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As e-migo Nightfly put it so eloquently, there is no content, only SNUL.  Anyway, here’s Ace of Spades bagging on some puerile feminist (birm) who is, get this, trying to get people to read her vapid boilerplate by talking about sex.  You know, like all feminists do all the time.

Anyway, back in grad school I observed that it’s the girls who are almost kinda sorta halfway cute, or who would be almost kinda sorta halfway cute if they exerted some effort, who were the craziest.  Yeah, your 300 lb lesbian warpig with the tie-dyed hair was bad, but she was at least predictably crazy.  It was the chicks who mighta once, under juuuust the right set of circumstances, been considered not-unfugly that really stuck the psycho quadruple axel.  The borderline’s borderlines, they were.  And so just out of curiously I googled this Jill Filiopovic broad:

jill-filipovicYou must admit, that Glamour Shot (TM) is a rock-solid 6.  And just for giggles, here’s Jessica Valenti, who wrote a whole book complaining about being a sex object, when not complaining about no longer being considered a sex object.

valWhat can I say?  I have a thing for brunettes.  5.5.

Last but not least, Amanda Marcotte:

shot_2bOk, ok, but if she stopped gearing up and went to a sighted barber, she’d be cute-ish.  Right?

I know, I know, I’m an awful patriarchal bastard for dissecting these gals’ looks, and proving their point (whatever it is) to boot.  But whatever; guilty as charged – I voted for Trump, too.  But seriously: I’m tempted to argue that you can sum up all of pop-feminism with “we think we’re cuter than we actually are, and we’re going to get the government to force you to agree.”

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4 thoughts on “Quick Random Observation

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  2. nightfly

    First, thanks for the shoutout. The five (other) regular readers must have hit the link because I noticed a smattering of visits.

    Second, I’m wondering about your conclusion. … but I wondered at such length that I turned it into a post, which I hope you don’t mind. But thank you for the impetus to hold the SNUL at bay for a bit.

  3. Gary

    Anyway, back in grad school I observed that it’s the girls who are almost kinda sorta halfway cute, or who would be almost kinda sorta halfway cute if they exerted some effort, who were the craziest.

    I’ve seen this phenomenon, too. I think the following Neurotic Five-Step Dance is a plausible explanation.

    1) These gals experience the intense frustration of being close enough to witness the kind of fun the really attractive girls are having, but they can’t seem to get into the game. Why?

    2) Instead of looking at their situation honestly and trying to make the most of the hand they were dealt, they find it so much easier to just bitch about the unfairness of game itself (as nightfly explained in his blog post). This provides short-term psychological rewards, but almost guarantees failure at finding a mate in the long run.

    3) As they age and see their prospects dwindle, the already intense frustration is exacerbated by the knowledge (deep-down and never acknowledged) that they themselves bear a heavy burden of responsibility for their situation — because they didn’t even try.

    4) At this point they’re locked into the-game-itself-is-unfair explanation since that’s the only thing providing any psychological rewards (victimhood), while burying forever the truth that they could have done something to improve their chances of attaining success.

    5) Confined to a place where the essential truths have been banished, their seething anger works overtime manufacturing and spewing forth preposterous rationalizations, making them seem especially crazy.

    Instead of encouraging women to look reality square in the eye and make the best of things, Feminism provides them with bogus excuses to avoid doing this, leading to the kind of neurotic BS described above.

  4. P_Ang

    Warpig. I like it. I’m going to steal that one.

    I remember when I was working on my first degree, and had to take one of the newly-mandatory brainwashing courses in “NeoZoomMaxiDweebie Feminism and its applications in Advanced Umbrella Opening” or some such nonsense. As the lone male, I was always arguing the “con” side, by which I mean conservative argument. I remember a Warpig who was over 300 pounds and barely over 5 feet, who argued for nearly an entire class with great woe that if she had only been born in medieval southern Europe men would throw themselves at her for her “healthy” bovine beauty. Why, if only I wasn’t a conservative and had an “open mind” I would see that gargantuan gordo’s were the epitome of healthy lustiness and dammit I was just a sexist pig if I didn’t see that her corpulence made her more beautiful than all her liberal contemporaries…because HEALTHY gottdammnit!

    Yep, Warpig. Taking that.

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