Putin Destroyed Facebook?

So this fellow claims.* It’s an interesting idea that’s worth thinking about.  The tl;dr version is: Liberals are convinced Putin rigged the election for Trump.  The Russians used Facebook to do it, especially Facebook’s data-mining and its refusal to filter ad buys and news feeds.  Therefore, in anger, liberals are dropping off Facebook, and indeed, dropping off social media altogether and fleeing to MSNBC.

It’s an interesting claim.  There are countervailing facts, such as: Facebook data-mining isn’t new info; it was cool and edgy and hip when Obama did it, and all the Liberals freaking out over Cambridge Analytica were licking Obama’s shoes for doing the same thing.  However, as we know, “facts” and “Liberals” have a garlic-to-vampires relationship; certainly the cognitive dissonance of “it’s only bad when your guy does it!” has never been known to bother them.  So let’s set that aside.

The real value of a claim like this is that it’s testable.  The Left is clearly on the road to Damascus.  They’re going to be hit with a blinding insight soon, and whichever way the herd stampedes will determine the course of American political life for the next generation or two.  So what will it be?  A more insular, MSNBC-addicted Left will look a lot different from the fightin’ fightin’ keyboard warriors of the nutroots we’ve come to know and love these last few decades.

I just can’t see the Left abandoning social media.  They’re rabbits.  Virtue-signaling is all they do.  TV is a completely passive medium — even if you watch it with a loaded .44 by your side, Elvis-style, it’s not interactive.  Unless they’re going to go back to festooning their cars with 77 bumper stickers like they did back in the 80s, I can’t see them logging off social media entirely.

Instead, I see them embracing Internet elitism.  The facts have a liberal bias, right?  I can see them setting up Liberalbook and… well, “Twitter” works too well as a descriptor of their scatterbrained “thought” process, so they’ll probably keep that, but they’ll come up with something.  So long as it makes a big show of being “objective” — they’re science’s BFFs, after all — while filtering out all the badthink, it’ll be all good.

But we’ll see.  Keep an eye out.



*This guy used to be a “Game” blogger, so while I find a lot of his sociological analysis quite useful (check the archives!), he has a tendency to go off the rails.  (E.g. he blackpilled himself on Trump and is now convinced that a national-populist messiah is just over the hill…. Bernie Sanders.  No, really).
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4 thoughts on “Putin Destroyed Facebook?

  1. Frip

    “I just can’t see the Left abandoning social media. They’re rabbits. Virtue-signaling is all they do.”

    Good post. Though you could’ve just repeated the above perfect line for 8 paragraphs. It’s almost all that needs to be said. Ever. I don’t know how we win, when it’s all about status. It’s always been about status. If we put ourselves back in 1972. What we’re asking of the SJWs is asking a recent arrival of the upper middle class to give up his Mercedes and go back to his Buick. He’s just not going to do it. The shame and loss of status would be social suicide. With every woke Tweet the Lefty gets further away from his striving Buick and closer to his anointed 280.

  2. Ganderson

    Uhhh… the moon bats still paper their cars with virtue-signaling bumper stickers in my New England latte town.

    1. Severian

      Yeah, the kids do it here, too. But the “adults” usually confine it to an “I’m with her!” on the Prius’s back bumper — those things are hell to get off, and hurt the resale value. Still, though, I trust my point stands.

      (I’ve always thought it would be a fun thought experiment to ask Liberals: “Ok, Moonbeam, you rub the lamp and the genie pops out and tells you he’ll make the world perfectly Socially Just. No war, no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no White Privilege, no body shaming, no nothing ….. with the caveat that you get no credit whatsoever for making it happen. Deal?” How many of them do you think would take it? I’m betting on ZERO.

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