Quick Take: The Upcoming School Year

One thing that’s being lost in all this nonsense is the mutiny in the Ed Biz.

I retired several years ago, but through old colleagues (and acquaintances from grad school) I’m still semi-wired in to a couple different colleges, from across the spectrum — JuCo to Big State to Small Liberal Arts College. Moreover, having worked with, and lived around, these people for so long, I know their mentality pretty well. So take this to the bank: when it comes to the Chinese Lung AIDS, y’all ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Eggheads are the Branch Covidians to end all Branch Covidians. The only thing you need to know to deduce their attitude toward the Wuhan Flu is: These people are deeply, passionately invested, with all their hearts and souls, in the idea that the Mainstream Media is in the tank for Donald Trump.

No no, stop laughing, I’m dead serious. Since these dinks don’t read anything but Harry Potter, they’re all stuck, mentally, in grad school, where they encountered a little book called Manufacturing Consent.* This book — again, stop laughing, I’m 100% serious here — argues that the American Media, being a big business itself, is beholden to its advertisers, which means, since all businesses are by definition conservative, that The Media is, like, doubly conservative, which you can totally tell, because of how rabidly anti-Progressive they are.

Seriously. Click on the link yourself if you don’t believe me. Be careful not to laugh yourself into a hernia.

From this belief, it follows that The Media, far from ramping up the hysteria about COVID, is actually seriously downplaying it, in order to help out their good buddies, Donald Trump and the plutocrats.** And since The Media is already at DEFCON 1 over Kung Flu, it stands to reason that it’s really the actual, literal apocalypse out there…

…what, you think the self-evident fact that there are no bodies rotting in the streets would cause them to rethink things? These are the persyns, you’ll recall, who make up their own pronouns because they can’t decide what gender they are today. You could stroll down the Main Street of any college town in the land, naked as a jaybird, proclaiming yourself to be irresistibly sexually attracted to furniture, and not only would the cops not arrest you, they’d escort you back to your tenure-track office in the English Department. You’d have better luck actually making sweet love to a desk drawer than you would trying to get a professor to face reality.

That being the case, there have been several faculty mutinies already at colleges across the land. They’ve told the administration in no uncertain terms that they won’t report in until the virus is eradicated and everyone is vaccinated against it, and since both of those things are plainly impossible…

And that’s just college. Universities could still hold classes, considering that 75-90% of them are taught by grad students and adjuncts anyway, but what about grade school? Take everything I just said about professors, then multiply it by the biggest, best-funded union in the history of organized labor. You think they’re gonna get back in the classroom?

Fun times ahead, y’all. Stock up on popcorn.

*Not that any of them have actually read it, of course. Actually assigning Manufacturing Consent in grad school would be like assigning fish to read up on water. If you want to know what the egghead’s mental world is like, all you have to do is read the wiki summaries of Manufacturing Consent, Orientalism, Gender Trouble, and The Wretched of the Earth. And yes, y’all, they’re all like that.

**a great band name; feel free to use it.

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53 thoughts on “Quick Take: The Upcoming School Year

  1. BadThinker

    I work in an education-adjacent business. Even here, the people are scared to death of the Chinese flu. It’s absolutely crazy, all the precautions and closures. However, I think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Parents are not putting their kids in masks at the childcare centers – they’re claiming ‘exceptions’ for them.

    1. Severian Post author

      Ahh, Karen — she’s the cause of, and solution to, all our Wuhan Flu problems.

      I’m dying to see all the ridiculousness that my acquaintances in academia are going to have to go through this fall. Every other kid will have sixteen reams of paperwork outlining all xzhyr medical exemptions, allergies, stressors, etc., all proving that xzhey can’t wear a mask… and the other half will have sixteen reams of same, proving that everyone else has to wear a mask to be in the same zip code as xzshym. It’ll be a 24-carat hoot.

      And as for grade schools, well, surely you can’t expect Mommy’s Special-est Snowflakes Cayden, Brayden, and Jayden to wear masks. So triggering! They have autism, of course, and ADHD, and OPP, and whatever other bullshit diagnosis is fashionable this month. The teachers will spend all of an hour trying to enforce these idiotic rules before staging a walkout; meanwhile, all the kids will turn their mandatory masks into slingshots and start coughing on each other just for the hell of it.

      I honestly have no idea how the hell they’re going to do it… and that’s before you consider the fact that, as you say, all the “teachers” passionately believe that COVID is going to kill us all six times before recess. Every single parent I know has at least muttered “what the fuck am I paying these useless fucks for?” once or twice during our great nationwide experiment with “online learning” last spring. And we’re gonna try to run an entire school year that way?

      It’s gonna be high-larious.

      1. WOPR

        How many lawsuits are there going to be because Jimmy is wearing a MAGA mask and gets expelled?

        I have several clients that are elementary and high schools. It is going to be glorious chaos. Teachers aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed and they have a herd mentality.

        Of course parents are wondering for what they are paying taxes. Little Billy finishes up his school work in about two hours and is done for the day. Plus the work is easy or if math confusing, and laced with SJW’isms. I figure a large percentage of the remaining sane parents are going to decide that home schooling makes more sense.

        1. Severian Post author

          I’ve followed a bit of the news regarding our great experiment in online “learning,” and as it turns out, it’s worse than even we cynics expected. Every kid who just doesn’t want to “attend” class, or every parent that doesn’t care, just claims they don’t have internet access. Which a) how are you going to prove it?, and b) how dare you imply that some minority does / doesn’t / should have internet access at home? Lots of school districts just gave everyone an A for the semester. No, really. Lots more reported that some huge percentage of students never even bothered to log in.

          And then there’s the news that will never be reported, the yuuuuuuge number of parents who got one look at their kids’ “lessons” and either screamed in terror, or threw the laptop across the room in a rage.

          I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that the Branch Covidians in public education stick to their guns. No, really, it’ll kill you deader than dead if someone even looks at you without a mask! Run with that, pretty please. We could see the collapse of one of the pillars of Leftist domination in a year or two.

          1. Martinian

            I was on the front lines for secondary online “learning” in a pretty good school (if I do say so myself) with a high percentage of strong parent commitment, and I can confirm the scare quotes are completely warranted. It’s basically what anyone with half a brain already knew from their own experience in school: The kids who want to learn are going to find a way to learn (NB: not necessarily the most academically talented!), and the kids who don’t won’t.

            I’m not so sanguine about the collapse of education, though. It would be the best thing to happen to this country in a long time, but that’s why it won’t happen. The Gramscians have invested way too much in it, and it’s actually produced what they wanted (i.e., authoritative control over Knowledge with a capital K via academic certification).

            The cat’s already out of the bag that most learning is “learning”, and all the rigmarole surrounding COVID school prep will just make it easier for rank-and-file teachers to excuse themselves from the effort of putting up a front. So what we’re going to see now is what Sev described in an older post as typical Communist education — Everyone is going to get the same propaganda shoveled down their throats; no one is going to care about anyone “learning” anything as long as they regurgitate the “right” answers and get passed along; and kids who have half a brain and start figuring out the cracks in the system will (depending largely upon social connections) either be liquidated or quickly channeled into Komsomol training, where they’ll either grow up loving Big Brother and lead the gloriously luxurious life of an Inner Party member, or they’ll keep thinking for themselves and end up with an ice-pick to the skull.

            Why do I think this? Look at who’s running the show with textbooks and institutional accreditation. The push for Common Core was peanuts compared to the present corporate publisher struggle sessions. I’ve already seen several very public announcements on how they’re going to be reissuing updated materials to “help promote positive change”. These materials will come with ready-made teacher “training” and “professional development” to show instructors the right way to” address problematic content”. This is of a piece with efforts to expunge badthink from previous materials. Eurasia has always been at war with Oceania, comrade! If you want to teach anything else, you’re going to have to scrounge up old books and supplement like mad. Some of us already do that, but I see it as only a matter of time before testing and accreditation requirements freeze out anything else but approved SJW agitprop.

            And who’s in charge of all this? (Soon-to-be) PhD’s like this:


            I’ve been in grad school classes with people like this. They are impervious to reason. Sure, one can make the amusing and certainly non-trivial point that ordinary addition is (to a degree) context-based, like adding 10 + 5 on the face of a clock gets you 3, not 15. But I can guaran-f&%king-tee that she does not have the arbitrary representation of abstract finite additive group structure in mind. No, this is someone who’s looking for a way to give A’s to kids who literally cannot do basic arithmetic, so that they can bypass the “gatekeeper” subjects to high-income/prestige occupations. This is called “equity”.

            These people are *already* principals and administrators of large public systems, driving not only curricular design and content, but also choosing and evaluating who gets to teach in the classrooms. Moreover, far from seeing COVID as an obstacle to their goals, they likely see it as sanctimonious fig-leaf to purge older faculty members. Sure, lots of those might be totally on board with all the SJW stuff, but you can’t risk having someone who could screw up and accidentally remember that things used to be different — after all, they grew up in the bad, old days, before everything was triply scrutinized and certified by a highly-paid team of 12 different POC, Queer, and differently-abled persyns to be perfectly inclusive and equitable, so they likely still harbor traces of “unconscious bias” from prior exposure to unclean things. Better get rid of them just to be safe. Besides, we need fresh job openings for all the new graduates of the diploma mills.

            Maybe that’s too much of a black pill for right now, but I do see it as a major target for the next Democrat administration. Look for them to clamp down like never before on any alternatives to Public Schools and “diverse & inclusive” curriculum.

          1. Pickle Rick

            How much money do universities, both public and private, have to lose in a certain time before they go tits up?

            We’re pretty sure college Negroball is off the table this fall due both to Gook Flu and BLM. Enrollment isn’t going to pick up the tab, so how long before doors start shutting permanently? How much of a bubble do these people have?

          2. WOPR

            @PickleRick – College football is moving towards cancellation. The SEC is watching carefully. The ACC moved back their season start. The Big Ten just canceled all of their out of conference games. It’s only going to take one guy to test positive and entire teams will sit out. No college wants to be the one that damned the torpedoes and had a statistical blip with a black player dying. It’s a suicidal insanity.

            I think a lot of private schools are going to fold. Many were walking the knife’s edge before this. The big state schools will get bailed out. Some of the minor ones will be allowed to die.

      2. The Right Doctor

        I’d like to think that this will parallel the situation with ‘service’ animals. You are forbidden by law from inquiring what service is being provided. The person is exempt from the law on their own say-so. Business idea: t-shirts that look like a prescription saying you can’t wear a mask due to a medical condition. I’ll license my signature…

        1. Severian Post author

          Service animals, and “disability accommodations.” You know, I have only one real regret in retiring from academia. Every semester, I’d get kids bringing me these “disability services” letters, spelling out in great detail all the special treatment they got — extra time on tests, copies of all my class presentations, copies of my notes (yes, I had to provide notes on my own goddamn lectures), distraction-free environments, one kid who got to walk up and down throwing a”stress” ball to xyrzelf while I was lecturing for some reason (yes, really)… and on top of all that, these kids always — and I mean ALWAYS — ended up blowing off the assignments, then sending me another ream of paperwork telling me all the reasons they couldn’t do the work and how I have to give them an extension…

          After all that, my only regret is not asking some of these little turds: “If you need all that to be in college, then WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN COLLEGE?!?”

          COVID is going to be like that next semester. It’s going to be the all-purpose get-out-of-everything-free card, because who’s to say you don’t have PTSD from hearing some other kid in your dorm cough once? Might as well just give everyone their A at the start of the semester and get it over with…

          The more I think about it, the more I’m loving the Wuhan Flu. At this rate, American higher ed will be deader than disco in five years.

          1. texinole

            Agreed on learning to love the coof. Though I still weep for our economy, I embrace every institution (such as football) that I once loved getting a nice heavy dose of their own fucking normie-left medicine.

  2. Severian Post author

    @Pickle Rick,

    who knows? University funding is one of the most opaque things in America for a reason. I think most college football programs, like the NFL, is technically classified as a “nonprofit” (yes, the NFL, really). You always hear figures like “Harvard’s endowment is $2 billion,” but nobody knows what that actually means.

    My guess — and this is only a guess, and not a very informed one at that — is that they’ll be ok for a couple years, because they can deficit-finance based on the value of their real estate holdings. Universities have a shitload of real property. On the other hand, they have the kind of bloated spaghetti org charts that would confuse MC Escher. I once had a gig in grad school where we had to figure out what division I technically reported to, in order to fill out some certification or other. We never actually managed it — the certification just kinda went away, and my paychecks kept coming from somewhere, so who cares? Every single department seems to have an assistant dean, an assistant assistant dean, a vice-dean, a vice dean’s special assistant… add “of Diversity and Inclusion” to that, and double it, and you’ve got the structure college wide. Each of them making six figures, easy.

    The other way they can save money is by turning the 25% of classes that aren’t taught by adjuncts and TAs over to adjuncts and TAs. For every professor on the tenure track, there are 7 who are more or less permanent scab labor, moving all over the country for postdocs, fellowships, adjunct spots, and “visiting assistant professorships.” Even so, they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of how many more people they can cut before they start having to look at cutting people with “___ of Diversity and Inclusion” after their names.

    I’d bet that a LOT of public unis are on the knife-edge of bankruptcy, and I don’t necessarily mean bottom-feeders like Directional Tech A&M, either. I worked for a big State U for a while that was totally dependent on Chinese kids paying full out-of-state — they even had an “outreach” office physically in Wuhan, I shit you not. If those students can’t come back for whatever reason, this big State U is fucked.

    It’s going to be a fun few years.

    1. BadThinker

      Bursar: “The college’s going to the wall. It’s your new policy of charging overseas students full rates. Other Oxford colleges can cope, but we’ve always had many overseas students here at Baillie.”
      Sir Humphrey: “You simply charge them a full fee, no problem.”
      Bursar: “Unless they can’t pay 4,000 a year. They won’t come.”
      Master: “I’ve been all over the USA, selling them the idea of an Oxford education. Africa is crawling with British professors frantically trying to flog sociology courses to the natives. And India and the Middle East. Competition is cut-throat.”
      Sir Humphrey: “Why not fill up vacancies with British undergraduates?”
      Bursar: “I don’t think that’s awfully funny, Humphrey.”
      Sir Humphrey: “I wasn’t trying to be funny.”
      Master: “Anything but home students!”
      Sir Humphrey: “Why?
      Bursar: “We only get 500 a head for them. We’d have to take 400 to replace a mere 50 foreigners.”
      Master: “The staff/student ratio would go from 1:10 to 1:34. We’d have classrooms, dormitories… like Wormwood Scrubs! Or the University of Sussex!”

  3. Frip

    Sev: “Chinese Lung AIDS”

    I’ve no idea if that’s a common term on the net. But if you came up with it, it’s Sgt. Pepper’s level genius.

    It’s hard to say what humans really believe. Are Lefties really afraid of Covid? Some definitely are terrified. You see it in their words AND actions. Some think they take it seriously, but it’s more that they’re venting and signalling about it. Or I don’t know, sometimes these spaz worms activate in our brains. I’ve caught myself doing the Covid hyseria, or facemask thingy, on another subject. I used to rail against people in general and friends for not carrying a knife all the time. After all, a pocketknife increases your chance of surviving an attack by like 25 thousand percent. And all you have to do is slide it in your pocket and forget about it. It’s legal. It’s an amazing and amazingly lethal thing that’s freaking LEGAL. To not carry one means you’re both irresponsible and an embicile. But then I found myself not bothering to carry one sometimes. I guess I was full of shit kinda.

    1. Severian Post author

      Not mine – Ace of Spades, I’m pretty sure.

      We all get on our high horses sometimes. But some of us are capable of climbing off the high horse. Some of us aren’t.

    2. BadThinker

      Many businesses actually have made knives against ‘policy’. Most corporate offices I’ve worked in have policies against even simple utility *pocketknives*.

      1. Frip

        Unless you have an official pocket frisker at work, no one needs to know. In case anyone’s worried about office carry. Good choice is the CRKT Inara. $50 Amz. Small, light (1.8oz), deep-cary pocket clip, blackout blade, decent quality, “gentelman’s folder”. Or the Kershaw Atmos. 1 freakin ounce. Carbon fiber inlay. $31 Amz. Clip is so deep you can just tell someone it’s a pen, if they ask.

  4. MBlanc46

    My money (well, virtual money, anyway) is on a Biden win this NOV, with the Dems perhaps retaking the Senate (not that that matters all that much, as most Repub Senators are globalist cockroaches). If that is so, what are the consequences for the Great WuFlu Infotainment PanicFest (or whatever it is that Achmed E. Newman calls it)? It was fine to destroy the economy in order to blame it on the Bad Orange Man. But are they going to want to sink the ship when Biden/Harris or Biden/Whoever or Whoever/Whoever are on the bridge? Sure, the might want to keep on with the mask bit, just to show that they can, but are they really so delusional that they’ll intentionally wreck everything just when they’ve finally taken complete, permanent control?

    1. texinole

      I thought the whole schtick was to play “THE WORLD IS BURNING” song until Kamala is Prez, then strike up the band for “HAPPY TIMES ARE HERE TO STAY”, no?

      1. MBlanc46

        That is my impression. A great many people, however, seem to think that the shutdown will last forever or until there is a cure, whichever comes first.

    2. Pickle Rick

      Well, yeah. See the October Revolution’s aftermath under Egghead and Pockmark Joe.

  5. texinole

    I was going to lay off the comment crack pipe but then you go and talk about my favorite hobby horse and allow me to rap about K-12…

    My wife ejected from 2nd grade teaching after 5 years here in Red State One at the absolute last second by pure chance, and we now can watch the unfolding horror from afar and with amusement, but still get to hear the worst of it from her teacher friends. I have long been opposed to public ed on principle but her experience in purple/red school districts has opened my eyes. Nothing, I’m sure, that will surprise readers here, so I’ll stick to the one mistake I see when rightwingers criticize public ed: blaming teachers unions (TU) and not questioning the premise.

    Yes, TUs are toxic, oxymoronic orgs that are guilty of everything the right accuses them of, but so are all public sector unions. They’re merely another symptom of socialist ed, though, not the cause. In my area TUs have almost no sway and are an afterthought. Yes, they probably protect bad teachers and the like but – this is key – they are ALL bad teachers. It can be no other way.

    The premise is flawed – that you can house students pulled from a somewhat randomly drawn district whose parents want either (1) their kid to be properly educated while they work, or (2) to babysit their kids while they work or lounge, or (3) to pretend they are group 1 while behaving like group 2. And since this system is involuntary and practically sanctified by the mainstream ALL parents rightfully believe THEIR interests are primary. You know when a jogger shoots up a Taco Bell for not serving waffle fries? Like that, except the cops visit your house when you DON’T eat Taco Bell, so the blame goes both ways.

    So, unrealistic but justified expectations from parents, an administration that is incentivized to keep students in class no matter what, and state-mandated monopoly driving the cost of removing your kid too high for most people all converge in a shit storm even the most clever and dedicated teacher will fail to navigate. The teachers, for their myriad faults, are the only ones at the cross-point of these competing interests.

    The other interesting insight I gained was the unique environment created by having a homogeneous group of hard left middle-class women running everything, from District Bossgirl to Vice Principals to rookie teachers. It’s a classic Battered Wife Syndrome stereotype. Sure, teachers bitch ENDLESSLY about everything but they dutifully enact the latest idiotic edict from on high. My wife taught at both upper and very lower middle class schools and the toxic environment was uniform. The peer pressure to conform in the face of obvious failure was palpable. But no matter how egregious they were treated by the admin no teacher dared stand up for themselves, and certainly they never questioned the cause.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s good info. I appreciate it.

      Sounds like K-12 is a lot like the academy. These people are self-oblivious, even by the Left’s world-class standards. Like every egghead in every college town griping about the “systemic racism” on their campuses, in their towns, in The People’s hearts. I mean… y’all DO realize that you’re completely in charge, right? Even the squishiest, Mitt Romney-est Republican couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in these places, let alone any kind of real conservative (let alone any of the literal KKK members you’re literally convinced are literally everywhere). Y’all have had complete control, of everything, since at least 1968. If your little college town fails in any way to be a perfect Socialist utopia, well, that’s on YOU, comrade.

      1. texinole

        Yes, but that’s the source of our “troubles” across the board, no? The banging of pots and pans at ever-increasing decibels is a desperate attempt by the people in charge to blame shift for just a bit longer, at least through the next election cycle. Even a heavily biased accounting for, say, police brutality, gun violence, rape, income inequality, hell even Chinese Virus deaths would be bad news for the Party, tovarish. Given the spinjob required it’s far easier to simply distract and have no accounting at all.

        President Yeezy’s threat is obviously not about stealing the 150 or so actual black voters in already deep blue states, but that even some people start to notice who’s in charge of Operation Get Behind The Darkie.

  6. Southern Belle

    Universities have been turned into Borg cubes and the students have been assimilated. I abandoned my doctoral program years ago because resistance was futile. I had to save myself. If you did not comply you were punished, your grade was lowered and you had to do more work than anyone else. I saw dumb as bricks non-whites sail past and get their degrees while first white males were pushed out, then white females. I came into it having taught my own grad seminar in another department, being awarded a national publishing contract, and having reviewed for two journals. If I had been another color, a single pan sexual with two illegitimate children, no means of support and no brains, I’d have been the poster child for this department. Still, every year I get a letter from the Alumni Association asking for my donation. I throw it in the trash.

  7. Severian Post author

    I had a fun experience in grad school, being the only White guy in a seminar room full of Blacks (including the professor). I consistently received the lowest grade in the class. That’s not the surprising part. The surprising part was that, at the end of the semester, I caught the worst flu I’ve ever had in my life. I could barely function, so much so that I inadvertently printed off a first draft of my seminar paper, which was little more than a series of disconnected notes and stream-of-consciousness rambling. I mean, it was fucking gibberish.

    I got the exact same grade I’d gotten on all my other work.

    Yeah, I should’ve quit right there.

    1. BadThinker

      Was that your red-pill race realism moment? Or did it take more years of beatings in the academy? BTW I love reading your stories of “Life behind the tweed curtain…”

      1. Severian Post author

        Oh god no – I’ve been red-pilled for years. I expected it. It was just nice confirmation. Looking back on it, I should’ve offered the prof a fucking bribe. I guarantee he would’ve taken it.

  8. Frip

    Ex gf of mine is a high school teacher in LA. It was either after covid, or the year prior, when word was sent down from above that failing grades were no longer allowed to be given. (She teaches art. I don’t know if the math teachers were given the same directive). I’m 90% certain this was PRE covid. My gf was up in arms about it. She, of the, “I have integrity! I try and teach integrity!” sort.

    I tried many times to explain that she’s just a cog in a currupt machine. Progs flood LA schools with semi-literate POC kids, and they know it can’t work. They don’t expect it to work. It’s just a system to collect paychecks. So just collect your check and don’t get yourself fired (plus nervous breakdown or heart attack, by freaking out about it.

    She truly can’t see the big picture. She thinks its going to help if she bitches at the principle enough. And bitches during the staff meetings. And at the union reps. She can’t fathom that those in charge of the school district…the state…the country, don’t EXPECT what they mandate to work. In the sense of what the typical citizen (like her) understands something as “working”.

    1. texinole

      “I have integrity! I try and teach integrity!”

      I tried and failed to expound to my wife the goods news about her situation, namely that she would never be fired and was being paid $50K/yr for roughly 10 months of work. If only, I said, she could emotionally check out and concentrate on our own kids after hours we’d have a nice little racket going. However her conscience did not allow her to withstand a job in which she was actively failing children each and every day. Should give a hint about the attitude of the workforce that DOES stick around.

      1. Severian Post author

        That’s ultimately why I quit – I couldn’t be a part of such a pointless charade. It was made clear to me that “pay for an A” was the university’s unofficial Official Policy in the following way:

        I gave Snowflake a D for the semester, because that’s what she got on her tests. After giving me every excuse in the book, she then took her complaint to the Department Chair. I was called into a meeting with the Chair about “a student complaint” (I knew it was Snowflake, but they’re not legally allowed to tell me who it was). I calmly explained the situation — Snowflake simply didn’t pass exam 4, and barely squeaked by Exams 1-3. Nothing to be done. The exams are multiple guess, and graded by computer, anonymously. They show a nice normal grade distribution for the whole class. In other words, Snowflake is the only one with this problem, because she’s a) stupid, and b) lazy, and c) entitled. It matters not a whit that she’s a “straight A student” in all her other classes (her claim); in MY class she’s a fuckup, as determined by computer-graded, anonymous test scores.

        You tell me what you want me to do, I told the Department Chair, but whatever it is, I want it in writing. I’m happy to change Snowflake’s grade to an A-super-mega-plus if that’s what you order me to do, but let’s be clear: YOU are gonna have to order me to do it. Clear, unambiguous instructions, over your name, on a legally-admissible document.

        DC didn’t want to do that, of course, and must’ve told Snowflake so, because a week later I’m called into another meeting. Now “a student” has alleged I’ve made all kinds of “problematic” statements in class that “could have made” some students feel “uncomfortable.” No problem, I told DC. Thanks to those ridiculous “disability accommodations” letters every prof gets a slew of every semester, all my lectures are videotaped. Have Snowflake send in a list of the problematic statements and the dates and times on which they occurred, and let’s have a look at the tape….

        I didn’t get called into any more meetings after that…. but you know where this is going: A month later, filing some routine paperwork, I saw the grades from that class in the registrar’s database. Snowflake’s had been changed to an A.

        I was still under contract for another semester at that point, so I just said “fuck it” and awarded every single student an A for the course, whether they did any work or not. And then I quit (but not before getting the best student evaluations of my entire career, and spending my first semester ever without a single DC meeting).

        1. Frip

          Sev: “I’m happy to change Snowflake’s grade to an A-super-mega-plus if that’s what you order me to do”.

          Great story, well told. SO well told.

          You handled that like a boss at every turn. Hilarious. I’m gonna email it to a few teacher friends. (Unless I’m told that’s not ok)

          Would be great if you had a link to all your proffessor tails, under “categories”. Maybe you already do. I’ll have to check.

        2. 3g4me

          Severian – Well done. I have a very similar story from my days of consular hell (you want the visa issued, then you do it and you sign it because I won’t). Thing is, it makes no difference ultimately – as you obviously realized when you decided to give everyone an ‘A.’ In my case, the third-worlders got their ‘tourist’ visa, got the US and adjusted status, and the Consul General got egg on her face and hated me more than ever. I was able to work around her trying to derail my next posting, and I know (if the bitch is still alive) she’s a cat lady while I’m a married mother of two, but ultimately who had more influence in the world? That’s why I won’t try to ‘persuade’ anyone, either online or in person. Most of the world’s population is too stupid to breath, and I’d happily see a 95% cull.

        3. Publius

          I learned that my first year teaching.

          I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was not allowed to fail the number of students I failed. Didn’t matter that they didn’t do the work, they had to be given passing grades.

          Oh, I said.

          Since then my prime directive is to avoid getting hassled.

  9. Frip

    “I said, she could emotionally check out and concentrate on our own kids after hours we’d have a nice little racket going.” Haha exactly.

    My exgf is one of the few white teachers at this school. Staff is all hispanic. All the kids are hispanic. I told her to just lay low. If you keep going after the principle he’ll find a way to get rid of you. Not outright fire her. But cut the art department. And that’s what they’re doing now. She wouldn’t listen. She’s a bit of a Karen. But a truly righteous Karen who thinks these kids are being wronged and damaged by an anything-goes system.

    By the way she loves the hispanic kids. Mostly juniors and seniors. Says they’re sweet and mostly cooperative and creative. (Though the males are often lazy and mental zombies). Years ago she had to teach at a black school in south LA and she said she’ll never do it again. Confrontational. Wild. Scary.

    1. texinole

      “But a truly righteous Karen”

      Lol was unaware of any other available models. Think I catch your drift (“not a total c*nt”).

      “ Years ago she had to teach at a black school in south LA”

      Yikes. I hear they throw more than books in those parts.

    2. 3g4me

      Frip – An art teacher, who loves mestizos? What the f99k? Art = sociology (unless it’s European art history) and no White should waste his/her time pretending to educate immivaders. Let them go home and learn ‘art’ at their own expense and taxes.

      1. Frip

        3g4: She’s an artist. She teaches fine art. Drawing. Painting. Anyway, Hispanics tend to be warm, easy-going people. Her students are sweet and a great help to her, as the school is badly understaffed. As a kid I had to enter they’re communities for extended periods, and they were so freaking nice to me. I have my political opinions on the matter. But I can’t hate them as a people.

  10. ganderson

    My wife is high up in the food chain at a semi- prestigious NE liberal arts college, and from my chair in the other room I can confirm what Sev is saying- the fall’s gonna be wild.
    A couple other points: I’m a recently retired HS History teacher, and while i don’t exactly disagree with the sentiment put forth in this thread, I would argue that there are still a lot of conscientious, hard working teachers out there, whose kids learn a lot. I’m arrogant enough to think I was one of them. But it’s true, the system is corrupt, and the distance learning experiment that went on this spring was a disaster.
    In addition school districts across the land are gearing up for a big heaping dose of anti- racism education. I’m glas I won’t be there to see it. Oh, and Frip the principal is your pal.

    1. Severian Post author

      There are indeed lots of good teachers out there. Probably more good ones than bad ones, if we could actually see their full body of work and be in their shoes for a semester or two.

      The problem — and I’m confident you’ll back me on this — is that teaching is either a job, or a vocation. Those who are called to it fall into two categories: Those who really love education, and educating — learning for its own sake, teaching for its own sake. Those are the ones who will do well no matter what; they’re nearly impossible to drive from the field (though not for lack of trying, of course, and lots of us DO quit after being made third-class citizens for a few semesters).

      The others, alas, see their vocation not as “education,” but as “changing the world.” It’s the same impulse that leads people to major in journalism, or become public defenders, or go work for Greenpeace. But since Education is the easiest major ever conceived, Ed Majors are stupid even by Liberal Arts standards (they used to publish average SAT scores by major. Ed Majors were down in the “how did these guys ever graduate elementary school?” range). So you’ve got a bunch of really, really dumb save-the-worlders out there teaching kids… kids who are, quite often, much smarter than they are… and who, being kids, aren’t shy about expressing it. Those “teachers” are a double whammy — being stupid, they actually believe all that “social justice” shit, but they also enjoy inflicting the humiliation of it on the kids who are smarter than them.

      As for the ones who think of it as just a job, well… it’s a seriously fucking easy job. Before anyone goes all caps lock on me, note that I’m talking about “teachers” who are only in it for the paycheck. Actually good teachers work ridiculous hours, because see above — for them, it’s a calling. Really shitty teachers also work long hours, because for them it’s also a calling — to break and humiliate the kind of kids that might one day grow up to vote Republican. But if you just want to do the bare minimum and collect the paycheck, well, the District hands you all the materials, so you don’t need a lesson plan. You can grade papers with the “throw ’em down the stairs” method (the ones that fly the farthest are the As), or just read the first page (I got a LOT of A’s myself this way back in high school, and I can prove it), etc. Summers off, killer bennies, a nuclear-armed union… it’s a sweet gig if you don’t give a shit and only want to collect a not-too-bad paycheck for doing the bare minimum. Plus you get to advertise yourself to the world as some kind of martyr (the ones who drive the Priuses with bumper stickers about “it’ll be a great day when the Air Force needs to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber” etc. are the time-servers, guaranteed).

      And since these are the ones who never rock the boat, no matter what, they end up in the administration… them, and the humiliation-is-a-calling ones. Hence our current situation.

      1. 3g4me

        I had the ‘privilege’ of two summers working at the American Federation of Teachers’ headquarters in DC (first time got the job via a temp firm, 2nd time I needed something until I went abroad for grad school and called the lady I used to work for). Sorry, but the vast majority of ‘teachers’ today are a waste of space. Yes, I had some brilliant ones – but not one of them would have been supported by an org like the AFT. And the ones I knew were the ‘conservative’ ones – like Linda Chavez and the like. Private Christian schools are no better any more – all the old, skilled, hard-assed dedicated teachers have retired, and the new ones are from the same teacher training programs as the public skool fools, and the Christian schools are oh so proud of their ‘qualified’ and credentialed teachers. All the textbooks changed dramatically over a 5-10 year period (I was able to compare the same books used by my older son versus my younger). My older son learned almost nothing after he left Christian middle school (but is an autodidact with an extraordinary IQ anyhow) and we pulled the younger one out after 6th grade and homeschooled. I would love to see not merely universities but the entire public school edifice burned to the ground.

      2. Frip

        I’m going to pocket Sev’s line of persuasion for the next time I’m in an argument with a girlfriend.

        “The problem — and I’m confident you’ll back me on this — is that you’re a freaking psycho.”

  11. Frip

    By the way. Not sure if anyone noticed from the post. But evidently there’s video of Severian teaching. Possibly hundreds…if not thousands of hours of it. We’ve got to get our hands on this. I’m thinking The Good the Bad and the Ugly levels of striving to get the booty. Eastwood vs. Lee Van Cleef vs Eli Wallach levels of kill you for it.

    (I just posted this nonsense to be the 50th comment.)

    (Seriously though, there’s freaking video of Sev teaching. Surely including confrontations with mouthy SJW students).

    1. Severian Post author

      All property of the colleges in question, of course, and all long since deleted (this was several years ago).

      And that’s a good thing. I had a LOT of colleagues who consider themselves impeccably woke, so they put their stuff everywhere — social media, their personal blogs, etc. Those videos are going to be Exhibit A at their thoughtcrime trials when the #woke catechism changes again and they find themselves “problematic”… so, so “problematic.”

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