Quick Takes 9/3

Pop quiz, hotshots:

  • “A jew can’t tell me shit period”
  • “The same pink toe Jewish people that control the interest rate control the media the control Minds and money”
  • “The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorists and is not”
  • “A cracker jew can do whatever to a white woman for years but let a jig try it”

Are those lovely sentiments from a) the Z Man’s comment section, or b) the guy Joe Biden is flying into Kenosha to meet?

Big surprise that Joe’s team did absolutely no vetting whatsoever of this lunatic, even though this stuff is right there on Facebook, for pete’s sake. Bonus pop quiz: Is that because

  1. they’re too stupid and arrogant to think about it; or
  2. they don’t care, because they agree with him; or
  3. both?

My money’s on 3.

Dogmas burning themselves out, as they always do, follow a predictable trajectory. The have lots of initial appeal, because they provide canned answers to their believers’ most pressing questions. But invariably hermeneutics takes over. Anyone whose faith actually fulfills him stops with the canned answers, but since anyone fulfilled by his faith doesn’t rise very far in the cult’s bureaucracy, jesuitical types take over. They pretzel up the dogmas for fun and profit. The only problem is, the “profit” comes largely from force-feeding the pretzels to the simple believers, who can only stomach so much. They start to notice some things, and there’s your Reformation.

Still, 1300 years is a pretty good run. If you want to stay at the top of a religious hierarchy, you should do what the Catholics did: Keep the dogmas as far away from the peasantry as possible. Keeping them in a dead language while the rest of the world is all but universally illiterate in living ones is just aces for this. Our modern jesuits tried a version of this, of course, with their incomprehensible PoMo jargon… but, being stupid, they ruined it by insisting that the peasants should all go to college, the better to learn to speak PoMo.

Thomism was never disproven; in fact, it’s a far better holistic explanation for the world we live in than the crap Cartesians and Hegelians came up with. Rather, Thomism was simply mocked to death by clever people who pointed out all the pretzeled (it’s a word) absurdities of the Schoolmen. Making fun of the “superstructure,” to steal a term from the most consequential of the Hegelians, of course says nothing about the solidity of the “base”… but, people being what they are, we all now “know” that Thomism is “false,” despite not one person in 100,000 having any idea what it actually is….

…which, circling back to our PoMos, was their own damn fault. “Education” in Europe for at least 500 years was nothing more than a sustained exercise in Scholastic hermeneutics, much as modern American “education” has been nothing but PoMo hermeneutics since the 1960s. Thanks to their half-millennium monopoly on “education,” the Schoolmen simply had no idea how to process the new empirical “science” of the 16th century. So, too, with our PoMos — having controlled the culture for so long, they have no idea what to do when they’re challenged. Their only options are Jesuit ones: smirking superiority or murderous rage.


In the comments to yesterday’s post, Pickle Rick asked about the townies of Flyover State. I aims to please, and since people seem to like these Egghead Follies posts for some reason,  here ya go:

In my not-inconsiderable experience, the town/gown split is almost total. The gownies will take over as much space as they can, turning it into mini-Berkeley. It’s a striking fact that all “college towns” look exactly the same, whether the area dominated by the college is an entire metro area or just a few blocks. I haven’t been to Austin, TX for a while, but certainly back in my day you could instantly recognize when you were in the University of Texas’s zone of control. Ditto Lansing, Michigan; Madison, Wisconsin; Cambridge, MA; etc. The universities (Michigan State, UWisconsin, Harvard) are all located in the middle of big metro areas with lots of other stuff going on (Cambridge, MA is in the middle of Boston), but the gownies have carved out a distinctive-looking niche for themselves (Berkeley itself is inside Oakland, which is part of San Francisco). Take any professor, blindfold xzhyr, and airdrop xzhym into any other college town in the country (in the interests of science, please pack a parachute), and xzhey will flawlessly navigate around.

The effect is even more pronounced in college towns that really are college towns, full stop — your Pullman, Washingtons; Moscow, Idahoes; etc. Wiki says Pullman’s population is 30,000; WSU’s website says the Pullman campus has 21,000 undergrads; throw in the grad students and the professors and you’ve got total gownie control of everything. That’s why these places are such shitholes. However nice the rest of the area is, in the college ZOC you’ve got graffiti everywhere, bums panhandling on every street corner, drug deals going down in the city parks. Stuff like that gets eggheads’ thighs moist, and since every university  has its own (surprisingly large) police force, the college ZOC is a no-go for the metro cops, because social justice. The faculty ghetto is of course patrolled by private security armed with nuclear weapons, so what do they care?

Lest you start thinking I’ve got some sympathy for the townies, let me disabuse you now. Much like the business owners of Portland, Kenosha, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc., I have but one message for the townies: Suck it up, buttercup. You chose to live there. You know what these people are like. I did my undergrad at an off-brand urban campus of a third-rate public school in one of our less intellectual states. Leaving campus was like a commando raid — you moved in force, getting in and out as fast as you could. We would’ve done airborne insertions into the local supermarket if we could’ve scrounged a helicopter. That’s because the metro cops had a “you broke it, you bought it” attitude towards the eggheads — if you’d rather be raped and robbed than accept the help of the “fascists” in blue, well, be our guest.

That’s how you handle an egghead infestation, my friends, and if the area around campus inevitably becomes Hamsterdam, well, maybe the PhDs will finally learn something worth knowing. The liquor stores, nail salons, and other Diversity-centric shops that still operated had all accepted the risks, as they do in urban areas all over our once-great land. Get with the program or get out. I’m sure Pullman, Moscow, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, etc.  were really  nice places once. Y’all should’ve knocked some sense into the gownies back in the Sixties. You didn’t. You paid the piper, you called the tune.

Speaking of college…

The Z Man has a pretty good bit on college football up today, in which we find this:

Paradoxically, the collapse in television viewership may save these sports from their black players. If the stands were full, the fans could boo when the players take a knee or make some idiotic gesture. There would be social proof that normal white people resent this stuff. That would also lead the players to speak out and accidentally reveal just how much they hate white people. Playing in front of cardboard cutouts means no booing the teams for their anti-white antics.

I doubt this, for the simple reason that most programs don’t end up on national tv. Most programs barely end up on regional tv, since most college programs aren’t very good — of the FCS’s 100-odd teams, most of them only exist to get pasted by the Alabamas and Notre Dames of the world… which is also the only time they’re on anything but piddly local broadcasts. Anyone watching local broadcasts, I assure you, already knows that the negroes wearing the school laundry hate them. They just don’t care — boosterism dies really, really hard. College football is on the fast track to the morgue, but it won’t be tv that does it. It’ll be those local broadcasts. Sports “journalists” are the kind of obnoxious SJWs that even other SJWs can’t stand, and, ironically, they’re just like professors at these itty bitty schools — the lower down they are on the totem pole, the more they ramp up the “social justice” hysteria to compensate. Anyone who goes out of his way to find Podunk State on the tube is going to get a “privilege” lecture right up there with the very best the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution had to offer… and there’s your final nail in college football’s coffin.

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18 thoughts on “Quick Takes 9/3

  1. Maus

    As a devoted Thomist, all I can say is there are few things as tasty as a Snyders of Hannover pretzel served with a side of Scholastic logic or the salty tears of a Jesuit. It warms my heart to see you channel the dark side of the Force with your Jesuit-hate. Your midichlorian count must be off the chart. Keep singing your threnody of pain and loathing at the death of Western civilization.

  2. Pickle Rick

    If someone was smart, they’d be organizing a black (in the old WWII/Cold War sense) propaganda campaign targeting Negroes and bagels exacerbating their natural antipathy.

  3. MBlanc46

    Jacob, Sr., actually said “jig”? Positively antique. Reminds me of the old Joke: Q What did they say when they launched the first Negro* astronaut into space? A The jig is up. Badaboom. In our white, suburban crowd, they were “spades” and “shines”. Maybe someone occasionally said “jig” or possibly even “jigaboo”. (I hope these words aren’t going to bring down the Man on the blog.) Unfortunately, about the only people who will know about Jacob, Sr.’s Badthought are other Badthinkers that hang around Sailer’s or Zman’s or here. I’d be very surprised if there’s a hint of it in the NYT or the WaPo, or on CBS or CNN. Would Fox even touch it?

    1. Severian Post author

      Sadly, that was my first thought, too — the fact that this goon is using slang from the Fifties. (“Sadly,” because any normal person’s reaction would be something like “And Biden’s taking a meeting with this guy? This should be a national scandal!” But, of course, the Media will simply embargo it, because a) that helps Biden and b) they agree with the lovely Mr. Blake Sr. anyway.)*

      *If they’re forced to mention it, they will, of course, frame it as another one of those “Republicans pounce” stories. Not “this guy is an antisemitic asshole whackjob,” no no, that’s not news. The news is the Republicans “pouncing” on the fact that this guy is an antisemitic asshole whackjob, because they’re the real bad guys here, what with their partisanship and all.

  4. kirkforlatt

    MBlanc, I used to hear “spook” quite a bit when I was a boy.

    And another hoary old joike from those days was, “Did you hear that the Japs launched a man into space? Ah, yea…there’s a little nip in the air.”

    Stationed in SC during my stint in the Corps, I learned a new one: Moanback.

    “Why do you call ’em that?” I asked.
    “Because all they’re good for is to stand behind garbage trucks, gesturing and saying, “‘Moan back…moan back a li’l mo….”

    1. Severian Post author

      Another way society has degraded from the 1950s. Each racial group used to have a whole lexicon of insults for the other groups. Whatever happened to “Ofay” for us White folks? Hell, you don’t hardly hear “Honky” anymore, just “Cracker,” which is what Southerners called each other back in the day… kind of our equivalent of “nigga”…

      …which is fun, because I’ve actually started using “White” as a compliment, like they used to do in the British Empire. If I’m talking to someone I suspect is based, I slip it into casual conversation as a compliment: “Mighty White of you, Steve” or “you’re a real White man, buddy.” It’s getting some good feedback so far.

      1. MBlanc46

        “Mighty white of you”. I sure do remember that one. And in a rather more literal sense, “Free, white, and 21”, a favorite expression of my late mother.

      2. Frip

        I once overheard some Mexicans call me a peckerwood. I thought it was funny. I don’t know what it means and will never look it up because knowing the definition would just ruin the funny.

    2. MBlanc46

      Yes, “spook”. I do remember that one, although I don’t recall anyone I knew ever using it. We actually got on rather better in those days. They had their jobs—and most of them worked—and we had ours. They had their neighborhoods, and we knew to stay out of them, and we had our neighborhoods, and they knew to stay out of them. Their wasn’t a lot of interaction, but what there was was mostly peaceful and mutually beneficial. We certainly should have done rather better on the “equal” bit of “separate but equal”. Not actually quantitatively equal, of course, because they’re simply not up to it, but if we’d made a better show of it, we might still have “separate but equal”.

  5. Southern Belle

    When young and impressionable, I considered Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am” quite profound. I suppose today it translates into “I text, therefore I am.”

    While doing field research on the dark side of Atlanta, I had a dark man shake his fist at me and tell me to “Git outta here, you white cracker!” Needless to say, I did just that. It was my first racial slur, felt almost like a right of passage.

    The Gullah here have an interesting language attached to their superstitions. The bogat hag (wife) will ride your back if you stay out all night.

  6. Frip

    Hermeneutics is the worst sounding word in the language. I bet the guy who came up with it was the ugliest and smelliest guy in the world.

  7. Frip

    Sev, don’t stop going to Z just becuase of some unsable people. Don’t be part of the brain-drain. Hah. (seriously though)

  8. ganderson

    I used to tell my high school charges that if anyone my age (66 tomorrow) tells you they’ve never used an ethnic slur they are undoubtably lying. The world Mr. Blanc describes fits the mid sized midwestern city I grew up in to a t. The only place we interacted with Blacks (auto correct just capitalized it for me!) was caddying- I wouldn’t say I had black friends, but I got along fine with those black kids I new. And as you say, Mr. B, they stayed in their neighborhood, and we stayed in ours.

    I maintain that, for all the injustices, both legal and customary, that existed for blacks in the past, black America as a whole was better off in the 50’s than today. But, even as a point of discussion that’s off the table in our modern, woke world.

    Off topic, but… anyone notice how the media is ramping up the Corona Panic again- “super spreader events over labor day weekend” and “400 000 dead of corona by Christmas…”

    1. Severian Post author

      Well, the August jobs numbers looked great and ol’ Gropin’ Joe just got hit with another sexual misconduct allegation so….no surprise there.

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