Random Thought 5/4/2020

I see that the new conspiracy going around this side of the Internet is that Wuhan Flu was an American bioweapon attack. How else would we have known about it back in November, these people ask, when the Chinese authorities didn’t?

Or, you know, when the Chinese authorities say they didn’t.

This is one of the key diagnostic criteria of a conspiracy theory: It assumes good faith on the part of actors who have never — not once, ever — acted in good faith.

Funny how it all comes back twice, the second time as farce (I think Snoop Doggy Dogg said that). Back in the days, it was the Radical Left who was willing to publicly swallow the USSR’s most absurd and obvious lies. Now it’s the Radical “Right” who treat Commies as paragons of probity. The goal is always the same, though: Bash America, because you’ve confused “America” with “your Daddy.”

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8 thoughts on “Random Thought 5/4/2020

  1. Pickle Rick

    I’m trying not to laugh at the idiots peddling the idea that whatever the CIA (the very same arm of Globohomo that routinely fucks everything else up, as well as being eyeballs deep in a coup attempt and is still riddled with Comeys, Strozks Pages, Rosenstiens, Mullers and Brennans is totes telling us the truth about China this time around, we pinky swear…

    1. Severian Post author

      Yep. So let me get this straight: The Deep State, having failed to provoke a war with Russia with this “election interference” nonsense, is now trying to provoke a war with China with this “Wuhan Flu” thing. We’re supposed to be so outraged at the the Chinese destruction of our economy that we demand the bombing of Beijing…

      …except that we’re not allowed to say that the virus came from China, because racism. Or even ban flights from China, because racism (it’s been memory-holed online, but lot of us remembered that the Dems spent a few weeks after impeachment trying to pass laws that would limit the President’s authority to ban travel). In fact, if you dare to put the words “China” and “virus” anywhere in the same sentence, we’ll do our best to ruin you, because racism.

      Yep, that’ll do it. If that won’t give us a raging case of war fever, nothing will….

      … actually, come to think of it, that’s EXACTLY the CIA’s level of competence these days, so… QED?

      1. Pickle Rick

        Our intelligence services swing between “incompetent fucktards” and “shit flinging monkeys with overbearing hubris”

  2. Publius

    This level of tinfoil-hattery is too much even for the gang at Vox. Many of them are like, “yeah, except we can’t trust them, either.” True, lots are on board, but it’s not univocal.

    I find it strange that, this far into this nonsense, people still think they know and understand what’s going on, glomming onto a few specks of noise and calling it Signal.

    1. Severian Post author

      Vox Day, or Vox the leftwing troll site? Not that I imagine there’s much difference between the two at this point…

      (Hey, speaking of, wasn’t Obama and the rest of the Pizza Gang supposed to be in Guantanamo by now? How’s Tom Hanks doing? Is he in the slammer, or is he still in “quarantine” in Australia a month later? One can be forgiven for thinking that “Q” is actually Dr. Fauci — both predict the big catastrophe coming any minute now, and it just never…quite…happens).

      1. Publius

        I tried to read some of that Q business once. It made me feel like I was being asked to join a multi-level marketing scheme. You know, when they’re trying to overcome all your resistance rhetorically before they give you a single solitary fact?

        I don’t even care if there’s anything to it or not, I ain’t subjecting myself to that.

  3. james wilson

    Good chance the work was begun at Ft. Detrick, then passed to other labs outside the US when this type of research was made illegal in 2002 as being too dangerous. One scientist who worked there at that time said it’s the most fascinating work a biochemist could enage in but that it also scared the hell out of her. I imagine the lab couldn’t bear to destroy their projects so they gave them away to other labs, of which Wuhan was one. Unfortunately Wuhan is also the Chernobyl of labs.

  4. MBlanc46

    Ron Unz is apparently pushing this. But, then, he’s never met a conspiracy theory that he didn’t immediately fall for. Okay, maybe not immediately. At first he believed the official story and he was too busy with important software work to check it out. But as soon as he looked into it, it was clear that the official story was a pack of lies constructed in order to hide the real bad guys. I’m glad he provides a platform for Steve Sailer and Audacious Epigone, among others, but Unz himself seems completely round the twist.

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