QUILTS x3: Amnesty and GOP Donors

It’s taken as read on the Right that squishy Republicans want amnesty because, and I quote, “their big money donors in industry want cheap illegal immigrant labor.”

Well, ok then.  Three questions I’d like to see asked:

1) Who, exactly, are these “big business donors”?  The nearest thing I can find to hard numbers in a brief google search is this:

back1013from here (table 7).  That’s as of 2007, and from what I see, the top “immigrant” (presumably including both legal and illegal) jobs are in “farming, fishing, &forestry;” “building cleaning and maintenance;” and “construction and extraction.”

So who’s “Big Cleaning”?  Which firms are “Big Forestry”?

2) Assuming there are such firms, what good does legalizing their labor force do?  Seriously?  I thought the point was to avoid minimum wage laws, ObamaCare mandates, etc.  If they’re amnestied, “Big Cleaning” has to pony up.  I suppose this would encourage the further flow of illegals, but wouldn’t that be offset by the mass firing of the now-legal workforce, resulting in unemployment co-pays and the like?  How does that make sense?

3) Assuming there’s a coherent answer to 1 and 2, why aren’t we, the Outlaws, the Tea Party, etc., boycotting “Big Cleaning”?  Obviously the GOP will push amnesty.  Nobody can seriously doubt this by now.  They keep proposing it, and there’s always a massive voter backlash, which inevitably results in… another amnesty proposal.  Because “the big money donors who want cheap labor” &c.  So why not direct the backlash at them?  It’s the only way to get results, but I’ve never even heard this suggested.

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