R.I.P. America

If I had the skill to write a funeral oration, it’d be much more Brutus than Marc Antony.

Rule by a clique of smug gangsters is the natural endpoint of universal prosperity, which is lethal to… I was going to write “the human mind,” but it’s more basic than that. It’s lethal to character. It’s lethal to seriousness.

We are a deeply, profoundly, terminally frivolous people. The people entrusted with enough armed power to reduce the entire planet to a cinder tear up their opponent’s speeches on camera. They kneel in the Capitol rotunda in honor of a drug-addicted criminal. Their supporters charge the Supreme Court chambers wearing knitted vagina stocking caps on their heads. All of them insist that working people should be denied their livelihoods if they, the working people, can’t keep up with the bespoke pronoun choices of the obviously mentally ill. They make a crazy man in a dress who insists on calling himself “Rachel” a public health official.

All of that really happened. All of that really happens. You couldn’t remake Idiocracy now; we’re so frivolous, we’re beyond parody. Elagabalus weeps at our inanity.

Thus the just-purged military installing an obvious dementia patient behind thousands of yards of razor wire after an obviously stolen election is not just apt, but perfect, for the kind of species we’ve devolved into. All hail President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

As for me, kameraden, I’m off for a while. I took some time off, cashed in some investments. I plan to go someplace new for a while, see some new places, meet some new people. I’ve needed a big change for a long time, so why not now? I’ll still post, but if they’re more sporadic than normal, have weird timestamps, etc., now you know why.

I intend to live as well as I can, for as long as I can. Note please that I don’t mean “live luxuriously;” I mean live well. With dignity. Like a human being, the heir — for all that’s worth — to 2500 years of civilization, the best civilization that was or ever could be. That’s my advice to you, comrades: Live well. Read good books. Listen to good music. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Be proud of what you are, what we had, what our children’s children’s children could one day have again.

Above all, be happy. Our overlords are broken. They have gaping holes in their souls, that no amount of “social justice” can ever fill. They’re incapable of feeling anything but the sour satisfactions of spite. Being a kind, decent, happy, whole human being is the second best revenge you can take on the freaks who now rule us, So do it. Live well, brothers, and be happy. The lamps are going out; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetimes. Let yours shine as brightly as you can, for as long as you can.

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13 thoughts on “R.I.P. America

  1. Recusant

    This too shall pass.

    Nothing is forever, but we can live an honourable life ……… and take pleasure from that. Our opponents, not so much.

    They need to have somebody to hate and if the object of their hatred is seen to be happy and inwardly fulfilled they can barely function.

    1. Severian Post author

      There it is. It used to be understood — and I believe the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior himself once said — that hatred diminishes the hater as much as the hated, since you can’t be complete without the object of your hatred; you are not you without them.

      Alas, then Karl Marx happened, as my students would’ve written back in my teaching days. He gave people license to vent all their worst instincts in the guise of a “higher” morality. One could reduce the entire fifty-odd volumes of the Collected Works of Marx and Engels to a sentence: “Evil, be thou my Good.”

      1. Deuce

        Sev, I will be looking forward to reading of your future exploits.
        You will be like John Steinbeck traveling the country with his dog Charlie.
        Or maybe even William Least-Heat-Moon who shared his meandering of the country.

        Keep posting your viewpoints of what you see in America as you soak up the vibrations of life in where ever you spend your time. Your writing has great value.

        It worked for de Tocqueville, so maybe it can also be good for you.
        There are still good places and good people in America so seek them out and enjoy your time with a smile and whatever ease that you can muster.

        Thanks for your all of your insights that you have based on historical facts which you have absorbed in your career and reading choices.

        Have a great trip !

  2. BadThinker

    Trump’s got them right where he wants them now! Once they falsely inaugurate Biden, The God Emperor will swoop in and arrest everyone! If he doesn’t, obviously he’s planning something even better for next week!

    1. Severian Post author

      Oh, there’s a plan all right… there’s a plan! Q said so! The Storm!!! I’ll ban anyone who says otherwise!!!! Why won’t you midwits just trust the God Emperor!!!!!!

  3. Maus

    Sev, you’ve penned a great elegy for the America of our youthful memories. For the last few months I have struggled with an inner conflict. On the one hand, I have truly enjoyed connecting with the kindred minds of people like you and the Readers through this technology. But on the other hand, I can’t deny that a steady diet of reflection and commentary on the extraordinary cultural collapse of the past few years has increased my agitation and stoked an unchristian wrath that is as disturbing as it is futile. Your words today offer sage advice and I intend to follow them. The sun is shining. Like PR, I’ve got deer meat in the freezer. COVID has made friends scarce IRL and dampened my enthusiasm for the sort of travel you’re contemplating; but I agree that a life well-lived is the best revenge. Be well, my friend.

  4. Wildgoose

    Given the state of the economy, and the ongoing partial shutdown of flights, I trust you will be using a motorhome. America is vast. I could spend plenty of time just meandering through England, but you have the best part of a continent to explore. You could even write an homage to de Tocqueville: “The End of Democracy in America”.

  5. Frip

    This was a beautiful post. Heartbreaking. Especially toward the end. I read it a second time. Imagining it as Trump’s farewell address.

    Not to be…

    Me too. Have to check out for a while. Let the Progs have their way with this mess. Beautiful wilderness all around this western United States. Been looking for a travel van. Time to head for the mountains. Head for Busch beer.

    Our fathers built this thing. We kept it going. For a while.

    We’ll be back again.


  6. MBlanc46

    That was a near perfect summation. All the best with your wandering. I’ll do my best to live as well as Incan.

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