Real Personal Evil

If I were building a #RealResistance — an intellectual resistance only, government goons, and anyway this is all hypothetical — I’d bring back the notion of real personal evil.  Yes, I’m talking about Satan, loose in the world, always prowling the night in search of souls to corrupt.

This has two huge advantages.  First, literally Satanic is a good way to describe Liberals’ behavior.  Honestly, ask yourselves:  If we got the Prince of Darkness himself on a conference call, and asked him for instructions, what exactly would he tell us to do differently?  Sacrifice some babies?  Planned Parenthood has us covered, and they’re orders of magnitude more efficient than any coven could ever even dream of.  Deny Christ more openly?  The combination of Marxism, Freudianism, and Postmodernism — hereafter, the poz — has convinced everyone in the West that the Seven Deadlies are actually the highest virtues.  Modern people don’t even have to bother with actual blasphemy — it’s wasted effort.

The second, crucial advantage to describing Liberal behavior this way is: It gives them — the Liberals — an out.  We’ve all read our Festinger here; we know that drastic disconfirmation of a belief system only causes people to dig in more deeply, because otherwise they’d have to admit that they’re idiots.  Heaven’s Gate types — which all SJWs fundamentally are — would rather die than admit they were wrong.  Note, please: That they were wrong.  That is, that they were presented with the full catalog of sub-Scientology stupidity and said, of their own free will and after due consideration: “Yeah, sounds right.”

But if the Devil literally made them do it?  Different story.  A rigorous rite of exorcism and repentance can bring them back into the fold… and as we all know, there’s no one more zealous for your cause than a recent convert.

Now I suppose you’re saying “But that’s all superstitious hooey!”  Perhaps…. perhaps.   But it works.  Come up with something better, and I’ll be happy to listen… but 100+ years of the Left going from triumph to triumph says that whatever you come up with has already been tried, and it comprehensively failed.

Of course, the real reason we’re afraid to break out the supernatural isn’t contingent falsity, it’s the fear of mockery.  The Left have spent no inconsiderable time, in the 100+ years they’ve been setting the agenda, in establishing themselves as Science’s BFFs.  “Undermining religious belief through relentless mockery” was the Left’s main thing before there even was a Left — Diderot was doing it back in the 1740s; Hobbes was doing the nudge-nudge, wink-wink routine at the stupidities of organized religion a hundred years earlier.

All you have to do to refute this is recall the 3nd Law of SJW: SJWs always project.  Again, since we’re being completely honest with ourselves, which is easier to swallow:  A creation narrative, or the Big Bang?  “First there was nothing…. which exploded.”  SJWs will tell you that “nothingness exploding” can’t possibly be a willful act, because shut up, that’s why, but in our heart of hearts we know better.  How could it be otherwise?

And, of course, the Left have always been the truest of True Believers.  Indeed that’s how they won — the notion of blank-slate equalism, from which all Leftism derives, is so bizarre, so cattywampus to observable reality, so easily refuted by literally every singe thing in human history, that for two hundred years or more we’ve had no other response than Dr. Johnson’s: “I refute it thus!”  Which worked out so well that we now have Leftoids telling us it’s a scientific fact that men can have periods and women can have penises.

What could that possibly be, other than actual, personal demonic influence?

Even if you don’t believe this, act like you do, and watch what happens.

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4 thoughts on “Real Personal Evil

  1. Pickle Rick

    We could bring back the auto de fé, if the Holy Mother Church ever decides to convict this pseudo Pope of heresy and his bunch of homosexual pedophiles alongside him.

    And that’s a truth, the most zealous jihadis (and crusaders, back when Christian men weren’t weeping bitch boys) were generally repentant shitbags who lived a sinners life and channeled that excess of hedonism, violence or mental problems into another path. The Cat Fancy guys flipped millions of Bolsheviks into their thing, and the Soviets in turn got a lot of former Cat Fanciers to turn into zealous Communists.

    Of course, that’s just a pipe dream, considering that the Pontiff is doing everything he can to cut the legs out from under any white Catholic movement…

  2. Publius

    Old sport, we’ve already got the auto-da-fe’s.

    Every apology, ritual in form and abject in its manner, is an auto-da-fe. They’re so grateful to have their privilege called out, to be educated.

    The smart ones are the ones who know it’s all an act.

  3. TBoone

    The converts we could win, and history has shown we could win converts, are the guys I’d least like to sit next to at the hypothetical dissident baseball discussions um after the possible cover pick-up match in Ol Man Yasgur’s field. Just’ sayin’…. Useful idiots can be useful, I’ve just never much liked treating people like cattle. Now, any status deepus former figurehead shows up? Oh, my, Yes!! Put ‘it’ front and center of the next alleged action….
    OT segue. Ol’ Reemus linked to an Unz article describing the events prior to the Cat Fancier invading Poland to start ww2. Had never heard this particular hypothesis. Brit guarantee of Polish sovereignty was the petrol waiting for the flame…. Article was from Jan19.

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