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Ocasio-Cortez:  I could say a million things about this woman, starting with “I knew this day would come.”  The day, that is, when the smugly ignorant, gravity-distortingly solipsistic Millennials would finally take the reins.  AOC is every stupid, lazy, narcissistic college girl I’ve ever met, which is to say, every single American girl I’ve met under the age of 50.  And remember, I have met a LOT of college girls.  In many cases, I met them when they were in college, and ran into them again years or decades later.  They were exactly the same.  The real world just bounces off them.  That bitch armor’s too strong for blasters.

could say all that (for about the zillionth time), but what’s the point?  By now you either believe me or you don’t, that’s she’s the Left’s Donald Trump — a clown show that no one could possibly take seriously, a goofy vanity candidate that doesn’t have a chance in hell… until she’s sitting in the White House.  Instead, I’ll just lament our lack of Classical education.  She’s a goof with donkey chompers whose presence in the legislative chamber is an insult to the very concept of responsible government… and nobody has busted out an Incitatus allusion?  It even rolls off the tongue: Incitatus Ocasio-Cortez.  For shame.

Speaking of goofsTim Newman’s going off on the polyamorists again.  Always good for a chuckle.  Mostly it’s just a link to his blog, though, because it’s great, and if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor.

Overthinking.  Our Thing tends to over-intellectualize.  I know, I know, I sound like a Leftist, talking about how smart and wonderful we are and we’re science’s BFFs, but look: At this stage of our existence, we really do.  The Left really did, too, at one point — the Old Old Left, the Karl Kautsky / Edouard Bernstein / Georgi Plekhanov Left, was fearsomely intellectual.  (That the thing they were fearsomely intellectual about, Marxism, had zero truth-value doesn’t negate the fact that these guys were big-league intellectuals).  See here, for example.

The Z Man’s great, but this is much ado about nothing.  Maybe we don’t have free will.  Hell, maybe Camus was right, and the only problem in philosophy is the problem of suicide — as in, life’s pointless in the long run and there’s way more pain than pleasure in the short run, so why don’t we just off ourselves?  In fact, let’s go all-in: It’s very likely true that we’re the product of chance, a brief instant of time on a cloud of congealed dust at the unimportant edge of a random galaxy.  We won’t know until we’re dead… no, scratch that, if it’s true, we will never know, because there’s no “we” to know it, and even if there were — that is, if “we” somehow survive after death, because “we” were wrong about that atoms-in-void stuff, “we” will have no way of sharing that knowledge anyway.

The point is: Nobody can live as if that were true.  Nobody ever has, not for one single second, not in all of human existence, from the moment we dropped out of the trees until right this very instant.  It’s impossible, and because it’s impossible, even if we were to prove that all our actions are just gene expressions, we can’t act as if they are — we will assign guilt to the guy who pulls the trigger, no matter how certain it is that it’s just his programming, because that is our programming.

It’s fun to speculate about this stuff, especially as the human sciences in toto are now on the Index of Prohibited Books, but it’s ultimately pointless.

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7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Maus

    1. I agree with your observations about AOC. She is the multi-car collision that you deplore but cannot look away from. If voters continue to reward her idiocy and antics, then they deserve their democracy good and hard as Mencken suggests.

  2. Maus

    2. WRT American women, twenty years ago I would have considered your observation of college-educated girls a gross generalization. But reflecting on the women I’ve encountered since I turned forty, well over 90% have had resting bitch face and displayed the termigancy that underlies it.

  3. Maus

    3. Indeed, many of the women I know from work evidence clear signs of mental illness. After 2 for 2 having BPD that manifested a few weeks into the relationship during my forties, I gave up dating all together and claimed my bachelorhood. Then, I assumed I had bad “radar”. Now I realize the women are the damaged ones.

  4. Maus

    4. Finally, WRT free will, I like how you frame it; sort of Severian’s Wager ala Blaise Pascal on the existence of God. He makes his wager as a pragmatic choice, while yours suggests free will is rooted in compulsion despite incertitude, which is paradoxical but has useful explanatory power. Kudos.

  5. Frip

    Saul Severanski: “I could say a million things about this woman, starting with “I knew this day would come.” The day, that is, when the smugly ignorant, gravity-distortingly solipsistic Millennials would finally take the reins.” LOL

    I used to like old magazines. Still do. Some people would go to antique stores for the lamps. I went for the magazines. From reading them, believe it or not, there used to be such a thing as negative articles about women. Even famous writers and novelists could write freely about “the opposite sex”. Back in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, the consensus in such magazines as Gentlemen’s Quarterly and Esquire, was that women were mysterious and crazy, but kind of awesome. There was one exception, they all hated American women.

    1. Pickle Rick

      The nearest historical comparisons to the Gynocrats of today applicable in American politics is the female driven triad of failed social engineering over one century- Abolition, Prohibition, and Abolition 2.0- The Civil Rightsening.

      Every time, women were the driving force. If we really lived in The Patriarchy, as they do vehemently claim, the Civil War would not have happened.

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