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Stay or Go? I’ve pretty much made my final pitch to my Sis and her family. I acknowledge that there’s no escaping the Poz. The rest of the world is more Pozzed than the best parts of America, but nobody’s more Pozzed than the worst parts. It’s all about making hard choices, after an honest evaluation of where the vectors point.

To me, it’s simple: We’re living in South Africa. We’ve just voted to dismantle apartheid. You know what’s coming. Indeed, you know that what’s coming here is just the leading edge of what’s coming everywhere, soon enough. Nobody is hiding anything. It’s all out in the open. The only people who don’t see, are trying with all their might, 24/7, to not see.

So… stay or go? If you have young kids, GO. If Granny won’t or can’t move, well…. there’s no way to say this without sounding like a heartless bastard, but one of a man’s more unpleasant duties is to be a heartless bastard when the situation requires it, and this one does, so: You’ve had your time, Granny. You did the best you could, and not the least of your accomplishments is, you’ve raised some kids where GO is now an option. That can’t be said for lots of people. Given that, we’ll come visit when we can, and the door is always open… but this fucking place is going to be Beyond Thunderdome within 10 years. Everyplace on Earth is Pozzed… but not every place is full of literally nuclear-armed Orcs with powerful enemies, who the rest of the world would love to see triumph just because.

That said…

Anyone ever seen The Mosquito Coast?

Nerrrds!!! I admit I was badly wrong about the Branch Covidians. I thought the medical people, at least, would come to their senses… but they’re among the worst offenders. Alas, I was thinking about STEM as a discipline, and not the kind of people who go into STEM. They’re all nerds, and nerds are as conformist as they can possibly be. COVID is their chance to be in with the in crowd, and they’re milking it for all it’s worth. This shit will never end.

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14 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts

  1. texinole

    Stay. I at least know the language, customs, and surrounding areas of my metaphorical Alamo. Better for us to die here than in some foreign place.

    Best of luck to you and yours.

      1. Codex

        Go someplace where you have a connection… At least one person or family who will have your back. Remember when TSHTF, the first trick the authorities play us to scapegoat the outsider.

  2. ganderson

    My own thoughts: I guess I know how the Boers fely. We are in South Africa ca 1990. I’m too old to move, but my kids….

    Trump’s not going to win: the lying media is putting forth the notion that it’s somehow ridiculous to challenge what to me are obviously fraudulent results. And it’s not like the Donald is the second coming of (insert your favorite president here), it’s just that he’s not senile, and he and the people around him don’t hate me.

    As for the COVID and the Branch Covidians, we’re going on what, nine months of “2 weeks to flatten the curve”?
    There are doctors out there telling the truth, but they are being censored by the liars in the press and the big tech companies- remember those two docs in California back in April? I wouldn’t be surprised if they found their bodies behind a dumpster in Palmdale. I like your point about nerds.

    And what I find puzzling is that none of the Covidians, who are, what, 50% (seems like 85% around here, judging from the number of maskers I see) of the population? are able to look around. Not see people keeling over not seeing bodies stacked outside the morgues, people coughing and hacking in the streets- how many people even know anybody who’s had the coronadoom?

    I got a text and voicemail yesterday from Mass Dept of Health telling what is and is not allowed on Thanksgiving. Bleep them! As someone said on another site, there’ll be more people celebrating Christmas in China than here in the US. One of my boys lives in Chengdu- maybe we should go visit him for Christmas.

    The only thing even close to this insanity was the daycare madness of the late 80’s early 90’s. Gerald Armirault spent almost 20 years in jail, and he people that put him there never were called to account- in fact two of them ran for governor. No Mass governor has seen fit to pardon him. As bad as that was, it was way more limited in scope.

    I believe that when Baker holds his press conference today he’s going to close Massachusetts down again. It’s madness on a scale I’d not thought possible.

    As I’ve said before I grew up in a great time and place- and now it’s all gone to shit. I’m about as generally depressed as I can be.

    1. Severian Post author

      Which is why I say those who can, should go. How long did it take for South Africa to turn to shit? 10 years? 15?

      And SA is irrelevant to the rest of the world. The badthinkers stopped the badthink, so Bono and the rest had nothing left to write songs about, so the world forgot SA existed.

      Everyone hates the US, the “president” is a senile old gangster, and Kamala fucking Harris will be in charge by 2020. Every nation that can will start fucking with us just for the hell of it, with those who can’t cheering them on. Nobody wanted to rub the Boers’ faces in it; *everyone* wants to humiliate us.

      Time to get gone if you can.

  3. Martinian

    Medicine has been up a creek for some time now. If you knew any decent old school doctors (basically guys over 60 at this point), you could instantly tell the difference. By and large, those guys were either condescending jerks or excellent practitioners. The former, though, were that way generally because they were good enough to be at the top in spite of a crappy personality. The latter actually liked medicine.

    Now, however, we’ve got a ton of pozzed midwits who went into medicine for status/money reasons. They’re not interested in the science except insofar as it bolsters their own sense of authority. They don’t really care about their patients except insofar as they’re a prop for them to prove how much they “care about people” and “make a difference”. They don’t actually read the journals, and they wouldn’t know enough about model design or statistical inference to challenge anything. They’re essentially medical technicians.

    And it’s only going to get worse. When I was in Ed. grad school (*hangs head in eternal shame*), all they would talk about was how terrible it was that math was a Gatekeeper subject that was barring all sorts of worthy candidates from going to medical school and being bright, young, caring doctors with high status/pay. In other words, just like law, medicine is going to take a steep dive as more and more underqualified but “caring” mid-tier students are shoveled into med school for Social Justice.

    My advice: Bone up on your home remedies and, if at all possible, find a doctor who’s keyed into a reasonably service-oriented conservative religious community — Adventists are usually pretty good. I’d say Catholics, too, but the upper-class, affluent ones can be pozzed as hell — ethnic Catholics tend to be more reliable in that way.

    Blackpill — Everything evil will come to us through health systems. The arguments for masks, currently quite successful, will be applied to all other things. They’ll find some way to make anything you do a direct harm to other people, manufacture the numbers, and shut you down as a menace to society. We’ve already seen that telegraphed with the “Racism is a Public Health” issue and the changing definitions of dictionary words and wikipedia entries.

    1. Some Guy

      It’s going exactly as you said. The step 1 board exam is going pass/fail and residency programs are coached to look at “the whole candidate” ie. anything but grades. So it has gotten so bad that any sort of objective standard of performance is being discarded. Medical education does nothing but reinforce a sense of entitlement, barring serious injury or legal problems people just get passed through med school without incident. Which leads to such asinine concepts as “second victims” which is what they call themselves when they kill someone with a medical error.

  4. Some Guy

    I agree with you on the whole corona being revenge of the nerds. A group of nerds can have a lot of soft leftists, worse if there are a few women thrown in the group. This is their time to shine. People are looking to tie any and all social issues to holy cotona. Hell, I guarantee that somewhere some asshole is writing an article trying to tie gun control to corona.

  5. Southern Belle

    My problem with medicine in general is that it never looks for the root cause. It offers a drug or procedure rather than a cure. Why? Because money. Once you have the motivation, it’s impossible not to be suspicious of the advice. I say thank you, I’ll consider that and then move onto someone else. You have to really cherry-pick for a good doctor and they are rare these days.

    Veterinary medicine is just as bad. I listen to what they say and then research. Example: my pet had blood in urine…kidney stones found in x-ray, but no crystals in urine. Was told that he was too old for surgery and they were too big to pass so that was the end for him. Tests indicated that the stones were calcium oxalate and too bad because if it had been the other kind, then they had a food that would dissolve them. I went home, researched it, then looked at his medical test results for the past two years. His urine had become very acidic which encourages the formation of these stones. So I thought why can’t it work in reverse and thus dissolve these too? I added pumpkin to his diet to raise alkalinity and voila! urine began to clear over the next few weeks. Another test verified urine alkalinity had increased significantly to near normal. An ultrasound confirmed no stones, but debris. Now why couldn’t the vet do that? And why didn’t he notice the acidity change over the year and a half? It’s what I paid him hundreds of dollars to do.
    Moral of the story: Be proactive in your own health care and those you love! Don’t just blindly accept what they say. Nothing to lose…

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