Quick Take: Disgust Threshold

The “Game” guys like Chateau Heartiste and Agnostic have a lot to say about “disgust threshold.”  I’ve said many times that “Game” is at least 75% spergy bullshit, and the latter of those two links has lately gone all-in on Bernie Sanders (!!!) as the savior of Legacy America, but I think they’re really onto something here.  It’s quite possible that “susceptibility to collectivism” and “high disgust threshold” go hand-in-glove.

An anecdote.  I was something of a hippie back in undergrad, back in the Jurassic.  As Leftism is an infantile worldview that privileges verbal agility, it’s all but guaranteed that Liberal Arts majors are, or quickly become, Leftists.  So there I was, two strikes on me before I even got to the plate, and then I fell in with a bad crowd…. no, not drugs, and certainly not petty crime.  It was much, much worse: Hacky sack.  From there it was just a short step to tie-dye, love beads, and in general carrying on like a refugee from 1967.

The girls all acted that way, too, and if you remember your own late-teenage years I’m sure you know where this is going: Moonbeam and me on my ratty dorm couch, me rounding first base and charging full steam for second, when the smell hit me.  That should probably be capitalized — The Smell — because if you’ve been around Groovy-Americans you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s mostly patchouli oil, which smells like a tree’s dirty armpit anyway, but there’s also a strong component of actual B.O. in most cases.  There certainly was in this one.

I used to laugh at those Viagra ads.  See my doctor if I have an erection lasting more than four hours?  Back in the days, we called that “freshman year.”  I thought there was only one way to deflate a teenage boy’s boner, but there on that scuzzy couch, Grateful Dead posters on the walls and Phish in the tape deck, I discovered another.  Simultaneously, I discovered the pain of mixed metaphors.  This was what hockey players call “an empty netter,” but I just couldn’t score.  Nothing — not even a red-blooded American teenager’s raging hormones — could lower my disgust threshold enough to seal the deal.

I’m not going to say I became a conservative on the spot, but looking back on it, that was doubtless the beginning of the end of my juvenile Leftism.  From then on, I could never hear the word “public” without wincing.  My hippie friends were big on public transportation — Saving the Earth and whatnot — but all I could think about was The Smell.  So, too, with anything “collective” or “communal” or “cooperative.”  Everyone who uses those words un-ironically reeks of patchouli.

Indeed, everything the Left likes smells bad.  Their foodie “fusion” cuisine looks like dog barf and smells like it, too — except the vegan stuff, which somehow smells worse.  Folks who have never known the joys of indoor plumbing are the centerpiece of their immigration policy.  Most lesbians seem to be against personal hygiene on general principles, and while gay guys smell nice when in public with Normals, I can’t even imagine the stench when they’re actually being gay, if you follow me.  Multiply all that times however many people there are present, and you’ve got the unmistakable reek of any Leftist gathering.  It turns my stomach just thinking about it.

Is there any wonder these people advocate such bizarre, anti-social policies?

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8 thoughts on “Quick Take: Disgust Threshold

  1. Pickle Rick

    Well, the saying is “politics is Hollywood for ugly people”, and leftist politics is for catastrophically ugly people. That’s the foulness of their little black hearts too, not just their reflection in the mirror.

    They absolutely hate anyone and anything beautiful, innocent or pure.

  2. Dividualist

    This is fairly well documented (think Haidt). I was born in a fairly backwards part of Europe, where traditional living can often smell like cow dung on rubber boots, so I used to be something like a centrist liberal, clearly did not support the pro-gay and similar aspects of liberalism, but also did not want to be much of a traditionalist either. I was sort of a generic uncritical pro-Western type, because I associated the West with gleaming skyscrapers, actually sterile hospitals and buses from which the paint is not rotting off. Of course my West, for physical closeness, was mostly Germany, and it was indeed a tidy enough place back then. Good thing I had no idea of Ayn Rand back then, I could have easily became a fan and that would have warped my mind!

    It was the shock of going to the UK a decade later that pushed me definitely right. There is no way not to be disgusted of Birmingham’s suburbs. In many, many ways. And after 2015, Germany was also rapidly becoming less tidy.

    I can absolutely relate to what you are saying. Why are feminists thinking freedom is to be found in hairy armpits and smearing menstrual blood. Why all liberal care for the poor or minorities tends to be focused on those who cannot even keep their apartment complexes not look and smell like a dungheap. The worthy poor, that is, those who put some effort into living civilized are usually ignored. And so on.

    One possible hypothesis is that it is a perpetual revolution because always new and new people grabbing for power, and the non-disgusting aspects are already solved, sometimes by reforms but usually just by capitalism. Or some combination. The deserving poor are no longer poor. Women already got basically every freedom that is not disgusting. Most folks have long accepted gays being gay in their bedroom as long as they don’t behave disgustingly on the Pride.

    Another possible hypothesis is that it simply aims to humiliate. When gays or blacks or anyone wanted, because needed to be accepted by normal white folks, they tried to look respectable. When they basically won, they are rubbing it in by triggering us. But it still does not explain why exactly this way, why they themselves don’t feel disgust over it.

    1. Severian Post author

      There’s a lot of training involved. The Weathermen, for example, thought it was truly Maoist of them to “smash heterosexuality,” “smash monogamy,” etc., so they forced themselves into bisexual orgies. They even had their very own STD — genital lesions they called “the Weather crud.”

      Arguing against my own thesis for a moment, maybe they are disgusted by it. SJWs always project, after all, and they are very, very insistent that e.g. men in sundresses, little boys in drag, etc., are not at all disgusting. Maybe they really do think they’re somehow “sticking it to The Man” by not taking showers and engaging in unhygienic sex. I’ve studied Liberals religiously for decades now, and they’re almost as baffling as when I began.

    2. MBlanc46

      The “deserving poor”! Ah jeez, have you ever committed a verbal faux pas. If I were poor, which, fortunately I’m not, I’d be the “hundeserving poor” like good old Doolittle.

  3. MBlanc46

    Hacky sack. So that’s what they call it. I’ve certainly seen it, but never played it and have never heard it spoken of. It’s past my time. It seems quite like Frisbee. There must have been right-wingers who played Frisbee, but I have a hard time conjuring up a memory of crew-cut guys in madras shirts going at it. It was mainly the long-haired and beared types. It seems to me that it might be more difficult to play Hacky sack than Frisbee after firing up, but that’s speculation. I have to take issue with Rick over the attractiveness of Leftist women, at least back in the sixties. A lot of them were gorgeous. They were one of the motivations for becoming a Leftist. There was P.P. when I was an undergrad. Number one in the class. Homecoming queen. And president of our little Lefty club. I worshipped her. From afar. Then there was my first wife, in grad school. Long blonde hair, blue eyes. Folk singer. Angelic. Her left eyelid drooped a bit when she was tired. Her left breast was noticeably smaller. But that was only apparent when she was naked, in which case there were other delights to absorb one. Perhaps it’s different today.

    1. Severian Post author

      Several former Weathermen all but said they only got into it as deep as they did because they were lusting after Bernardine Dohrn. I don’t see it, myself — she’s maybe a 6 in the pictures I’ve seen — but there are certain women who really don’t photograph well. Maybe she was one of those.

      I also suspect novelty had a great deal to do with it back when. If everyone else is dressed like June Cleaver, even a girl dressed like Marsha Brady stands out. I know that was part of the appeal for me — the Grunge Era was just kicking off, and while every other girl on campus wore sixteen layers of flannel, the Leftist girls were the only ones who still showed a little skin….

      “Thinking with the wrong head,” we called it. It has led more than one teenage boy astray over the years.

      1. MBlanc46

        That may explain why I was never a Weatherperson. But P.P. Ah the duggies on that woman.

  4. Frip

    This was another great post.

    However, patchouli comes in many different formulations. The heart of most traditional male fragrances (the fougere) contains patchouli. Running the gamut from from sweet to dry. For the best examples try Antaeus (Chanel) or Azzaro pour Homme (Azzaro). It doesn’t get more badass.

    When in college I brought a girl I was dating to my jock friend’s apartment. He was in the shower when we arrived and she had to go back out to my car for some reason. When he came out of the shower it was just him and me in living room and he yells, “what smells like dirt!” I had to confess, “uhh, yeahh bro, that’d be my girl. So go easy, ok?”

    But yeah, I get you. I remember walking out of class at Kent State because I couldn’t take some Marxist dickhead’s lecture anymore. Crossing the commons, having walk around a bunch of curly haired guys with headbands playing hackysack, on my way to the library to find solace in back issues of National Review. Little did I know that Severian was one of those guys whizzing a hackysack by my head.

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