Quick Take: NYC Schools

I’ve got nothing much to add to this, but if you still need convincing that our elites are terrifyingly stupid, here it is (Ace of Spades link):

For years, New York City has essentially maintained two parallel public school systems.

A group of selective schools and programs geared to students labeled gifted and talented is filled mostly with white and Asian children. The rest of the system is open to all students and is predominantly black and Hispanic.

Now, a high-level panel appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio is recommending that the city do away with most of these programs in an effort to desegregate the system, which has 1.1 million students and is by far the largest in the country.

Ace’s comment:

This is going to get very ugly, and test liberals’ commitment to the ideals they pretend to worship.

One other factor in play: If Di Blasio forces a mass exodus to the suburbs, not only will New York City take a big hit in tax revenue, but it might cause a serious deflation in NYC residential real estate.

I don’t see what choice Di Blasio has apart from making the case that Equality and Integration Are Overrated. A politically-engineered exodus of the high bourgeoisie — a White Flight combined with Asian Evasion — would be a disaster.

There it is.  There once was a time where the only certainty beyond death and taxes was liberal hypocrisy.  As they consider themselves the Vanguard of the Proletariat, “Socialism for thee, but not for me” is a feature, not a bug, of their worldview.  Or, at least, it was — just as the fastest way to find yourself in Siberia was to suggest that The Workers should maybe have access to The Party’s special consumer-goods stores, so the Golden Rule among Western fellow-travelers was: Never mention, on pain of social and perhaps literal death, all the special exemptions we carve out for ourselves in the policies we impose on the rabble.

But fear clarifies the mind wonderfully.  When Stalin’s around, the notion that “true Communism is whatever the Boss says it is today” is incandescently obvious.  Tell the NKVD to ease off a bit, though, and pretty soon you get guys like Gorbachev, who really seemed to believe all the Party’s hooey about “democracy.”  Similarly, having long since driven the bitter remnant of Legacy America’s rear guard from the field, New York liberals have grown quite attached to the smell of their own farts.  They really believe their own bullshit, in the same way The Media does.

Which is why this will be such a good test for my theories.  Ace argues that Di Blasio will flinch, because

You wanna know who this affects and why it’ll be ultimately rejected? JOURNALISTS.

They don’t have fuck-you money for private schools and they can’t move to the burbs. But they’ll drag DeBlasio over this.

I agree that this would’ve been the case, perhaps as recently as a decade ago.  Back then, there were still enough crusty old fossils in the newsroom that could see the obvious if you beat them about the head and shoulders with it for a few months.  “Punch” Sulzberger was no genius, but little Pinch, in addition to being terrifyingly stupid, is also the truest of true believers.  Far from putting the brakes on White Flight and Asian Evasion, I’ll bet that The Media will trumpet them out of town.  The new Media generation is nothing but blue-haired Millennial soy addicts and xzheir transgendered cats; what do they care if New York is now completely unlivable for families?

Time will tell.  Bookmark this one, and tell me how wrong I was three years from now.

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7 thoughts on “Quick Take: NYC Schools

  1. Pickle Rick

    New York City schools are exactly the breeding grounds for the little woke commissars who grow up to inflict their ideology on the rest of the country. I hope everything in the city is wrecked by the likes of DeBlasio.
    Personally, if the whole city was hit by a meteor tomorrow, I’d shrug and say, “good riddance”.

  2. Maus

    My parents were not hypocrites. They recognized that even in the late 60s and 70s public schools were a farce and sent my siblings and I to private schools for primary and secondary education. De Blasio is a hypocrite because he exploited the fact that his two children went to public schools for political gain. Of course, they went to the elite, selective schools and not the urban day-care/detention facilities designed for the proles. Now that Dante has graduated from Yale after Brooklyn Tech and Chiara survived her flirtation with drug use to finish at Beacon and is safely at Univ. of Santa Clara with those paragons of social justice, the Jesuits; le pere can safely advocate that others’ children should mingle with hoi polloi in mediocrity. Allow me to channel Cato: Publicly funded education must be destroyed!

  3. WOPR

    I vote that they blow up the special schools. The pseudo-singularity we are creating with social media won’t let them survive.

  4. MBlanc46

    It will be enjoyable to watch the NYT twist and turn over this, but it’s hard to imagine that in the end they won’t have to oppose this last bastion of white (and Asian) “privilege”. The parents will not be happy, but, unless they have the means to pay for private schools, they’ll either have to let little Fauntelroy go off to school with Dontavious and Javier, or pick up stakes. As is pointed out, NYC real estate may take a hit. As Mme B and I don’t have children in school, I’ll mention to her that there may be some deals available in Manhattan.

    1. ryan

      Reminds me of the stories about how curious it was that gay couples always seemed to act as the vanguard of gentrification. They of course don’t care that the school’s suck.

  5. Joseph Moore

    Deliciously hilarious. Thanks.

    John Taylor Gatto pointed out (in his Underground History of American Education, I think) that when von Humboldt set about implementing Fichte’s education program – the compulsory graded classroom model and ‘research’ or ‘Prussian model’ Universities – it was determined that about 94% of students needed, as Woodrow Wilson put it a century later, to eschew the privilege of a liberal education and be fitted for specific manual tasks – your farmers, soldiers, laborers and factory hands. About 6% needed to be trained as managers, back in 1812. The small fraction of a percent of actual rulers, well, they don’t get mentioned – and they don’t do public schools. Percentages have changed, mostly as a result of the decrease in demand for manual work, but the thought hasn’t. (Which explains the ruling class’s panic over population: if the little people exist to serve the rulers, then there can be ‘too many’ whenever the rulers run out of things for the little people to do. But I digress.)

    Wilson’s comment was delivered to the graduating class of Princeton’s education school where he was President at the time (around 1900), and reveals a little trick: the speech implies that the the teachers themselves are among the liberally-educated minority, when, in fact, they are merely those fitted for specific management tasks: keeping the *other* little people in line. Thus, always, the management class must imagine itself part of the ruling class. When push comes to shove, the veil falls.

    So, here, we have an interesting case: the NYC whites and Asians, who are being trained up to believe they are part of the ruling class while simply learning to parrot what they are told, with the reward of a ‘good’ job hanging out there once all the boxes are checked, have also been lead to believe that the public schools are trying to raise *everybody* up. Thus, an endless state of crisis and school ‘reform’ is needed to mask what is really going on: certain people are being fitted to certain low-level tasks (and ‘incarcerated’ and ‘on the dole’ are acceptable tasks in our rulers’ schema). The horror is not that schools are failing – it’s that they’re working as designed.

    The projection required to slap down this level of cognitive dissonance it terrifying to behold.

  6. rwc1963

    I will not bet against the Severian. I see how crazy the Progtards are here in Los Angeles. THEY WILL GO OFF THE CLIFF if given enough time.

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