts is to open fire in a public place.

And hey, since we’ve gone this far in our futile quest for understanding, I’ll even give y’all the answer: Words mean what they mean.  “Free speech” means free speech, even if Donald Trump is speaking; “violence” means violence, even if it’s coming from Antifa.  Y’all won’t take this advice, of course — y’all are on the Right Side of History, after all, and “revolutionaries” have made you cream your jeans since the 1960s — but y’all could change the “climate of hate” any time you choose.  When the inevitable happens, remember: It’s all your fault.

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Or, yet another great example of why you really shouldn’t discount the human factor.

If they bother to teach it at all these days, World War I is still presented as a big mystery.  You get some stuff about the Triple Entente, some other stuff about the assassination of the Archduke, maybe something about the Zimmerman Telegram.  Why any of that should’ve led to the most horrific war in human history up to that point is left unexplained.  Also left unexplored is how nobody seemed to see it coming.  World War I just kinda…. happened, kids are taught.

You can blame the usual suspects for a lot of this — the Kaiser et al are far too White and male to be worth spending time on, especially when you’ve got to devote so many weeks to Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks.  But the other reason — the far more important one for our purposes — is this: It’s a mystery to the teachers, too.

As academics who have never set foot in the real world, they take other academics’ words at face value.  And the academics of 1913 couldn’t figure it out either.  They pointed out that a general European war would cause the world’s financial system to collapse; ergo there would be no war.  Besides, they argued, even if Germany did go to war, she lacked the natural resources to sustain the fight.  And finally, they claimed, the firepower of modern infantry is just too overwhelming — given their rates of fire, two regiments equipped with machine guns would wipe each other out in less than two minutes.

Credit where it’s due: The eggheads were right about all of that.  The global financial system did collapse; Germany as constituted at the outbreak of war didn’t have the resources to keep fighting; and the initial skirmishes showed the overwhelming impact of massed firepower.  But the eggheads never learned that people are people, and since people love fighting more than anything else in the world, solutions were quickly found.

The United States, with its shiny new Federal Reserve system (created late 1913), was more than happy to step into the financial breach, just as American companies were more than happy to help Germany (and everyone else) with their armaments shortage.  And Walther Rathenau happened, as my students would write, keeping the raw materials flowing to German industry.  And faced with the overwhelming firepower of machine guns, soldiers ducked.  Then they dug, and there’s your four years of bloody trench warfare.

Even the outbreak of the war, far from being a mystery, is painfully obvious if you know the first thing about the major players.  In what historians call the Long 19th Century (1789-1914), it was taken for granted that a nation needed colonies to be a serious power.  The reasoning behind this was never too sound, and by the turn of the 20th century various smart guys had figured out that on balance colonies were more trouble than they were worth, but pretty much by definition smart guys don’t hold on to the reins of power.  Bismarck didn’t — the Berlin Conference was supposed to keep jingo knuckleheads like the Wilhelm II from starting a war over a few acres of scrub jungle, but since Wilhelm II shared his class’s raging hardon for colonial expansion, all it ended up doing was sweeping Bismarck out of office.  And as for Tsar Nicholas and his colonial adventures in the Balkans (and the Far East), one could write an entire book about that stupidity and still not cover all of it.  Throw in England’s stuffed shirt of a king, and France’s legendary inability to maintain a stable government, and tragedy was inevitable.

In short, World War 1 was a massive, indescribably bloody dick-measuring contest between a few inbred yokels.  To anyone who has met the Sons of Privilege,* or who is passingly familiar with the Peter Principle, this comes as no surprise.  Hell, Lenin saw it, and a guy with his egg head further up his own ass you’ll never find.**  All you have to do is look at the people, not the paper.

That’s where the modern political landscape gets so terrifying.  Looking at the paper from the establishment Democrats’ point of view, their course of action seems obvious.  And credit where it’s due, even Slow Joe Biden and Fauxcahontas are smart enough (or, more likely, have hired people who are smart enough) to see the obvious once it gets rubbed in their faces a few dozen times — Slow Joe is playing the above-it-all unifier, while Dances with Socialism has gone on a Hillary-esque “listening tour” for The Media’s benefit (Ace of Spades link).  Should they choose, The Media can now memory hole all the “fake Indian” stuff, and yell “racist!” at anyone who tries to dredge it back up….

…but I don’t think they’ll choose to.  The human factor always wins, and the humans (using the term in its strictest biological sense) in The Media are fed up close to bursting.  The mask is completely off “The Squad,” and The Media couldn’t be happier.  I’m sure that, in their heart of hearts, Nancy Pelosi et al don’t have a problem with BDS, or the Green New Deal, or any of the rest of it.  But flying to Israel on the taxpayer’s dime to support Palestinian terrorism just doesn’t play in Peoria, and the Establishment Dems know it.  The Media, however, do not — just look at the coverage.

I’m also quite confident that Nancy et al are even, in their heart of hearts, ok with “Antifa” shooting at cops and firebombing ICE offices.  Nancy, after all, came up in the heyday of Jim Jones’s San Francisco, so she’s no stranger to political violence.  But The Media absolutely cream themselves over “revolutionaries.”  They’ve kept this stuff under wraps so far — Nancy et al have convinced them it’ll hurt Donald Trump more than it will hurt them if they keep it bottled up — but every single person in The Media had xhzhyr first wet dream about Che Guevara.  I doubt they can keep it in their pants too much longer, especially if — as seems all but certain — “Antifa” commits some gaudy, gross atrocity in the 2020 campaign season.

Nor can we discount the human factor regarding Normals.  Every day brings a new insult — Twitter colluding with China to suppress democratic protests in Hong Kong while all-but-openly banning anyone to the right of Mao; gender-and-race-swapping comic book characters; anything and everything to throw sand in Normals’ faces.  If Trump’s victory in 2016 was The Great Fuck You, I can’t even imagine what it’ll look like in 2020, after four more years of this stuff ramped up way past 11.

It’s not looking good, but since the idiots in charge have never even thought about looking up from the paper, the whole thing is going to catch them completely unprepared.  Forget “that’s how you got Trump;” this is how you get the Somme.




*they’re like the Sons of Anarchy, but effete and usually gay.
** though he basically just stole the idea from Hobson, who, though a goofy love-the-worlder, was actually a pretty smart guy.
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