Political Theory Site?

Who’d be up for a site dedicated to political theory stuff?

RC would remain active, but we have a certain… lack of focus… around here, to go with the signature style. I’m thinking there should be a place to discuss foundations, without the fart jokes and spastic tossed-off bullshit. (All of which is totally my fault, but since some of y’all apparently come here for that kind of thing… plus I enjoy it). All that stuff stays here.

No registration, and comment moderation as close to zero as possible, but with a strict three-strikes tard banishment policy.

What say you?

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18 thoughts on “Political Theory Site?

  1. urbando

    I would certainly read such a site, as I did your MA site, but I wouldn’t likely be able to add much to the dialogue. And yes, I am one of those who likes a few fart jokes and spastic tossed-off bullshit to go with my black pills.

      1. Severian Post author

        It was an attempt to go through Aurelius’s “Meditations” day by day. The idea was to use it as a springboard for us older guys to pass on a way of looking at the world to the younger guys.

        It didn’t work out – the posts took forever to write, and the one or two younger guys who once popped up here every now and again seem to be gone. I can’t blame them for that, but it made the whole thing much more trouble than it was worth.

        I see the new one as something like an encyclopedia of basic assumptions and questions.

        1. Paul In Ireland

          Severian sir,

          What do you define as “young”?

          I’m in my early 40s and a lot of the dissident right stuff has only just appeared on my radar in the last 5-6 years. Before that I would definitely have considered myself right-of-centre but there was also a strong reek of libertarianism about me.

          Before that I just believed everything I heard on the news and read in things like the Economist and the FT. It’s been an eye-opener, to say the least, and I’m not sure it’s made me “happy” but I definitely see the world in a very different light to most people I know. Again, that can leave one a little dispirited once the dinner party* chat kicks off but probably balanced out when I meet one of “our guys”.

          The point I am struggling to make is I think I’ve stumbled on this world (including schools of thought like Stoicism) just a little late in life. Several of my life choices (or choices just not made) reflect that. I keep thinking I’m past it in many ways but in reality I might just be getting moving.

          Belated commiserations on the passing of your beloved dog. Our Cassie is rapidly approaching that day and I’m surprised how much I am dreading it. They are man’s best sidekick for a reason.

          * A joke. I don’t do dinner parties.

          1. urbando

            In all likelihood you are just getting moving. I’m here to tell you, it’s not at all uncommon, and I am 20 years older than you. So stay the course.

          2. Severian Post author

            I’ll second urbando. The most exciting thing about learning something new is also the most depressing – the realization of how much more there is. ANY topic is a lifetime’s study.

            But thank God for the internet, right? Not only is the knowledge there, but the *community* is there. Don’t get discouraged… but when you do, come on over here – we’ll buck you up, and when we’re down, I know you’ll do the same for us.

            (I sometimes feel we should get ourselves a flag with a cross on it and a Latin motto, like we’re some kind of crusading order).

          3. Codex

            strong reek of libertarianism about me.

            I’m culturally appropriating that, if you don’t object.

            Auld (Libertarian) Reekie, that’s me.

            Also a later starter to the fake left/right divide, but not really of the dissident right.

  2. Wildgoose

    That would interest me. I think the West in general has reached a crisis point which our so-called “leaders” have engineered out of self-interest without caring about the long term damage they have done.

    It would be helpful to have a site that listed a series of broad issues and then had permanent articles beneath which could be used to argue over specific points. Periodically, these could then be culled, curated and presented once again. Unlike the Left, we’re all individualists, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of finding a broad consensus.

  3. The Kaigat Of Wands

    I’d be interested to read it but I’m not sure where it gets us. Better minds than ours have discussed political theory for centuries, unless we think someone’s somehow going to come up with a revelation then wouldn’t it just be talking in circles? Once we pass through this tribulation and Severian is revealed as Supreme Overlord I doubt if anyone here will find much to argue about with the way he organises things, so it seems unlikely that any discussion is going to bear much fruit.
    What fart jokes? Where were they?

      1. Wildgoose

        Case in point: Libertarianism.

        Like others, I was strongly Libertarian when I was younger. So what happened? Simple. I realised that Libertarians do not support Property Rights.

        They certainly understand everything about private property, but they just don’t appreciate the concept of public property at all – and even in the most minimal “night watchman” state there is still public property that belongs collectively to all the citizens of that state.

        That means Open Borders should be anathema. Handing out citizenship is handing out a share of public assets, (including those of a harmonious law-abiding society), to any ne’er-do-well that demands a share. In what way does that respect (public) Property Rights built up over centuries? Clearly it doesn’t. And so Libertarianism immediately fails on a fundamental foundational principle.

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