QUILTS: Sailer’s Law

A whille back, I half-facetiously created a category called QUILTS: QUestions I’d Like To See asked.  It’s an acronym in the great tradition of the greatest secret club in the world, G.R.O.S.S.:

32a1391d1e4bef8b67bee68cb0afe242That’s the facetious part.  The half part is, I really would like to hear someone address these questions to the buffoons who control public discourse these days.  Anyway, in the spirit of jokes, truth, and shameless blog-whoring, I address QUILTS #3 to HuffPo columnette Jen Bosse, via Stacy McCain.

Every day that I go out into the world, I am forced to worry about my safety. Every day, I am ogled or honked at or loudly talked about by men from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. I have walked through a parking lot with my children and had men three times my age undress me with their eyes. Some of you may say, “What does that even mean? That’s completely subjective.” To you, I say, “If it’s never happened to you, you’ll never know exactly what that feels like.” But I can tell you that every woman I’ve ever met has.
I have been followed. I have been harassed. I have been grabbed at and “accidentally” brushed against and was even almost abducted once. I was 10 when the harassment began. 11 when the grabbing began. 18 at the time of the attempted abduction. Followed at 23. I could go on.

McCain takes xyr more seriously than xyr deserves (by, for example, asking if it’s true she gets ogled by men from ALL socioeconomic and racial backgrounds.  Surely some ogle more than others?) But I’ve got an even more basic question for her:


No, really – that’s my question.  Bullshit.  Bull-shiggedy.  Bullshit of the purest ray serene.  Bullshite, if you wanna get cockney about it.  Bullsheeeeeeeit, as the Hon. Clay Davis might say.  I don’t believe for one second that you get ogled “every day.”  I don’t doubt it has happened — are we not men? — but every day?  This I doubt.  I doubt it here, I doubt it there, I doubt it loudly from my derriere.  I think what we have here is a blatant case of Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism:

The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.

All this “I was ogled!” feminist humblebragging is just whistling past the twin graveyards of The Wall and menopause.  “Oh noes!  I’m still hot enough to get eye-banged by pervs!  Woe is me!”

But I have a real question for the fellas out there: Have y’all ever seen this?  I mean, ever seen it?  I don’t spend a whole lot of time hanging around construction sites and NBA shootarounds, but I have never in my life heard a woman wolf-whistled.  Have I leered at a few in my day?  Of course, and it’s one of life’s little moments of everyday humor when you catch the eye of another dude across the room who’s been been blatantly checking out the same girl…. good times (are we not men?).  But I’ve been at frat parties galore, and came up in a traditionally misogynistic industry where one of the unspoken but obvious bennies of being a supervisor was first crack at the new crop of interns… and I’ve never seen, or heard about, anything close to what this woman describes.  N.b. that the interns in our neck of the woods all wanted to be in marketing, so they were all ex-sorority sisters, average hotness 7.9 on the Prichter scale.  And yet the Jennifer Bosses and Jessica Valentis and Loryn Brantzes of the world are constantly getting fondled on the job?

What say you, gentlemen?

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8 thoughts on “QUILTS: Sailer’s Law

  1. neal

    During my mispent lowbrow plumbing days, there was a situation wherein upon lunch break, the high class strippers would walk by on break to grab a bite to eat.

    Just nodding of heads and respect for the job.

    People that actually work for a living might exchange information about comfortable footwear, and nice places to take the kids. People that work in offices and such are so removed from respect and civility they mostly require an entire industry to impose any damned common sense.

    The working class signals out of respect. Insults are for the coddled.

    1. severian Post author

      Well put. That’s one of the most hilarious things I’ve noticed about academia — you’ll never find a bigger misogynist than a male feminist professor. He’ll spend every class period lecturing about the need to smash the Patriarchy, while eye-banging every coed in the room…

      …sooner than later the “eye” part gets dropped, of course, and academic conferences are notorious fuck-fests (and not because everyone brings xyr spouse along).

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  3. Dan

    Bullshit, yes, pure and total. Given that Ms. Bosse writes for Huffington, I would assume that she is part of the open borders crowd. I wonder if she will be more receptive to sexual harassment if some horny Syrian immigrant decides to exercise his Allah given right to, in the words Leopold Stotch, “slap her titties around a little bit”.

  4. Nate Winchester

    Rape culture is rape fantasy culture: it’s women imagining themselves to be objects of desire – to all men, all the time, everywhere.
    . . .
    Rapists everywhere! All these men who want me! Overcome with lust!

    How exciting!

    Judgy Bitch

    I remember once walking home and a Borders bookstore was still on the corner at the time. Given that I’m commenting on here, you can probably guess that I frequently stopped into that store (I would probably be a millionaire by now if it wasn’t there). One day I swore I wasn’t going to go into the store, when something near the door’s clearance section caught my eye. As I ducked into the store, I overheard what sounded like, “[something] we ain’t gonna rob you!” I had went into the store as a couple was coming out. I guess they were black and interpreted my move to check out what was on sale with avoiding them.

    Likewise I wonder how much Bosse’s problems are inventions of her own mind. Like a construction worker whistling to get a coworker’s attention (I’ve worked around machinery, often the whistle is at the right pitch to pierce through the noise) being transformed by her imagination into a whistle at her! You see this same thing with some “i have a boyfriend” stories.

  5. Notsothoreau

    Does she mean that the female construction workers were giving her the eye? Because I’ve known several women that work construction and it just isn’t all men any more. And yeah, I call bullshit on this too.

    1. Severian

      That’s the thing. I’ve worked among some grope-happy horny scumbags, who would if given half the chance behave like Bill Clinton on nickel beer night at the titty bar. But they didn’t, because it was the end of their world if anyone complained. Again, maybe this gal always somehow finds herself walking to the car through the worst construction sites of 1924, but somehow I really, really doubt it — a HuffPo columnist’s typical morning walk is between a gated car park, a nice cushy office, and Starbuck’s, I imagine.

  6. nightfly

    Sailer’s Corollary – there is an inverse-relation between publicly worrying about being taken as seriously as male or prettier colleagues, and actual ability relative to those colleagues. Or as CS Lewis wrote long ago, the person who insists on saying “I’m as good as you” doesn’t really believe it; if he thought it was true he wouldn’t think it was worth saying.

    So yeah, I call shenanigans on Ms. Bosse.

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