Perestroika and Puppies – UPDATE

Watching the Sad/Rabid Puppies endgame should be interesting.  At least, it should be more accessible than #GamerGate, which… how did that end, anyway?  I sense much butthurt in SJW bastions like, but I don’t really know, because I don’t play video games and couldn’t possibly muster up enough giveadamn to start.  But even though I don’t read Sci-Fi, it wouldn’t be the special kind of hell “gaming” is to get up to speed… and I dig the Puppies’ author blogs.

Anyway… for the record, here’s my two cents:  It’ll end about as well for the SJWs as perestroika did for the USSR.

“Social Justice” is just Marxism-Leninism, comrades.  We’re all clear on that, right?  They’ve just swapped out one set of question-begging bullshit jargon for another.  And so, because it’s Marxism-Leninism, it suffers from the same problem all Hegelian nonsense does — it’s an all-or-nothing proposition.  You can’t be a little bit SJW, any more than you can have a kinda-synthesis or sorta-capitalism*.  Gorbachev forgot that, so when he tried to loosen stuff up just a teeny bit in the old Soviet Union, the whole thing came crashing down around his head.

Admit one lie, you see, and you’ve tacitly admitted to all the other lies.  And when your whole system is built on lies….

And that’s the best case scenario, mind you.  If the Hugo Award TrueFans (or whatever the acronym is) are smart, they’ll go Gorbachev — grudgingly hold their noses while loudly proclaiming that they’re voting for the “”””””best”””””” of a very, very sorry lot…. and then the Puppies go away, because there’s no more shit to be stirred — all the drama queen antics cease.  That means there will forever be a year with a “wrong” Hugo, and the Hugo will never again be the Unsullied Pure SJW Award for Excellence in SJW Propaganda, but so what?  There’s always the Nebulas or the Galactic Vagina Trophy or whatever.  (If there’s one thing liberals are great at, it’s singing their own praises; they’ll come up with something).

But I’m betting they won’t, because again, Gorbachev’s the best case scenario.  Ol’ Mikhail himself would do it again in a heartbeat — he’s still alive and kicking, not buried two feet under the Siberian permafrost — but many of his kommissars got what was coming to them…. and, of course, the shining beacon of world socialism guttered and went out.  SJWs have no identity of their own; if they’re not shrieking about something, they wink out of existence like quarks.  So they’ll burn it down, No Award everything, because at least that way they can play the martyr role for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever….


*In case you don’t recall, “-Leninsm” got added to “Marxism” because Lenin’s successful revolution proved Marx wrong.  Marx said only advanced capitalist countries could ever progress to Revolution, because History.  But Russia was a piss-poor, backwards place, and China was even worse (and North Korea’s worst).  So Comrade Vladimir had to talk very, very, very fast to show that Marx was right after all (and that’s why every vile dictator who still calls himself a commie has penned six thousand volumes of “theory,” to retcon Marx’s theory into their present, shitty reality).

UPDATE:  Thanks to File 770 for the linkage.  They’re on the anti-Puppy side, it seems, so if you want the view from over there, this seems like a good place to start.

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3 thoughts on “Perestroika and Puppies – UPDATE

  1. Gary

    *In case you don’t recall, “-Leninsm” got added to “Marxism” because Lenin’s successful revolution proved Marx wrong.

    A few years ago there was a gala celebration on the anniversary of one of Marx’s great works. I thought it was the 150th anniversary, but the dates don’t line up for the Communist Manifesto (1848, with US publication in 1872) or Das Kapital (1867). Anyway, I believe the hoopla was about one of these two.

    At the time I heard someone on talk radio reviewing one of the more egregious accolades, a long, glowing article in the NY Times Book Review, I believe. He quoted the piece stating something along the lines of: “Although most of Marx’s predictions failed to materialize, his theory is still an important intellectual achievement whose relevance continues to this day.”* To which the commentator asked the obvious question: What good is a theory whose predictions are mostly incorrect, and why would it be “relevant”?

    Good question. And the answer is the Communist Manifesto is no good, and is much, much worse than useless since it inspired a plague of totalitarianism that killed at least 90 million people in the 20th century (according to The Black Book of Communism). But it is still relevant because the lefties love this stuff, not for its predictive value, but because it confirms their distorted worldview and allows them to think of their tantrum-like envy as righteous anger at injustice.

    * See the section titled “Influence” in Wikipedia’s article on the Communist Manifesto. It begins, “A number of 21st-century writers have commented on the Communist Manifesto’s continuing relevance.” and quotes “the English Marxist Chris Harman” as saying “There is still a compulsive quality to its prose as it provides insight after insight into the society in which we live, where it comes from and where its going to. …”

    1. Severian

      “There is still a compulsive quality to its prose as it provides insight after insight into the society in which we live, where it comes from and where its going to. …”

      Well, there is that, I suppose. Much like witchcraft trial transcripts tell us a lot about the society in which they lived. They tell us nothing about witchcraft — because, you know, there’s no such thing — but quite a bit about the anxieties of the witchfinders. So, too, with Marx — the world doesn’t really work like that, comrades, but it’s fascinating to see that you think it does.

      And that’s the fundamental problem with immanentizing the eschaton. The Social Justice Warriors fail to convince on so many grounds, but they all come back to: What’s the point? What end state is to be achieved if everyone plays Depression Quest instead of World of Warcraft, and all sci-fi novels are about disabled transgender were-seals of color being inclusive?

      Is that world better than this one? In what specific ways? And what will you yourself do, O fearsome Social Justice Warrior, when the Revolution comes and your whole reason for existence is gone?

      Marx tried to describe the classless society a few times, if I recall. A very few, because they were always hilarious. Something about how the New Soviet Man would tend his garden in the morning, work in the factory in the afternoon, and critique opera at night. But whatever — Come the Revolution, those kids who were mean to me in high school are gonna get it…..

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