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I got nothin’, so here’s some quick commentary on pieces from better bloggers.

No fatties in da club.  (Stacy McCain rolls with the Chicago Manual of Style, so I’ve taken the liberty of “correcting” his spelling.  I’m street like that).  Tl;dr — some rapper says a “plus-sized model” can’t come to his bash at a Miami nightclub; feminist outrage ensues.  Some things feminists aren’t outraged about: The fact that said rapper has five children by five different women; that at least two of the women are suing him for being a catastrophic, possibly abusive, deadbeat dad; pretty much everything else about “hip-hop” culture.  For some reason, as McCain says.

Having been in and around academia for many long years, I’m used to it, but you all still probably find it shocking how naive ivory tower people are.  One could probably do some digging to illustrate the prep school / private college / grad school / tenure pipeline from which most academics emerge.  That would explain the naivete, I suppose, but wouldn’t really bring it home.  So let me illustrate.  Your typical “African-American Studies” professor dresses like this:

In other words, like your typical White ivory tower nerd, with one ostentatious “African” affectation — an Afro, a kufi, an African colors tie.  Maybe he goes nuts and wears a dashiki to the back-to-school faculty mixer, but that’s about it.  Google up “black Americans,” though, and you get:

I specifically chose a non-incendiary photo from a self-proclaimed nonpartisan website (The Hill), that appears in a thumbsucking article about the plight of African-Americans.  In other words, this is what your properly goodthinkful middle-class American is allowed to picture when she thinks about “African-American culture.”

Now, recall that your typical academic has more invested in hair dye, piercings, and tattoos on any given day than you did in your first car.  They’re the most shameless poseurs in captivity, but none of them would be caught dead looking like the kids in that photo.  No, it’s not that they’re worried about being accused of “cultural appropriation.”  They love cultural appropriation, at least from that particular culture — ask Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, et al.  It’s that they wouldn’t have the first clue where to find this stuff.  Their experience of actual Blacks — as opposed to professors of “African-American Studies” — is as brain-warpingly theoretical as their experience of “Trump voters,” “payroll jobs,” etc.

I guess in a strange way I’m letting McCain’s feminists off the hook.  We read “no fatties in da club!” and we wonder what the big deal is.  It’s a rapper behaving like a rapper, i.e. a cartoonish  parody of African-American masculinity.  I suggest that the feminists, being hothouse flowers that have never left the ivory tower, don’t actually know this.  The only Blacks they’ve ever encountered have been in “African-American Studies” departments, which means they were future Af-Am Studies professors themselves.*  And, of course, if you banned fatties in da faculty club, the teachers’ lounge would be a ghost town….

David Thompson’s commenters have the best nickname I’ve yet heard for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  I was pretty proud of “incitatus Ocasio-Cortez,” but that’s nowhere near the comedic genius of “Chiquita Khrushchev.”  I surrender, good sir; the field is yours.

That article deals with “Red Yenta,” an online dating site by and for Jewish (or wannabe-Jewish) communists in Brooklyn.

“I was complaining about how socialist men don’t date socialist women and it really bothers me,” Isser says

and it just goes downhill from there.  Thompson gives us some highlights:

Libertarian socialist (28, she/her) seeks similar (27-35, he/him) to join forces against non-consensual power dynamics (capitalism, white supremacy, etc.)

Tall, tired communist seeking friends, casual dating… Likes: citrus fruit, weird music, using progressive stack to cut men off at meetings.

38, he/him, likes women… Maoism and Star Trek.

You will, I’m sure, be shocked to learn that

The yentas aren’t aware of anyone who’s found love through their accounts yet.

Having been around way more than my fair share of “red yentas” in my time (as you might expect, academia is chock-a-block with them), I can sign off on Martinian’s notion from yesterday’s post:

The place I really get off the bus, though, is with the butch lesbians …you can find one of them at the bottom of pretty much all of the nasty anti-normie stuff (racial, sexual, you name it) … I think it would be fascinating to do some kind of structural/comparative study between the role of court eunuchs in the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and homosexuals in the modern/contemporary Western university system. My hunch has always been that such people are primed to wield administrative power because they don’t need to spend hours of time and emotional energy on familial/romantic matters, and also because they’re bound to have strong in-group loyalties.

There it is.  Admitting a lesbian to your academic department is tantamount to making her the dictator (admitting two is a guaranteed civil war).  It’s one of the reasons I got out, frankly.  Even the extremely limited interaction I had with faculty politics showed me that lesbians, as the Leftest of the Left, win for the same reasons the Left does out in the real world — they have more energy, bile, and above all time than you do.  You simply can’t spend every waking minute fighting for a minor wording change in subparagraph 2(a)(iv) in the Official Faculty Statement of Concern about the Environmental Impact of Narwhal Farts.  They can, and do.  It’s their life, in a way Normals just can’t grok.  Think about that kid you knew who was waaaaaay too into Dungeons and Dragons, or the guy in your office who breaks down film on preseason games for hours because his fantasy football draft is coming up.  Now, imagine someone who is like that about everything — who can’t turn it off, even if she wanted to (and she will never, ever want to).

That’s who’s running every academic department in the American university system… and that’s the kind of person who’s trying to find love on “Red Yenta.”

Did I mention that college is like $35K per year nationwide now?  Send your kids!  TOTALLY worth it.



*It’s a myth that college athletes all major in AAS.  They used to, until the scam got too obvious.  Did you ever catch a game on ESPN and wonder what the hell “interdisciplinary studies” is, or why huge schools with every conceivable major already on the books would ever need such a program?  Just to stick with a theme, here’s North Carolina’s description.  “Because an IDST major lacks a formal Department, the major has no Director of Undergraduate Studies with whom to consult. The role of an IDST Faculty Advisor is twofold: to help the student develop their IDST 8-course major program, and to be available for advice if it becomes necessary to adjust the major program — if needed courses are not available, or more appropriate courses become available.”  Now why would that be?**
**For legal purposes I must note that the above is information only; no violations of any policy have been alleged, suggested, hinted at, inferred, joked about, or otherwise implied.  Any eye-rolling gestures I might’ve made typing all this were completely coincidental.
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7 thoughts on “Placeholder Post

  1. Pickle Rick

    Don’t forget the Afrocentric professor usually has a white wife, and spends his entire social life pontificating to his white colleagues, who bow to his authentic blackness, while climbing over each other to abase themselves before him…

  2. Severian Post author

    Also that, and that’s the second-level hilarity in dealing with feminists and race. Your average White guy could walk through a Black neighborhood in broad daylight and get mostly puzzled stares. Probably the worst thing that would happen to him is some low-level “watchu lookin at?”-type harassment.

    An Af-Am Studies professor, on the other hand, would be mocked mercilessly by everyone, if not outright assaulted. He knows this, of course, just like he knows the exact same thing would happen to him if he decided to stroll through a neighborhood full of actual Africans. If they didn’t bring it on themselves, I’d feel sorry for them — much like feminists, they’ve done everything in their considerable power to make themselves laughingstocks, and their peer group just confirms them in their delusions.

  3. Frip

    “White guy could walk through a Black neighborhood in broad daylight and get mostly puzzled stares. Probably the worst thing that would happen to him is some low-level “watchu lookin at?”-type harassment.”

    When I was a teenager me and some friends drove to Joe Louis Arena in Detroit to see Judas Priest. Walking to the arena we got stopped by a group of blacks. They were grilling us about walking through their neighborhood. Our friend Robert kept doing the Clint Eastwood eyes at them. One of the black guys shouted, “chuu gotta problem wid yo’ eyes muthfucka?” Robert says “yes. sorry. i forgot my glasses.”

    When they finally let us go and were a safe distance we were falling around laughing. Telling Robert he almost got us killed because he forgot his stupid glasses. To this day when someone squints I repeat what that black guy said in my scary black voice.

  4. Frip

    Speaking about Obama earlier. The big CBS interview with R. Kelly the other day. They interviewed a black intellectual type afterward to tell us how to think about things. Anyway, this lady Renee Graham reminded me of a more masculine Obama. Skip to the 8:00 mark for the more manly Obama lady.

    1. Severian Post author

      True, but c’mon now… “student-athlete” really IS one of those “dog whistle” “code words” the Left keeps going on about. A kid who gets a scholarship to play hockey is a “hockey player.” A kid whose daddy / agent sells him to the highest bidder for a car, a shoe deal, and cash under the table is a “student-athlete.”

      (Funny how it’s the Left who actually uses all the “code words,” isn’t it? Like we say around here, you can’t spell “Liberal” without P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N).

  5. ganderson

    I posted that just to be annoying, and because I have been a college hockey season ticket holder for most of the last 50 years. Hockey is less corrupt than FB and hoops, and the players, at least in my little patch of heaven tend to be good kids. There is a comparison at the pro level, too. If an NBA or NFL player moved in next door you’d sell your house- your NHL player neighbor helps you shovel your driveway!

    All that said I choose to ignore the question as to why we have charged our colleges and universities with providing semi pro sports entertainment.
    Although I’d argue the pucksters add more to the sum of happiness in this town than the History Department! Go Minutemen!!

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