Quick Thoughts: RBG Edition – now with bonus brackets!!

So Satan finally called in his marker. Soros must be shaking in his infant-skin slippers right now. The tab always comes due eventually, you bastards. Interesting times ahead:

The Sellout: It goes without saying that McConnell and Co. will sell us out; the only questions are “when” and “how.” My best guess is that they team up with their respected opponents across the aisle to announce that, to solemnly honor the memory of a great American, they’ll hold off on any confirmation hearings until after the election. They will do this because they are

  1. feckless anti-American globohomo shit-weasels; and
  2. stupid feckless anti-American globohomo shit-weasels.

The first goes without saying, but the latter’s more important. Making the upcoming election about the Supreme Court will do two things, both very bad for the Party. The first is to remind Americans that no matter who or what we vote for, our real rulers are senile old hacks-in-black who “decide” cases based on how it makes them look on the cable tv shout shows. The second is that Joe Biden has to promise to put a Black female on the bench, and… well… somehow, amazingly, incomprehensibly, Normal America’s case of Chronic Negro Fatigue is not yet terminal, but I’m pretty sure the thought of, say, Tank Abrams on the bench will push them over the edge.

The Likeliest Pick: But let’s stipulate, just for fun, that Trump gets to nominate someone and the Senate somehow decides to act on it before the election. That the Left will go apeshit goes without saying, so Trump — who knows a thing or two about pushing their buttons — can nominate whoever will give him the biggest near-term advantage. Now, I don’t mean “advantage” in the sense of “would this person be a good Supreme Court pick.” I mean advantage, a yuuuuge one, in the sense of “since they’re going to paint the nominee as some kind of fundie rapist Hitler clone no matter who it is, Trump will nominate someone from the Dems’ most vulnerable coalition and let the Left tear xzhym apart, live on national tv, for months on end.” The Z Man thinks it’s some Hispanic I’ve never heard of, but since I don’t play Fantasy Court-ball I haven’t heard of any of the potential nominees. That would make a lot of strategic sense — Slow Joe is already tanking among Hispanics; watching Hispanics’ most mucho bueno amigos in the Democrat/Media party rip a wise Latino apart might well put Trump past the margin of fraud.

New Soviet Friends: I wish I’d saved that one from the RC archives, because it was a good bit on how social media is warping our sense of privacy. In the social media age, shameless is the only way to live, since everyone has dirt on them to some degree. This has been the Left’s secret to success since the Clintons, who in some truly gifted way were able to anticipate the social media age when the people who’d build social media were still mere gleams in the eyes of the kind of underage girls Bill Clinton digs. I was there, and I still can’t believe how fucking brass-balled shameless they both were… but that’s the only way to live now. It’ll be an interesting barometer of Our Betters’ supposed “morality,” to see the kinds of things they accuse Trump’s nominee of doing. “Oh, so ___ is supposed to be bad now?”

The Spirit of ’72No matter which way it goes, though, Trump has been handed a great campaign theme. Since the Party will oppose him no matter who he nominates, or doesn’t, and will obstruct him no matter how it breaks, Trump — who is actually, currently the President of the United States — can reprise his 2016 campaign as a Washington outsider. That’s a hell of a trick, but there’s precedent — in 1972, the Dems ran incoherent rage head, Eugene McCarthy. Now, Joe Biden makes Gene McCarthy look like the reincarnation of Solon, but the principle is the same — so incoherent a rage head (relative to his times) was McCarthy, that Nixon could run as a peacenik against the very war that he, himself, personally was in charge of.

Fun times ahead. Buy lots of ammo.

UPDATEVia offline exchange with e-migo (and all-too-infrequent Rotten Chestnuts contributor, hint hint) Nate Winchester, the Supreme Court bracket!! I’ll look at the official “short list” later, but a Z Man commenter sez:

Barbara Lagoa, 1st Cuban-American woman on the FL SC, Trump appointment to the 11th Circuit Court, is on the short list.

There’s my bet. Ten thousand quatloos on the Wise Latina. And since she’s Cuban, another 10,000 quatloos on the first time the phrase “White Hispanic” hits the Media. I’ve got “0.00002 seconds after Trump announces her nomination.”

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18 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: RBG Edition – now with bonus brackets!!

  1. Southern Belle

    What I know about the Supreme Court you can cram into a thimble, and so I’m running on gut instincts here. He’ll go for a conservative white woman in the model of Sandra Day O’Connor. We have enough diversity on the court already with Thomas, Kagan, and Sotomayer minus (Ginsburg). The white men like Roberts and Gorsuch have been disappointments for true Conservatives. He needs a nugget to win over the votes of white women and here it is.

  2. Frip

    I keep a collection of teacher comments, to share with fellow Conservative and Far Right people I know.

    Also keep a collection of observations on Asians. Just for myself really. Because I don’t know Asian culture intimately, I like to learn from people who’ve know more than I on it. I have a long document of excerpts of Derbyshire on China/Chinese. It’s about 20 pages. I made it for a friend who was vacationing there for her first time. If anyone wants me to email a copy me know. I guess I could post it on WordPress.

    This was really funny.

    Sev: “And then there’s the cheating. Oh lord, the cheating. Maybe second- or third-generation Orientals, the ones even SJWs call “bananas” — make that, “the ones especially SJWs call ‘bananas’” — are capable of playing it straight, I dunno, but first-generations sure as hell aren’t, and they’re pikers compared to the natives. How do you know one of the Han is plagiarizing? You look to see if he’s turned in a paper. That’s it. It’s plagiarized, guaranteed. But if you really want to go through the motions, read it. Here’s a kid who can’t string a sentence together in class, but his paper is in flawless, idiomatic English… on some completely random topic, more often than not. I once got a lovely paper on the economic development of Western Canada in the early 20th century… in a course on Early Modern Europe.”

  3. MBlanc46

    I wish that the old crone had held off until after the election. This will ramp up the acrimony in the election campaign by at least a factor of two. Regarding Eugene McCarthy, I’m curious about the “incoherent ragehead” characterization. My recollection is that he was about the only adult in the room in 1968.* Or do you mean George McGovern? Again, I’m not sure that the characterization is adequate. He was just a good old-fashioned Upper Midwestern progressive, whose ideas aren’t outside the bounds of sense if the nation were made up only of good old-fashioned Upper Midwesterners. He did have a real boo-boo in his past, at least by the standards of his time and place: An illegitimate child fathered when he was in high school or college. I don’t recall hearing anything about it at the time. Plenty about Tom Eagleton’s shock treatments, but nothing about McGovern’s bastard. How times have changed. Or, perhaps, even then it was Dem privilege.

    * Eugene McCarthy is the only presidential (primary) candidate that I’ve ever been in the same room with, and that being-in-the-same-room was the subject of my first published piece (in an “alternative” college paper that lasted, as I recall, two issues). My impression of McCarthy was a pretty positive one, although I didn’t get “clean for Gene”. One of the many reasons for which I’ve hated Bobby Kennedy was the that little snake slithered in and stole the thunder from McCarthy after McCarthy had been the one who had the guts to take Johnson on and see him off. Mme B was in the same room with St Barack a couple of times, because his campaign office was in the same building as her employer and she ran into him in the lobby a couple of times. I was more impressed with Obama (he’d been my state senator for a few years) than I should have been at the time, but I never met him.

    1. Severian Post author

      Nixon’s opponent in 1972 was GEORGE MCGOVERN, of course. I was thinking of hippies and had a bit on McCarthy and flipped them in my head. I do that way more frequently than I’d like to admit – my “senior moments” are coming fat and furious these days. Did I tell y’all about that time I beat up Corn Pop?

      (Seriously though, thanks for the correction).

  4. Some Guy

    It was already going to be Bush v Gore in at least a dozen states with the dems continually discovering truck loads of mail in ballots. Now it’s going to be with a supreme court that will somehow only ever manage a 4-4 split on ending the shenanigans. This in the setting of the recent successful drive to have the major cities dramatically reduce their police budgets, the subsequent mass retirement of senior ranking cops, and the drive to handicap security forces even more by banning various crowd control measures like tear gas. There is also the matter of certain cities having turned into training camps for riot squads. Portland has been allowing these groups to refine their tactics against their police force for months now. All this is shaping up to be a massive headache. If they manage to drag this out into the next year all of a sudden the media can ramp up their cries of “constitutional crisis” and demand some form of intervention, possibly from an international source. It really seems to me the dems are trying to throw the election on the idea they will be able to seize power, especially since they chose grandpa sneaky fingers and a former prosecutor who built a career on locking up black people for marijuana offenses as their candidates.

  5. WOPR

    I wouldn’t bet against her being the choice. It points the Dems into a heads, Trump wins and tails Dems lose situation. The type of situation they like to put the Reps in. If they oppose her, then Trump can hammer them on being anti-Hispanic. If they let her get the nomination, Trump can pull in a few more Hispanic votes. If it is going to happen, Trump will announce the nomination on Monday or Tuesday. The press will talk about how unseemly it is to make the nomination this quickly. This whole situation is like driving a tanker truck into an already blazing bonfire.

  6. Frip

    I’m not even going to follow the Supreme Court BS. The news is already a giant headache as it is. Screw it all. Don’t care.

  7. contrariandutchman

    Perfect, if this were a movie plot or novel this plot twist would be lambasted as overly contrived. History does have the luxury of being allowed any plot contrivance it wishes, no matter how improbable.

    Trump can drag the appointment -just- across the election to motivate movement conservatives to vote for him, lose the election and there is still the lame duck session to confirm.

    Reactions on the left will be delicious when a SCOTUS with no fewer then 3 Trump appointees gets to rule on all the ballots they “found” in various states.

    Of course, the shape of US civil war mk II, “for rea this time”, is increasingly taking shape. The federal government and its army and law enforcement will be paralyzed into neutrality as the notional boss, Trump, and many chief bureaucrats will be vehemently at loggerheads on any decision. Over time the Fe3ds will increasingly fracture and lose relevance.

    That pushes the decision making to a lower level where Dem and GOP governors and mayors will employ their loyalist forces as they see fit, and freikorps start forming.


  8. Pickle Rick

    In the before times of the last nomination, Amy Barrett was considered before Donnie chose Kavanaugh. I don’t know if she’s still in the bullpen. After she saw what they did to Kavanaugh, and especially now with the left literally threatening to kill a nominee, Amy (who to be fair, does have children) might not have the stomach for this.

    That brings me to who, if I were to have a conversation with the President, I would advise to him as a replacement for the little dead rat faced bagel.

    First, I would have two lists of potential justices. The first for my enemies to get ahold of, since I know everything I do is immediately reported to my enemies by my staff, every government agency, and helpful Republican politicians. These choices would simply be decoys for them to waste their time and resources on.
    I would have a second list of “unknown” judges, handwritten on paper in my pocket, with these qualifications-
    A White male
    No older than 40
    Married but no children
    Not a permanent member of DC society.
    Not a graduate of the Ivy League
    Not recommended, or even known by any establishment Republicans or by any NGO conservative grifters.

    1. WOPR

      Sadly, such a person would never get nominated. It would take Herculean political wheeling and dealing to make it happen. Trump put out his nominees ahead of time last election and actually has gone off of that list. Right now, if he wants to get it done quickly, he has to pick someone decently known who is at the circuit level. That’s why Lagoa is someone I wouldn’t want to be against.

      – female
      – Hispanic/Cuban
      – been through the nomination process

      The Dems will definitely lose Florida if they oppose her nomination.

      1. Pickle Rick

        Consider this, though.
        EVERYTHING the Bad Orange Man tries to do in the Anus Mundi requires Herculean effort anyway. So why not select a provincial, populist, “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” Jimmy Stewart looking WASP for everyone out here in Flyover Country?

        Second, why do we need to initiate a battle quickly? The court is down one leftist as it is. Short term, an “easier”, more acceptable nominee for the Vichy Right and establishment collaborators like Gorsuch is a tactical victory, not a strategic one. Dragging out a Senate hearing circus for as long as possible could be a battle fought on our terms to exhaust them, to force them to show their ever more unhinged hatreds to normies, to keep the Leftist Senators fighting on that front rather than supporting Dementia Joe, to encourage more Antifa riots, driving more normies into our arms, and finally forcing a showdown with our “feckless anti-American globohomo shit-weasels”

        Trump should nominate someone just to the right of Roland Freisler, and if he isn’t confirmed, then nominate another one, then another, and another, until they get the fucking message. Fight a battle of attrition, and make the Senate stay in session, fighting with each other, indefinitely. Instead of banging interns and going on taxpayer funded vacations and enjoying the good life, they actually have to work and dance to Donnie’s tune.

        Back in my days with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, we used to be collectively punished in the Fleet. Our senior NCOs, with the approval of the commanding officers, would decide if the Lance Underground wanted to play stupid fuck fuck games (such as going out on liberty and getting drunk and causing mayhem) then we’re gonna play stupid fuck fuck games. Restricted to ship or the barracks, field day until 2am, then PT up the mountain in the morning. Then gear inspections, maintenance in the gun park, the armory, and any other stupid games they could come up with until we got the message.

        Trump should make the Senate play fuck fuck games until they learn.

        1. Severian Post author

          I am 100% on board with this plan – make the Senate demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, just who is “acceptable.” The Left can’t help themselves – they will make it clear that the only acceptable Justice to them is Barack Obama. The Media will be out there leading the charge, so there’s no way to pretend these are “peaceful protests”…

          …. Which is exactly why Mitch will bail them out. The only swamp creatures who hate Trump more than the Democrats are the Republicans, and as hard as this is to believe, they’re the smart ones. The Left has been so enstupidated by ideology they truly can’t see the damage a drawn out confirmation fight will cause… but the rat bastard traitors in the GOP can.

          Mitch is gonna fucking cuck. Swamp Things gotta swamp thing.

  9. texinole

    I read y’all banging on about Trump not being a great White savior all the time…and you think he’ll nominate a WASP man?!? He’s a boomer business friendly democrat, he’s going to nominate someone politically advantageous for re-election efforts, no other analysis needed.

    [ proceeds to unnecessarily analyze ]

    The feminists have suffered one humiliation after another this year. First, Chinese flu sidelined their petty bullshit and reminded everyone that the people feminist academics despise are critical to our society. Then all the racial healing kicked them from the sidelines to the locker rooms. Add to that the bipartisan naming of their uhr-stereotype as the now infamous Karen. Not to mention their beloved hives of villainy face total collapse as colleges etc remain dutifully locked down.

    They’re boiling. Now with RGB dead and the SC front and center their troops will be called up from the reserve to pound the abortion war drum. They and their handlers have learned nothing from the kavanaugh debacle.

    So Trump will nominate a non white woman as the obvious counter play. Given how much they’ve blown their wad on race and gender I think it’s the smart play, despite my evergreen lament that we select all-powerful Nazgul based on their stinky bits and melanin.

    1. Severian Post author

      Agreed. As I wrote, my money’s on that Cuban woman. There will never be another White man on the Supreme Court of the United States, and I hope that the people in charge of the post- American whatever are smart enough not to hand power to weenies in black robes.

      You bring up an interesting point, though – how stupid are feminists? I’m not in any way joking. By now they have all the evidence anyone could ever need that they’re only one rung above us eeeeeevil White males on the victim totem pole. Angry ethnics couldn’t care less about abortion, which is the only thing feminists care about. Throw in their truly glorious auto-beclowning with the Kavanaugh thing (*still* can’t believe that happened), and feminism is all but kaput as a political force. COVID has killed it stone dead. Time to get with the White Man’s program, ladies… or join us in the gulag.

      1. texinole

        Latest wave feminism is little more than a generational shit-test that white men are horrendously failing. Women adapt to the powers that be, and the only thing preventing them from going full mudshark is the numerical lack of swarthy strong men. Well, that and the need to fund jonnie’s private school, the new Peleton, renovating the guest house, …etc etc etc

        1. texinole

          Holy shit this year has been so bad for feminists I forgot to even mention all the airheads now required to lie back and think of Wakanda now that the DNC has nominated an accused creepy ass rapist and a knee pad wielding woman for the highest office.

          Oh, and the whole enthusiastic embrace of the sexual exploitation of underage girls (no male gaze, power differentials, or unfair beauty standards here ladies, nosireebob) on the most popular streaming platform on the planet.

          We live in interesting times indeed.

  10. ryan

    White people from Cuba become Hispanic the moment they step on our shores. I guess the dirt really is magic.

    1. Severian Post author

      And not just Hispanic — White Hispanic, like George Zimmerman. Remember that? We’re going to be hearing it every five seconds if Trump does nominate this lady. Which I’m now all but certain he’ll do, because now it’s a three-fer. I just looked up this “Barbara Lagoa” lady — she looks like she was the chunky cheerleader at a rural Midwestern high school thirty years ago. So it’s perfect:

      — nobody would know she’s “Hispanic” unless the Media makes a big deal out of it;
      — which of course they will, because they’re fucking retarded; so
      — you’ll have the Left destroying a White-looking, Hispanic-surnamed woman from a swing state.

      All together now: She’s not really a woman, she’s a “White Hispanic,” and just for grins, she raped Joe Biden at a sorority kegger. This shit show will be worth a bunch of electoral votes….

      … which is why I still maintain it ain’t nevah gonna hoppen, dah-link. Mitch gonna bitch.

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