QUILTS: Why Not Just Admit It?

Further to this RWCG piece, a QUestion I’d Like To See:  Why not just admit it?


It’s often said — often by me — that the main reason “social justice” and all other such leftist cant is nonsense is because it’s indefinable.  What does a
“socially just” world look like?

I’m starting to wonder if that’s true, though.  It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the left does have a coherent vision of their ideal world.  It’s basically a Fifth Monarchist, rule of the saints-type deal, where people who share our worldview — right down to the arbitrary aesthetic choices — get to run things until Jesus gets here.  So long as the Matthew Yglesiases can still live in their million-dollar condos with a Chop’t, whatever the hell that is, on the nearest street corner, everything the Saints do is not just ok, but morally right.

And if they start seizing the property of the non-Yglesiases and shooting all the sinners in order to hasten Jesus’s arrival by increasing the world’s net virtue, well, the right to property can’t be derived logically, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, etc.  It’s just policy choices all the way down, right?  And that’s what we elected them to do.

My question, then, is this:  Why not just admit it?

I’ll admit it:  This is actually a pretty appealing philosophy.  The government should make the country more the way I, personally, like it, because I deserve it.  Why go through all the mental contortions of trying to make it come out consistent with the Constitution?  Why bother with the pretzel logic required to make it conform to some kind of over-arching principle?  Gay marriage is a fundamental right, but owning a firearm isn’t, because guns are icky but gay weddings are fabulous (ever been to one?  They get the best deejays).  Or: Baseball should be year-round and visible ribs on bikini models shall be punished by force-feeding hamburgers to the offenders, because I like baseball and a bit of junk in the trunk.  Liberty?  Pshaw!  It’s just policy choices, all the way down.

Why go through all this “derived logically” crap?  Why the pretense of intellectualism?  The saints deserve to rule, because they’re saints.

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