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1856, not 1860.  The Democrats won tenuous control of the House last night, so I suppose the civil war will be delayed a few years.  As I said yesterday, it’s not a question of IF the Left starts shooting, only when.  They now have sufficient ability to be pains-in-the-ass enough that they don’t feel forced to go to the gun… yet.  But the lunacy will come fast and furious now.  The day is not far off, kameraden, when we’ll look back on 2016 as a sane, peaceful golden age.

As the Z Man pointed out yesterday, a Democrat-controlled House pretty much guarantees Trump’s re-election in 2020.  He’s at his absolute best playing rope-a-dope with lunatics, and the larger, dumber, browner, even-more-hormonal cat ladies of the new-look Democratic Party are the dopiest dopes to ever chase a rope.  All “investigations” of Trump to date have revealed far more dirt about the Democrats than the President, and since it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that none of 2016’s shenanigans could’ve happened without the active collusion of Barack Obama, he has a much better hand than his opponents.  I’d say that the Dems are about to learn the cardinal rule of poker — if you can’t spot the sucker in your first 15 minutes at the table, then you’re the sucker — but that implies the Dems are capable of learning anything.  If you enjoy the spectacle of all-out human folly, as I do, these are heady times indeed…

Wilmot Proviso.  ….or not.  I love a good train wreck as much as the next gleeful sadist, but the neverending march of feckless stupidity just grinds me down.  Barbara Tuchman had her flaws as a pop historian, but a way with a title wasn’t one of them.  The March of Folly is the greatest title for a history book ever penned, because it pretty much describes History entire.  You can’t study the history of anything for too long before you conclude that the real driver of man’s fate isn’t God, or the forces of production, or class conflict, or the clash of ideologies — it’s vapid, hubristic Dunning-Kruger cases getting bored.

Take the Mexican War.  It was obvious to everyone, certainly including the Mexicans, that the United States was going to attack Mexico.  James K. Polk practically ran on it in 1844, and by 1846 everything was ready.  The fact that this was naked aggression, and that the supposed casus belli — the strip of Texas between the Brazos and the Rio Grande — is obvious bullshit to anyone who’s ever been there, didn’t even register.  Everyone wanted to throw some weight around, and Mexico — just then getting over one of its periodic revolutions — was convenient.

Until David Wilmot added his famous Proviso.  He tacked it onto an appropriations bill, the sneaky bastard, so that in order to get their splendid little war, everyone had to put their cards on the table.  The Mexican War was a war for slavery; the vote on the Proviso made it obvious to even the dimmest-witted.  After all, the vote was taken just three months into the war — American troops were barely arriving in the theater, much less actually winning on the battlefield.  The fact that nobody cared — that Congress got out of the Proviso with procedural shenanigans — showed just how badly inertia had already set in.  Events were going to take their course.

Last night’s election strikes me as a Wilmot Proviso type scenario.  Over the next two years, everyone will have to put their cards on the table for everyone to see.  It should be momentous… but it’ll pass unremarked.  Congress will do what it does with procedural shenanigans; Trump will do what he does by executive order, and nothing will get done.  We voted for things to continue as they are… and they will, God help us.  The political theater will be train-wreckily entertaining, but nothing of consequence will happen in the legislature.

John Brown moments.  Which it never does, you know?  If you look at the run-up to the Civil War — the first one, I mean — you see Congress, the President, the whole political class, desperately doing nothing.  Stephen Douglas was the best politician of the era, but even he could only kick the can down the road for a few more years.  The People had other plans, as it always does, and eventually some lunatic decided to take matters into his own hands, as they always do.  At least your John Brown moments are fairly easy to recognize.  At some point, the lunatics are going to let one of their own take the stand after committing some atrocity, and then it gets really fun.

The Hardest Truth.  I’ve written about this before, but I’m starting to think it’s the only truth about humans worth stating in these latter days:  People can’t handle ease.  Human culture reached its apex in London in 1911.  Adolf Hitler and Virginia Woolf both said that the Modern world began in that year, and since that’s the only thing those two could possibly agree on, it must be right.  We lived at the glorious apex of the human race for three years… then our civilization committed suicide, because we were bored.  But it was Arkansas-style suicide — having shot ourselves in the heart in 1914, we shot ourselves in the head, just to make sure, in 1992.  The long twilight struggle with the Soviet Union was over, so to celebrate, we elected a slavering poonhound and his harridan gangster wife to guarantee we never got anything out of the victory.  Better an end with horror than a horror without end, amirite?

The Postmodern State.  If you follow Hobbes, like I do, you believe the State’s sole purpose is to provide physical security to its citizens.  But I’m starting to think that’s wrong.  Hobbes, like all Modern thinkers, faced the problem of legitimacy — a Modern state requires modern arms to defend it, which requires more buy-in from the citizenry than Divine Right Monarchy can get.  But we don’t have modern arms anymore; we have postmodern arms.  There will never be another mass-conscription, saturation-bombing, ships-lost-with-all-hands kind of war — the West lacks the political will, and though the East has the political will, they can’t defend against nuclear weapons.  If they attacked, the West would lose… but long before acknowledging the loss, they’d push The Button, and that would be that.

Either way, the West’s physical security isn’t militarily threatened.  No Red Army boot will ever step on American soil.  It’ll either be localized, distant, low-intensity conflicts, or the end of the world.  We could easily keep on losing all the wars we’re currently losing, plus a few more, with a military half the size of our current one.  Eventually we’re going to figure that out, taxes being what they are.  And then what?

There are alternatives to classical political theory, ones that grant legitimacy to the ruling power sufficient to keep the State running, but they’re not in English.  One is Volksgemeinschaft.  Another is kokutai.  The downside: They entail a police state, pretty much by definition.  The upside: We’re in a police state already; most of us just don’t acknowledge it yet.  If there’s an alternative that doesn’t boil down to straight-up African-style Big Man gangsterism, I surely don’t know what it is.  Guess we should start looking into that, eh?


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24 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. nightfly

    Maybe a week ago, I had written a series of thoughts on another of your posts and never sent the comment. Not sure why. Luckily much of it still holds, so I’m working that up into a post of my own, to go live later today… with some revisions based on the recent postponement of Civil War II: Social Media Boogaloo.

      1. nightfly

        All right, so I had a post eaten. I will have to retype the stupid thing. I actually have a draft I printed, so at least there’s a starting point. But I am really beginning to hate computers.

  2. Pickle Rick

    Before the John Brown Moment, there’s got to be a Dred Scot decision as well as a Democrat Congresswoman trying her best to pull off a Preston Brooks on a Republican Senator. I predict that the John Brown Moment happens when the old Bagel Ginsburg finally shuffles off into death, and Fort Sumter when President Trump wins re-election in 2020, or not. Neither side is going to accept the outcome of the next presidential election, and we all know it.

    1. Severian Post author

      If we’re being bitterly, bleakly, blackly honest here… I doubt he even makes it to 2020. The fucking New York Times published a piece praising his assassination, and as we saw from the attempted hit on Steve Scalise, the penalty for shooting a bunch of Republicans is… nothing. I seem to recall that the shooter was at least in correspondence with a high-ranking Democrat, but again, unless you read the alt-news you’d never know that. The Senate can’t even protect its own members from harassment in the halls – or, more correctly, chooses not to, when the harassee is a Republican.

      The Media thinks violence against its enemies is cool. The Left knows this, so they think they’re free to use violence to get what they want. Hell, a Leftist who even tries to take a shot at Trump will instantly be a hero to the entire Media, all of academia, and 75% of the political class. I promise you, the lunatics out there know this.

      That’s the John Brown Moment I fear the most. Even if the would-be assassin fails, he succeeds. The Media would try to embargo the news that he’s an SJW, of course, but they wouldn’t be able to stop everyone from seeing their co-religionists dancing in the streets. At which point, it’s Ft. Sumter II, Electric Boogaloo. I pray for the President’s safety.

      1. MBlanc46

        I certainly hope for Trump’s safety (and health). But if the worse should happen, then the “incivility” that I’m half hoping for will break out and it’s 1968 all over again (multiplied by an order of magnitude).

      2. WOPR

        Although the mask has finally slipped completely, the establishment’s Demographic Replacement Plan (which does not exist, proles) has put them into a bind in one propaganda area. They cannot tout anti-immigration violence* because it exposes what they want to do to the average person. Instead they point to some other reason, anti-semitism, or vague right-wing violence. In the John Brown instance, the South was clear on what they wanted to maintain. The establishment is so used to trying to hide what they are doing that even open resistance has to be obfuscated. They have to maintain the illusion that the multicultural paradise is a paradise. However, you can tell they are switching into whites are wrecking the paradise. That will mean blood.

        * For instance, I heard about a case a few months ago where some guys planted an incendiary device at a mosque in MN. They did it when they thought no one was there (someone was but no one was hurt). Stated goal was to let them know they were not wanted in the US. Never heard about the case until it went to sentencing. Of course the mosque has all manner of radical ties.

    1. Severian Post author

      Yeah. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but if I don’t compare things to inside-baseball stuff from the middle of the 19th century, who will?

      1. Pickle Rick

        Better than the hack comparisons of others nominally in our thing, but monumentally historically illiterate, constantly pretending that the Democrats of 1860 are the same as the Democrats of today. I’m, for one, truly sick and tired of that trope. Besides, Weimar isn’t really applicable to American contexts, as much as our enemies try to conflate the Old South with Cat Fancy.

        1. Severian Post author

          Yeah, you can only stretch it so far. History’s one of those hand grenade-type disciplines — getting it in the vicinity is good enough (and often the best you can do).

          Personally, I’d take an honest 1860 Democrat over any of this bunch. They at least had a vision, and could articulate it.

      2. MBlanc46

        Definitely makes it worth coming here. Of course, it’s lost to those don’t know the Wilmot Proviso from Walmart. But they probably can’t be gotten to anyway.

  3. Rod1963

    Well done and a history lesson to boot.

    I don’t think we’ll have to wait till 2020 before the balloon goes up. As it is, Kavanaugh cannot appear in public because of death threats. Which was unheard of not too long ago. Even the most ruthless organized crime syndicates wouldn’t go that far. But the Left is batshit crazy…

    Anti-fa is protesting outside of Tucker Carlson’s home.

    Anti-fa publishes the home addresses of Coulter, Carlson, Patel and Hannity.

    This is what happens when the political party bosses sanction violence. We’re getting closer to a John Brown moment by the day.

  4. Rod1963

    It’s getting closer.

    Anti-fa just vandalzied Tucker Carlson’s home, car, driveway.

    You can bet money if they had managed to break in, they would have beaten Tucker to a pulp or killed him.

    Another thing. The police didn’t arrest anyone while this was going on. So they think a masked group of 20 odd thugs vandalizing a home doesn’t warrant some arrests? What is going on.

  5. Frip

    Seriously, as you say, no arrests, “what is going on?” I was just thinking that too. I hope it’s a topic of discussion on the networks. A kid smashes a pumpkin and he’s arrested. You threaten a family and no issues? As the old dudes say, “keep buying ammo”. I’ve been starting to take their advice.

  6. guest

    >they’d push The Button, and that would be that.
    No it wouldn’t be, MAD is more or less propaganda.

    Speaking of nu-ku-lar, i recommend this blog:

    “A blog all about contradicting the widespread superstition that nuclear wars are unsurvivable and debunking hardened dogma of exaggerated nuclear effects.”

    1. Severian

      Dude, I WANT people thinking that nuclear wars are unsurvivable! Exaggerated nuclear effects, too. That’s one of those good superstitions.

      1. Al from da Nort

        Nobody who knows anything about the subject *wants* a nuclear war. But there will likely be substantial numbers of survivors and mass conscription of ther men among them will be absolutely essential for ensuring more survivors, rebuilding and defense from opportunistic conventional attack.

        I can tell you for an observed fact that the US Cold War military had extensive plans for maximizing and organizing survivors. They could do so for themselves but, obviously couldn’t *make* the civil authorities take up the task. In the event even the USSR had problems in this area.

  7. Al from da Nort

    I think people are maybe missing the point re John Brown. The Southern slaveholders were in deadly (and demonstrably mistaken) fear of a mass slave uprising resulting in their extermination or at least economic ruination. Instigating this insurrection was John Brown’s stated objective.

    So John Brown hit them in a critical psychological weak point, not one comprising an actual politico-military vulnerability. As subsequent events demonstrated, due to actual conditions of highly limited communications and any over-aggressive Blacks being ‘neutralized’, ol’ JB didn’t even get to Spartacus*, much less overthrow of the ‘Slave Power’. That had to wait for the Union Army to bring an effective armed group into immediate proximity that individual Blacks could adhere to because they could see it their own eyes.**

    I’d argue that Pres. Trump’s election was/in the better parallel. Despite being no actual threat to themselves personally, it likewise hit the Progs. in a psychological weak point in that it completely exposed their false narrative of a people-welcomed inevitably.
    * Spartacus and his fellow slave insurrectionists all died a miserable death on Roman crosses due to lack of military training, organization and numbers. It would have been the same for southern Blacks at the time.
    ** Likewise Roman slaves actually freed themselves in large numbers when it was relatively safe for them to do so by joining one of the invading barbarians hoards as they passed through their vicinity.

  8. ErisGuy

    Someone’s army—perhaps not a Red Army—may set foot in America. Too often conquerors are invited in by the losing side in a civil war to help achieve victory.

    1. Al from da Nort

      E. G.
      Agreed. The South in Civil War I were actively courting British Empire intervention. Don’t know why they naively expected the Brits to provide substantial military help via their navy plus money and supplies and then just leave. Apparently being satisfied that their low cost cotton supply was assured was thought to be enough for the Brits.

      Siding with one faction to defeat another then switching sides to emerge via divide & rule was how they conquered India, after all. This is also how the Roman Empire was largely assembled, and many in between.

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