Playing the Numbers

Lenin gave us the “cadre.”  Antonio Gramsci gave us the “organic intellectual.”  Combine the two, and you get our current mess… and a possible technique for breaking it.

Lenin, you’ll recall, advocated the development of a small, hardcore group of professional revolutionaries.  “Bolshevik” actually means “majority” — Lenin was a dab hand at marketing, too — but they were really what would come to be known as “cadres,” the hardcore, whatever-it-takes professional revolutionaries who would direct the less dedicated members of the movement.   A well-trained cadre would be able to use each man according to his ability, so everyone, from the almost-fully-committed to the social butterfly, could be used, however briefly, to advance the Revolution.

The Revolution succeeded in Russia, obviously, but it failed in the West, in contradiction to the Scriptures.  But prophecy cannot fail, so Antonio Gramsci set himself the task of explaining how the bourgeoisie kept staving off the inevitable.*  His answer was “hegemony,” and you could probably fill a library just with attempts to define that word, but functionally it’s pretty simple: “Hegemony” is bourgeois culture.  Thus setting up one of those tautologies Leftists get so slobbery over — the middle class succeeds because of middle class culture.

The psychology of that is above my pay grade, but the conclusion is obvious: Turn your cadres loose in the places where they can do the most damage to bourgeois culture, and pretty soon you’ll have Revolution.  And there you have it.  That’s why all your professors in college were/are moron socialists.  They’re Gramsci’s “organic intellectuals,” subverting the system from within.

From there, it’s a numbers game.  From long experience in the undergraduate classroom I can tell you that 99.8% of everything the professor says goes in one ear, pauses just long enough to be regurgitated on the exam, then flies back out the other ear.  But 99.8 is not 100.  Back when colleges were just holding pens for the sons of privilege (i.e. up to about 1960), or even baroque jobs training programs for the middle class (up to c. 1990), that 0.2% didn’t matter. But now college is just extended high school, and for the kids of the middle class — that is, the class you need to specifically target in order to achieve Revolution — it’s all but mandatory.

That 0.2% matters, because that’s where the cadres get their shock troops.  We all like to laugh at persyns of gendertude like Trigglypuff, but they’re no joke.  They’re the cultural version of suicide bombers.  Just what do you think America’s Trigglypuffs — and believe me, they are legion — actually do all day?

Even a full time college student taking a heavy load is only in class 18 hours a week.  The Trigglypuffs, of course, more typically take 12, and you can probably guess how much homework the “Gender Studies Major” requires.  That leaves a LOT of free time for political agitation.  She’s fun to laugh at from a distance, but can you imagine that beast getting levered through your office door?

I’ve had a minor version of a Trigglypuff encounter myself, and I’m not going to like, comrades, I nearly soiled myself.  Not that she was actually in my office, mind you.  I wasn’t even directly involved. But I saw them getting ready to swarm some poor grad student TA, and it hit me: This is their life.

To us — meaning, the TA and all reasonable people — it was a minor matter, a procedural thing, something so trifling I don’t even remember what “it” actually was.  But to them it was life or death.  I saw in their eyes that nothing, nothing, was off the table.  You’ve seen the Kavanaugh klown show.  Now imagine that, but directed at some poor kid who’s absolutely sure he’s a good liberal, an SJW even!, on the side of the angels.  Even so, they’d have flayed him alive and danced around in his skin, just for crossing them on a syllabus change (or whatever trivial bullshit it actually was).

Trigglypuff has more free time than you’ll ever have, and she’s willing to use all of it to get you.  And the worst part is, you — the individual whose life she’s going to ruin — don’t even matter.  At all.  You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The Twitter outrage mob needed its daily feeding, and you were convenient.

There’s hope, though, comrades.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the inverse relationship between material prosperity and intellectual rigor.  Well, that goes for OpSec too.  Back when they faced real resistance, Communist cadres burrowed in.  I read somewhere that Ho Chi Minh used so many pseudonyms in his revolutionary career that his troops were already kicking our asses before the whiz kids at Langley even figured out his real name.**  Nowadays, of course, they’re right out in the open.

Most professors are, in the Z Man’s most excellent phrase, hormonal blue hairs.  They also live very nice lives.  They drive fancy cars.  Their kids go to private schools.  Which kinda contradicts the Revolutionary message they preach at undergrads, dontcha think?  And their intellectual lives are as schizo as their material ones — just as the most expensive car in the faculty lot always belongs to the wildest-eyed Communist, so the most virulently genocidal statements against White folks are made by professors who could be mistaken for a mayonnaise sandwich in a snowstorm.

Simply pointing these things out — with pictures, and quotations from their published writings — to the student body might clarify their minds wonderfully.  Yes, most of the kids and parents who learn these things — 99.8% of them –won’t care.  But that 0.2. now… well, as we’ve seen, that number matters.  Many American universities are already deep in the red.  Even a 0.2% reduction….

See what I mean?  We’re the Bolsheviks now.  We’re the cadres.  And best of all, we’ve got 100+ years of revolutionary experience to draw upon, to turn upon people for whom Harry Potter is a deep work of philosophy and history begins anew at dawn.



*Anyone not deeply enstupidated by Marxism knew the real answer: Because everyone in Europe was living better and longer.  But that, too, goes against the Revealed Word — Capitalism must result in ever-greater misery.
** It wasn’t “Ho Chi Minh,” of course, any more than “Stalin” or “Lenin” were their real names — “Stalin” means “man of steel;” “Lenin” means “from Siberia.”  Self-dramatization is crucial for any successful revolutionary, and if Our Thing wants to steal that, you may henceforth call me “Crash.”
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9 thoughts on “Playing the Numbers

  1. nightfly

    The Trigglypuffs, of course, more typically take 12, and you can probably guess how much homework the “Gender Studies Major” requires. That leaves a LOT of free time for political agitation.

    The political agitation IS the homework. Two birds, one stone.

    1. Severian

      Also that. It’s a brilliant scheme, really — gotta tip my hat to those SOBs. The profs get to cosplay as Kommissars at government expense; they get the kids to do the dirty work by awarding them class credit.

    2. P_Ang

      I know they told me years ago that for every hour in class you should be doing 1 hour of homework and 1 hour of study, which is why when I went back to school and 17-18 hours a term were required I was going insane. Since I didn’t drink or carouse I was putting in 50+ hour weeks. The temptation was certainly there, since to maintain that B+/A- grade as a conservative REQUIRED that extra work. Meanwhile, the Trigglypuffs could simply toss in crumpled term papers mixed with feces and vaginal swabs as “art” and as long as it had the requisite number of bows, scrapes, and kowtows to the various gods of Bluehairs n’ Blackity-Blacks it was a guaranteed A.

  2. Frip

    I’d never heard of Triggliduff before Severian mentioned it above. So I Googled it and saw that beast in action. Wow. The saving grace is that I wonder if she was an undercover plant from our side to make their side look unappealing and insane. Because that would be one clever dirty dog move. Very Severian.

    I also Googled Lenin. Just look at this guys face! I’m probably the only one who’s never seen this pic of him before, so you’ll excuse my enthusiasm but I’m floored by his jealous loser douche face. It’s SO the face of a guy you’d imagine started all this shit.

    1. Severian

      Yeah, as Heartiste says, physiognomy is real. Allowances must be made — after all, the man is Russian — but yeah, that’s exactly the kind of loser you’d expect. What’s that German word for “a face that desperately needs a fist in it?” That’s it, right there.

      PS as much as I’d love to take credit for Trigglypuff, planting her would involve talking to her, and while I’m a White man, there’s only so much I’ll sacrifice for my race.

    2. MBlanc46

      My goodness, someone sure did his best to find the most unflattering pic of old V. I. ever taken. Is there a closet Right-winger at Wikipedia?

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