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The Magical Mystery Tour Continues:

It’s looking like the Dems are going to run on nostalgia this year. Here’s some Twitter moron, responding to some moronic Tweet from Cap’n Bill Kristol:

It’s sad that before Trump, both left and right got along (for the most part). Since Trump, he’s purposely driven a wedge between us that may be too deep to pull out. That’s the strategy. Divide and conquer. It wouldn’t have happen without Barr and McConnell. #indictments 8:21 AM · Jul 5, 2020

You can peruse the Ace of Spades post for a refresher in just how well “left and right got along” before Trump (hint: The Left have called every Republican since at least Nixon “literally Hitler”). But, really, what else have they got? The Dems’ only halfway honest campaign slogan would be “Make Dementia Great Again,” so they’re going to try to pitch Biden as an older, Whiter, much more cognitively impaired Barack Obama.

Makes sense. It’s what I’d do if I were in charge of Biden’s campaign. Because, of course, in one sense, it’s perfectly true — the batshit insanity of the Obama years seems, in retrospect, to be a golden age, compared to the batshit insanity of the Trump  years. They’re hoping people won’t notice that the same people are responsible in both cases. Given the American public’s goldfish-like attention span, it’s not the worst bet.

There’s even a precedent, of a sort: Richard Nixon in 1968. Nixon ran as Ike’s 3rd term in 1960, barely losing to JFK. 8 years on, and most Americans had forgotten Tricky Dick’s vice presidency — from the depths of hippy-fied insanity that was 1968, the 1950s were ancient history. Nixon could run a law-and-order campaign because he was a law-and-order type, and had the Commie-bashing credentials to prove it… if anyone felt like checking, but few did. All they knew is that Nixon promised to bust some hippie skulls, and that was enough.

The difference between then and now, of course, is that Biden was as radical then as he is now. He’s already signaled his willingness to pour gas on the flames. The Party is going to do everything in their power to shut him up, but no candidate in the mass-media age can hide out completely. Eventually they’re going to have to stick a camera in his face, and all bets are off when that happens.

Worse, he pretty much has to pick an angry Black female as his running mate. If they decide to go all-in, look for Michelle Obama to get a lot of profile here in the next month or two. Again, not the worst move — “Bring Back Barack!” even has a nice rhythm to it, a perfect chant to burn cop cars by. The problem is that the Former First Wookiee is more radical than Biden and Barack put together. The rank-and-file Left have, of course, blinded themselves to this fact, but anyone who paid attention to her back in the days knows she’s basically Angela Davis on steroids (figuratively and literally). The Media, being stupidly infatuated with all things Obama, will want her on camera 24/7… which will be as hilarious to us as it will be terrifying to Chad and Stacy Normie. Hey, speaking of…

The Numbers Game:

You could be forgiven for thinking that American society is at least 50% Black. Every piece of pop culture, every “news” story, every advertisement, everywhere — no matter what the situation, story, or product, it’s stuffed to the rafters with Blacks.

The truth is, Blacks are at most 14% of the population. Currently both presidential campaigns are doing nothing but chasing that 14%. At some point, one or the other will realize that getting 15% of the White vote outweighs getting all of the Black vote, probably by several million votes. Trump seems to vaguely realize this, while the Dems of course hate White people with an incandescent passion. That it isn’t obvious to every single observer of the political scene shows you just how powerful a weapon the Media really is.

If Trump is really some kind of political wizard, he’s doing the right thing by seemingly pandering to the Blacks four months away from the election. Joe and Moo-chelle won’t be able to help themselves — they’ll double down, even though there’s no possible way Orange Man can pander harder than they can. It’s a nice rope-a-dope strategy — take the temporary hit in his poll numbers now, get Joe and Moo to really give him both barrels, race-wise, and then pull the rug out from under them by pivoting to law-and-order — you know, the stuff that the remaining 86% of Americans actually care about.

If he’s not, though…

Speaking of Nostalgia:

Here’s Cracked.com dredging up Harvey Weinstein. Which is weird, unless you consider that Creepy Joe has, in addition to his very obvious dementia problem, a set of Roman hands and Russian fingers. By piling on Weinstein, the Left seems to be setting up a #TrumpToo hashtag campaign. They’re betting that they can convince people that saying “grab ’em by the pussy” is worse than their guy’s actual pussy-grabbing. I know, I know, it seems weird to me too, but see above re: the American’ public’s goldfish-like attention span. Here’s Cracked’s rather interesting explanation for why they decided to run this particular article:

1) As a reminder that Harvey Weinstein is, was, and always will be a bad human being.

2) As a reminder to believe women.

3) As a reminder that, even with all of the star power above, even with all of the terrible things that people knew Weinstein did and was doing, it still took thirty fucking years for even a modicum of the justice due to actually be served

Not “believe all women,” note — obviously Tara Reade doesn’t count. Put this together with some of the stuff floating around about Ghislane Maxwell, and it really does seem like they’re going to try to go after Trump’s pussy-grabbing again.

One is tempted to ask “What, were the Russians too busy for a third go-round?”, but recall the 2nd Law of SJW: SJWs always project. Not even the Left can consciously deny for very long the fact that Joe Biden is one deeply corrupt, deeply creepy dude who is up to his eyeballs in the kind of dirt that would make a Central Asian dictator blush. They’re projecting all their anxieties about Biden onto Trump. Remember all the psychiatrists who were quite happy to pronounce Trump mentally unfit for office, though they’d never met him? (and despite the fact that such things are grounds for dismissal from professional societies, and even loss of license)?

Yeah. Expect lots of replays of that here in the coming months. “Slow Joe doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, you have Alzheimer’s!”

Don’t bring up anything that happened after 2012, or before 1997, pander exclusively to Blacks, and respond to every new allegation with “Trump is worse, neener neener.” That’s what we’re in for, ladies and gentlemen. Won’t it be grand?

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37 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Pickle Rick

    Fuck, now I really understand why people were ready to get it on in 1860. I’m so sick of the prelude. It’s like watching two drunks getting ready to fight, talking shit, posturing, et cetera ad nauseum. I never talked shit. I just flipped the switch, so I won’t talk shit here.

    If Bad Orange Man thinks for one second the Left will accept his re-election he’s dumber than I ever thought. Even Lincoln knew exactly what was going to happen if he won, which was almost inevitable considering that the Democrats splintered into Northern and Southern wings with idiot CivNats trying a FOURTH option in the “Constitutional Union” run.

    Harpers Ferry was in October 1859. Considering the speeding pace of our triggers today, our John Brown Moment will probably happen in October.

  2. Severian Post author

    I doubt even Orange Man is that dumb. He should have Army units on standby on election night, in case he wins… and a jet smoking on a secret airstrip, to flee the country immediately if he loses.

    1. Pickle Rick

      Yeah, but Old Abe found out right quick how reliable the officer corps of his army was as soon as he tried to convince them to suppress “rebellion”. If Trumpy Bear ordered the troops out to suppress a insurrection our brave officers of color, whamens and bitch boys like Mattis would go full Lee in a heartbeat.

      Who can he trust? It’s patently obvious he doesn’t trust guys like us…

      1. Severian Post author

        If he’s smart, there will be a quiet but BIG shakeup in the officer corps here in the next few months. Reliable units rotating home, suspect ones rotating out.


        [That’s another thing about keyboard commandos that drives me nuts. You and I can’t be the only guys who have figured out that the actual military will get involved in all this sooner or later, can we? All these internet tough guys and Q-Anon-spouting lunatics keep talking about “the Storm” or whatever. Yeah, with what troops? If you’ve got the governor of Georgia deploying the National Guard because the Atlanta cops can’t/won’t keep the peace in a few square blocks, what the hell do you people think is going to happen if Trump wins? Or, god forbid, loses? Is nobody keeping track of the comings and goings of at least a few of the tougher combat units? Why the fuck not?]

        1. contrariandutchman

          Of course other people have considered the fact that the military, and the police, will get involved. Why do you think the upper ranks of the military and police are full of leftoid toadies and there has been a huge push for propagandistic pussification (parading in heels, kneeling for blm)?

          Unfortunately, Orangemanbad does not seem to realize the stakes he is playing for. Win or Lose come november, I dont think he is remotely prepared for what comes next.

          1. Severian Post author

            I sometimes think that the only thing that will shake this ridiculous country out of its malaise is a massive military humiliation. Our sailors and Marines being ordered to stand down instead of defending themselves against Iran a few years back should’ve done it, but didn’t. It’ll take the modern equivalent of passing under the yoke — a huge parade of our captured servicepersyns through downtown Beijing, maybe — before this nonsense stops.

            At which point the power of the American empire is permanently broken, bush wars break out everywhere as all the world’s bad actors know they’re free to roll the dice, and the shooting starts at home. Fun stuff.

          2. contrariandutchman

            The Reichswehr must regretfully inform the Reichspräsident that it will not be possible to suppress the disturbances by paramilitaries by force.

  3. Frip

    Subject of losing friends comes up a lot in last few years. I haven’t lost any, because of a zen-like maturity I’m showing toward me Lefty friends. I can take a lot of what they say. They try and goad me. I can deal with friends Trump bashing. I can deal with their errors of fact, e.g. unequal pay, police “targeting” blacks, no IQ differences. But what gets me heated as f*ck is when they condone cancel culture…sensoring….banning. A lot of these are old high school buddies, who fashionably used to rail against censorship. This is really hard for me to deal with. When they show me they’re totally convictionless pussies. My buds are unabashedly condoning banning. That’s all I have to say. I guess I vent it hear so I don’t have to explode on them and lose them all. These are some messed up times.

  4. Frip

    P.S. They’ve never even listened to the YouTube channels that’ve been banned. They just Google whomever I’m talking about AFTER they’ve been banned, and read the first Google result, which is always what the SPLC says about them. Then they tell me, “you condone this guy!?” Ohhh foook offffff, you never even thought about politics until 3 years ago. Remember that time in high school when you gang banged that half retarded girl? GTFO

  5. texinole

    RE flips switching and boogaloos… After closely following politics since adolescence and regularly having my beliefs challenged, sharpened, and changed over time, the past year has fed the inner cynic to such a degree that I could physically FEEL myself changing. Like PR said, a flip just switched. Not by conscious choice did I suddenly lose ALL the fcks to give about the left and their bullsh!t, and it’s not like I wasn’t 1000% aware of their disregard for reciprocity and lack of shame for decades now. And I understand intellectually that this is a left civil war and I’m deliberately being drummed up because of the election. But…sometime during the recent hysteriocalypse I lost even the sh!tlord’s amusement I took from engaging the left and their smug kafkatraps. Now dropping friends, hobbies, purchasing habits, and even family members doesn’t feel like a painful or inconvenient tradeoff, but almost a relief…like unclogging a toilet.

    I feel it on a visceral level now, and unlike other times when I’ve raged at overreach or cultural destruction I’m almost calm, certain only that this time I’ve changed permanently. The desperate yearning for sanity to regain a foothold has been replaced by a worn but energized resolve that it never will.

    And my guess is I’m far from the only one.

    1. Pickle Rick

      When historians talk about the beginning of the Civil War or WWI, there’s always one who professes to be amazed by the enthusiasm for war among people when it finally breaks out, because we all know Good People should never welcome war unless it’s a leftist war…

      What they fail to get is the relief that the inevitable, interminable, building pressure is over. The Civil War broke out after almost 20 years of increasing political action ramping up the hatreds. Same with 1914, which goes back to 1870ish in escalating pressure.

      1. Severian Post author

        There it is. It’s no surprise that professional historians miss it – their paycheck depends on a certain ideological stupidity – but amateurs know that the overwhelming sensation among the vast majority when war finally broke out was ***relief.*** Finally we can stop pretending!

        That the war they got was infinitely more horrible than the one they expected is yet another historical commonplace the pros miss, because they’re paid to miss it. Keyboard commandos don’t realize this. Neither does the Left. The one doesn’t want to see, the other is too stupid, but the outcome is the same either way.

        Either Trump starts giving certain folks well-deserved helicopter rides, or…

      2. contrariandutchman

        The worst part of war is reputedly the waiting. And that’s even worse in the run-up to war.

        1. texinole

          I imagine the worst part of war is losing your children to it. Which is the only reason I’m in the “get it over with while it’s ME holding the rifle” camp.

    2. Severian Post author

      There it is. The first time I lost a friend over this nonsense, it hurt. Now I almost enjoy it. “But Black Lives really do…”

      No. Fuck you. Unfriend.

      “But what about systemic…”

      No. Fuck you. Unfriend.

      “Wearing the mask is just common court…”

      No. Fuck you. Unfriend.

      Its wonderfully liberating. And these are people I used to like and respect! Lots of them hated me from the get-go… and as they’ve amply demonstrated, time and again, “hate” isn’t too strong a word. It might not be strong enough.

      And you know what? I’m fine with that. Oderint dum metuant, motherfuckers. You stay on your side, I’ll stay on mine, and we’ll all be fine. Incursions will be met with the level of force I deem sufficient. Ball’s in your court now, assholes.

      1. texinole

        Well, I’m not on social media at all (and look like a goddamned prophet for quitting FB in 2010 and outright ignoring Twitter) so the friends and family I lose are for real. Having my own family to focus on makes it easier to shrink my circle as well as forcing me to find resolve for the coming years. BTW, I suffer no illusions about war and its horrific nature, which is why I’ve tried my entire politically-aware life to peacefully persuade in the hopes it can be avoided. But that “eternal vigilance” invoice eventually comes due and seeing how I’ve hopelessly convinced myself that I am a free man at heart then there’s no choice but to pay it.

      2. Frip


        “But Black Lives really do…”

        No. Fuck you. Unfriend.

        “But what about systemic…”

        No. Fuck you. Unfriend.

        “Wearing the mask is just common court…”

        No. Fuck you. Unfriend.


    3. Maus

      @texinole. Just gotta say that reading your words made things click for me. I’ve been bubbling and fermenting in the same way. Mostly moping about the complete worthlessness of reason and a talk-talk approach, which has been my go-to m.o. for fifty years. But at some point, I accepted the new paradigm. It is, indeed, as you articulated so well, like the moment a backed up toilet unclogs and the smell and mess drains away. I don’t know what is going to happen; but I do know that all I can do is adapt tactically or die trying while using the tools, skills and abilities I actually have rather those I wish I still possessed from younger days or cannot hope to obtain now. In other words, the switch that got flipped was to turn the power of reason and truth-seeking from a frustrated outward gaze to an inward critical assessment. I hope that you and I and all the others who’ve felt this transformative trigger fare well in the coming storm.

  6. Severian Post author


    there it is. And what’s really sad is, all of what’s all-but-inevitable could be prevented. Blacks are 14% of the population, concentrated almost exclusively in urban areas. Block off the freeways, cut off the welfare cards, and let nature take its course. They’d be killing and eating each other within a week; in two, they’d be begging for mercy.

    As for the ones riling the Blacks up, well… Soros is only one guy. There are only a handful of really committed “Antifa” — the kind that are willing to take a beating. Most are college kids — and professors! — who cry when the cafeteria is out of organic, shade-grown tofu. They can’t even figure out what gender they are this week. RICO Soros, and put a few of the “Antifa” incorrigibles up against the wall for inciting servile insurrection, and the rest will fold like cheap rugs. Shoot a few more, and every grad student in the country will suddenly discover he had a MAGA hat in his closet all along.

    If Orange Man doesn’t have the very few loyal units necessary to carry that out, well, the People’s Liberation Army could float over here on dinghies and put us out of our misery. And I can’t say we don’t deserve it.

    1. texinole

      Like you say, blacks are ~13% of the American public (and shrinking, thanks to self-segregation and planned parenthood) and don’t really vote anyway, and when they do it’s 90%+ democrat. However, as shield, sword, or cudgel for ruling class whites to use as needed they are (still) invaluable. OTOH, given black demographics and immigration patterns perhaps – perhaps! – what we are witnessing is the slow transformation of low income blacks from an effective battalion of the useful idiot brigade to yet another broken soldier of the Collectivists being left in a ditch to die, their maintenance costing more than their worth to the cause. You know, like working class whites.

      1. Severian Post author

        Should the crisis somehow be averted, and peace temporarily return, that is their fate, yes. The quiet creation of Hamsterdams in American inner cities, the urban equivalent to Oxycontin Acres trailer park. They’re already getting shunted aside in Media, Academia, and the Arts in favor of trannies (and, soon enough, pedos and polygamists and whatever you call practitioners of bestiality). I’d say “too bad they’re too indoctrinated to see it,” but I truly don’t give a fuck anymore. The Left paid the piper, they call the tune… y’all are just along for the ride.

    2. MBlanc46

      I’ve maintained, much to the horror of all and sundry, that the Minneapolis cops should have shot ten or twelve of the rioters right from the git go. That would have dispersed the rest tout de suite. But it’s been half a century or more since we’ve been able to do such a thing. So we have riots and looting and arson whenever blacks and the Left feel like rioting, looting, and burning.

  7. MBlanc46

    Things are so round the twist now that making predictions is a mug’s game.That said, this mug will venture a couple. It won’t be Moochie. She might be a radical, but she likes being a rich radical, and I’m skeptical that she’d give up swanning around multi-millionaire style to return to the political grind. My money—although only a very small amount of it—is on Harris. Nobody knows or cares about any of the other Negresses on Uncle Joe’s shortlist. But whoever it is, I don’t see that the Dems have much chance of throttling things back now. They’ve fed the fires of racial grievance to such an extent, that any pulling back will look as if they don’t really think that Black Lives Matter. Better to hot things up to maximize the turnout of their own troops than to throw some sops to a middle that probably doesn’t exist. And President Trump had better have plans to flee to someplace without an extradition treaty with the US in case he loses. The probability is high that they will find some way to lock him up once he’s out of office.

    1. Severian Post author

      Everyone who ever said a kind word about the man better be ready to fight if he loses.

      If you want my bet as to how the unpleasantness starts in earnest, it’ll be a mid-level Trump loyalist opening it whenever he is forced out of office — 2020, 2024 at the latest. Not only will they try to lock Donny Two Scoops up, they will ruthlessly purge anyone and everyone who ever worked for him. Army officers who want to keep their commands — hell, Army officers who want to stay out of jail — had better think long and hard about what they’re going to do if their commission has Trump’s signature on it.

      The red high heel-wearing pantywaists on the general staff will kiss the feet of the incoming administration, of course, but I’m not so sure about junior staff officers. Generals are rarely revolutionaries, it’s more often Colonels, Corporals, Little Corporals…

      1. Pickle Rick

        It’s captains that will pull the troops, because that’s who us enlisted scum knew personally and best. My captain of my battery was a leader, a man, and I followed him into the mouth of Hell. My battalion commander, I barely saw, and regiment and division CO’s might as well have been back in America, as much as I saw them. And the vaunted Mattis, we didn’t know him then. All that “Mad Dog” shit is post 2010, because I surely didn’t know or care who the fuck he was. But MY captain, the guy who chose me to be his 240 gunner because he trusted me with his life and I had to trust him that he wouldn’t throw mine away, that guy, if he called me tomorrow and said he needed me, I’d be rolling out ready to rock. That’s the man who sat up in a bunker on the roof of a destroyed oil refinery one night and told me “I won’t get you killed for something stupid.” Where that loyalty I have to my captain, HIS loyalty goes to a higher ranking mentor, or his colleagues and peers as officers. That guy, who nobody knows, might be still active or retired, but he’s the guy that’s going to pull together a new Army of Northern Virginia for us.

    1. Frip

      Last week I watched Robert Redford in The Old Man and the Gun. Made in 2018. Set mostly in Texas in 1981. Almost every seen had a black person in it. Bank manager, black woman. Redford’s partner in crime, black guy Danny Glover. Doctor, was black, naturally. I can’t remember if there was a judge…but 100% chance he was black. Texas police detective Casey Afflec’s wife, black. None of these people were black in real life. Especially Maureen Hunt. Hah. Can you imagine Detective John Hunt’s wife watching this movie? She’s dead now. But her kids and grandkids must get a kick out of seeing mom as black lady.

      1. Severian Post author

        I had to watch the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast with my sister’s kids last holiday season. Amazing how many Blacks there were in a small provincial village in France… in 1700.

  8. Frip

    The subject of losing friends should be explored further. It reflects such books as Bowling Alone and Coming Apart. And what even CNN talks about. The nation splintering.

    For me. I’m pretty aggressive, as all of us far Leftists and Rightists naturally are. JI’m nice, but when pushed…aggresive.

    I think even Progs are nice at cookouts. Humans want to be nice and get along. Even serial killers find conflict is discomforting.

    We all have different situations. I try not to lose friends, becauase friends are all I have.

    I never married. No kids. No immediate family to speak of, because they’re all narcissisttically insane. No longer have a girlfriend, or her family. I have my bar friends and bar strangers at every bar west of the Rockies.

    I like it that way. “Touching from a distance” as they say.

    I don’t know. Cutting people off is badass. But then, it’s kinda not. Shouldn’t the goal be to change minds?

    I get it tho. There’s nothing worse than a condescending normie firend. So basic. So bitch.

    There’s definitely the temptation to rip him apart and de-friend.

    I’ve no major point. So much conflict. I do agree with you guys on the major point….this won’t end well.

    1. texinole

      Yes, we all want peace and yes, the ideal is to change minds.

      The “switch” I’m referring to is when you suddenly don’t care to try. Personally, ALL of my friends are either normie left or libertarian-leaners who’ve been swayed by socialism’s siren song. I’ve never “lost” a political argument with them since I’m a junkie and their political and historical knowledge is severely limited, so debates always end with citing a fact or event they’ve simply never heard of, much less have a nuanced understanding of. So we don’t talk politics anymore.

      I don’t want to lose them any faster than necessary and being off FB helps, but I AM making note of likely allies and turncoats for when the time comes.

      1. Severian Post author

        That’s where I am. The facts are out there. They’re not hard to find. If you don’t know at this point, it’s because you don’t want to know. Simple as that.

        It’s the same reason I retired from teaching all those years ago. At some point, it was like I woke up from a deep, dark drunk. My head hurt, my stomach was sick, and I wondered just what the hell I did last night. I looked around my classroom and realized: “These kids don’t know, for the simple reason that they don’t want to know. They resist my every attempt to educate them, because they feeeeel like they’re Pink Floyd — they don’t need no education, and somehow I’m the asshole for suggesting that they do. According to them, my job is to mark the A in the grade book for administrative purposes, and that’s it.”

        You can’t reason someone out of a position they were never reasoned into. You can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to be taught, any more than you can stop a drunk from drinking — only HE can stop himself from drinking, and only when HE wants to. Better to walk away early, so that you’ll have a little emotional energy left to actually help them when they really, truly, desperately, begging-on-their-knees need your help.

        Otherwise, just let them go. It’s best for everyone.

  9. Publius

    It’s been a commonplace for a long time that the challenger of a Prez’s re-election is an anti-candidate, but never in our born days have we an apotheosis of that construct like Joe Biden.

    I mean, anyone with eyes can see that, even if he wins, he won’t be President. He’ll just be some schmuck sits in the Oval Office and waves at the tourists. But we’re just ignoring this. Biden doesn’t matter. He’s just a place holder for Them, as Delicious Tacos means it. They’re gonna Harding his ass in a flash.

  10. Southern Belle

    I find y’all’s discussion very interesting and can certainly relate to many comments. It feels like I’m living inside a pressure cooker. The other day a car with a BLM sticker on it passed me and I started screaming words and giving hand gestures that would shock the preacher. Luckily, I have two friends with like minds so we call each other up and try to find humorous ways to diffuse the tension or y’all would be seeing me on the late night news.

    On the subject of the election: Old Joe looks to me like he’s close to a major stroke. What is Plan B if he croaks beforehand??

      1. Severian Post author

        I certainly wouldn’t rule out “since we know Drumpf is illegitimate, cancel the election – we’ll let you know in due time who your President is.” They certainly have the stones / are bugfuck insane enough to try it.

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