Running Out of Options

Let’s assume, as a thought experiment, that I’m a cold-blooded bastard who will stoop to anything to seize political power.  That I’m an American Democrat, 2020 edition, in other words.  Right now I’m hurtin’ for certain.  A quick review:

The “Russia-gate” stuff failed, in large part because it seemingly had no object.  As we now know, “Russian hacking” was a fantasy concocted by Hillary’s people in the dead of night on November 9, 2016.  It was a desperate ego-salving move, nothing else.  “No no, your thighness, you’re not a deeply unlikeable weirdo who ran one of the all-time tin-eared campaigns.  Ok, maybe you were, but you still would’ve gotten away with it, if not for those meddling kids Russians!”  The Media ran with it, of course, because they’re somehow even dumber than Hillary’s people — I know, I know, I’m baffled too, it seems to defy several important laws of physics — but you could tell their hearts really weren’t in it.  But even they’re not stupid enough to keep pushing it too hard, knowing, as they had to, that actually investigating “Russian interference in the election” would lead right back to Hillary.

But hey, never let a crisis go to waste, as Rahm Emanuel says.  Russia-gate wouldn’t have eliminated Trump by itself, but it’s a start… so they piggybacked this Ukraine business on it.  This, too, seems to have been intended as a head fake.  They knew they weren’t going to be able to impeach Trump over it, but they could muddy the waters enough to stymie his agenda and prevent his reelection.

The problem, of course, is that the Democratic Party is full of mentally ill fools like Adam Schiff.  Guys like that can’t just recite their lines on cue; they have to believe.  Schiff was and is a true believer.  I have no doubt that Pelosi et al sat him down at some point and told him the unvarnished truth — i.e. that it’s all a bought-and-paid-for DNC op — but that’s like telling the UFO cultist the aliens haven’t arrived. He just dug in all the harder, such that Nancy et al’s bluff was called.  

And impeachment failed too, as everyone everywhere knew it would.  The political class is what it is — they take care of their own, such that I don’t think it’s actually even possible to successfully impeach a sitting president (yeah, I honestly think Nixon could’ve brazened it out.  He probably didn’t have the emotional wherewithal to endure the process, but he could’ve toughed it out on “facts”).  As I wrote the other day, if you can’t get a guy who muses on the definition of “is” in front of the nation’s highest tribunal, while the whole world’s watching, you can’t get anyone.

So what’s left?  In no particular order, I can think of a few options:

Publicly ramp up calls for political violence, especially targeted at the President.  As hard as this is for normal folks to believe, y’all ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  You might think the Democrat / Media complex long ago lost whatever was left of their tiny little minds, but trust me, we’re not even close to full-on insanity. I spent a long time in academia; I know from Leftist lunacy.  Where the Democrats / Media are now, the campus Left was with George Bush.  The first one.  Kubler-Ross-wise, the Democrats / Media are still in denial; you’ll know it when they hit “anger.”

Actually initiate political violence themselves.  This seems unlikely on its face, as politicians are all mincing little flowers.  But never forget that they’re also extremely stupid mincing little flowers.  If you can’t see Chiquita Khrushchev throwing a molotov off a barricade somewhere in the Bronx, you haven’t been paying attention.

Coronavirus.  We know that one of Diane Feinstein’s people was a ChiCom spy from way back.  Hell, the Dems have been in the People’s Liberation Army’s pockets since the Clinton years.  And I for one am not ready to dismiss the idea that coronavirus was a bioweapon out of hand.  Even if it’s not, though, I’m sure the ChiComs have lots of samples of the stuff on hand.  I bet they’d be more than willing to let some of it loose around election time, for a few small considerations….

Starting a war.  Again, a Bill Clinton specialty.  And Barack Obama used to hang out with Soleimani, fer chrissake.  You don’t think Nancy et al have a few terrorists on speed dial?

Personally, I don’t rate any of these as extremely likely.  Not because the Dems aren’t cold-blooded enough to pull them off — “human decency” hasn’t been in the same room as the American Left since Woodstock — but because they’re incompetent, corrupt, and so very, very dumb.  The likeliest scenario, in my opinion, is that they’ll let things meander on their way to Milwaukee, hoping that the Bernie Bros will be too baked on recently-legalized weed to actually start anything.  Betting on things to stay the same is a sucker bet.. but betting on suckers to take a sucker bet is a sure thing.

Still, I wouldn’t rule anything out.  Interesting times ahead.

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8 thoughts on “Running Out of Options

  1. Pickle Rick

    Thinking about what the enemy might do is good, but hopefully the Bad Orange Man is actually going to do stuff to them, now that he’s got the political capital now. He’s virtually bulletproof now that the impeachment fiasco shot its wad. (not literally, though, so hope his private guard dogs are watching the government guard dogs carefully.)

    This is what proves the test. Obama ran his second term far more radically than his first. He dropped the mask pretty quickly after dispatching Mittens. Will we see Trump do the same?

    Is Trump finally going to go to the mattresses? Has he had enough of backstabbing, leaking, enemy moles inside his administration and nominal party leadership? Has he finally decided to start making good on his promises to start prosecuting our enemies? Will he stop making empty threats and promises and actually build a real wall, and turn to the populist platform he ran on in policy?

    We know our enemies intentions. What I want is a counteroffensive.

    1. Joseph Moore

      One thing that has slowed the Donald down: it does little good to go after people legally when those people pretty much own the courts and prosecutors. See: Smollett, Jesse. More telling: see obvious flexes like Episein’s murder. If you went after the top folks with the investigation and enforcement arms you inherited from 8 years of management by the Chicago Outfit, your star witnesses life expectancy would be very short. Which means: when he touts all his judicial appointments, a lot of blue blood runs cold. He needs to get his people in place, and that takes time. Maybe he’ll be ready in his 2nd term. I’m thinking 2nd half of his second term. Maybe. A very bad outcome: arrest a bunch of people with stone-solid evidence only to see them get ‘exonerated’ in open court.

      Meanwhile, the violence I’d be expecting is the kind easily memory-holed: a less than completely dependable prisoner here, a witness there, all the while making sure any other potential witnesses and plea-bargain targets get the message loud and clear. Also, that nobody is on death row or even in jail for the Epstein offing sends another message I’m sure is not being missed.

      Finally, in Chicago, if it gets right down to it, the Outfit know how every judge’s kids get to school. And the judges know they know. This has been the case for over a century now, and it works very well – for the Outfit.

  2. Joseph Moore

    Now I’m just getting crazy-making here, but: something like 2-5% of the American population is sociopathic. Sociopaths, in their endless search for flies to pull the wings off of, tend to be overrepresented in politics. (And in the upper reaches of business and religious hierarchies. We are so screwed.) High functioning sociopaths are all but completely undetectable as such: they’ve spent a lifetime honing their chops, observing and imitating the reactions and behaviors of more sane people. It’s not that they can fake it – faking it is all they ever do.

    Our hosts can no doubt come up with dozens of historical examples of people who, in the words of Batman’s butler, just wanted to watch the world burn.

    This is largely in addition to the growing population of Borderline Personality Disorder folks. These are the people we see all the time, who absolutely loose it whenever anyone dares contradict them. Like high functioning sociopaths, they liver for drama, but lack the cold control, and do have something like emotional (over)reactions. They are wildly overrepresented, for example, among mothers of those with ‘gender dysphoria’.

    So…. I’m a little worried that beyond the mere stupidity we’re seeing, there’s a real possibility for insane but not stupid violence.

  3. WOPR

    Sadly, Trump isn’t that guy. For all of his personal flaws, the man does love America…..the America of the 50’s, 60’s and a little 80’s thrown in for spice. I doubt he has it in him to manipulate the process to start purging people and sending them off to club Fed. Everything he’s done to date, from what I’ve seen, has been by the book. That’s one reason he’s been stymied on a lot of fronts. The bureaucracy* is good at not doing what it doesn’t want to do. So, I figure it’s going to be another four years of Orange Man Bad with Trump doing a little good here and there.

    I’m getting the impression the Dem leadership and media are exhausted. Plus, they have Bernie as a credible threat to their power. I figure they are going to be stuck waging a Dem civil war over control of the party. That’s going to give Trump a little peace and quiet, except from some press chirping at him one in awhile. Meanwhile, I don’t think the Bernie Bros can win. They got rolled last time and Bernie showed his belly. Will they bail when the Dems use whatever option to nuke his candidacy?

    The party seems to want either Booty or Mini Mike. National Review is already dropping hints the Mini Mike would be a good “uniter.” Reading the tea leaves seems to indicate the powers that be would prefer him.

    If the Bernie Bros put up a fight, I expect the Dems to end up to spent and divided run much of a campaign. If they get Mini Mike, he’ll spend a billion dollars and who know what will happen. But, I expect tepid support from blacks, and other Dem groups.

    The 1914 campaigns are over and the Dems have to regroup.

    *One commenter over at Ace has been talking about how all of the Russiagate hoax people are going to be in real legal trouble. Of course he’s been saying that for two years now. There’s always a reason justice is being delayed. Currently, he’s giddy that “Trump is on the attack” now because impeachment is over. Somehow, the continued results of bad things were done, people have been chastised, and new procedures were put in place escapes him.

  4. C. S. P. Schofield

    I think you’re missing a step. Oh, I don’t doubt that the hysteria will ramp up, and we’ll see actual attempts at violence, but the next thing the Democrats are going to try is stealing the 2020 election. After all, protecting possible vote fraud is what all their bitter fighting to stop voter ID and prevent purging of the voter rolls is all about. They failed to steal the 2016 election probably because they failed to appreciate just how badly Granny Maojackets von Pantsuit was doing. Since that election, every time I’ve heard or read somebody say ‘Hillary won the popular vote” my gut reaction has been “What makes you think so?”

    Two things in our favor;

    1) As the Iowa Raucous just proved, they aren’t really all that smooth.

    2) In spite of all the evidence, they don’t seem to be able to learn that Trump fights back.

    My bet? They try to steal the 2020 election, and GET CAUGHT.

    Then the real hullabaloo starts.

    1. Severian Post author

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that happens (since it’s a given they’ll try to steal 2020). My bet, though, is that they’re just not patient enough to wait for November. The way I read it, that was the main reason the Dems were so desperate for more “witnesses” — they wanted to drag things out as long as possible, because doing so would

      a) keep Bernie (and to a lesser extent Warren) from effectively campaigning, which would
      b) leave the field open for Biden, which means
      c) less chances for obvious screw-ups and coalition fractures before the convention.

      But now they’re totally out of options. The fix is obviously in for the primaries, and it’s only early February. My money is on the whole thing going kablooie in the first week of unseasonably hot weather….

      1. WOPR

        Global Warming Causes Democrat Party to Fracture!!!
        Orange Man Bad!
        Possible Russian Weather Interference
        Ukraine Prevented from Stopping It

  5. MBlanc46

    I think that WOPR is pretty much spot-on about President Trump. Trump says some right things and some not-right things. But he has done very little of anything. Except tax cuts. Tax cuts are prima facie good, but they’re not what he was elected to do. (There are also the SC appointments which look promising, but we’ll see how they turn out over the long haul.) I certainly wouldn’t write off any of the leading Dems. None are a cinch, but any one of them could beat President Trump. There are more than sixty million voters out there who are going to vote D no matter who the candidate is and what the platform is (if they bother to vote). The election will turn on turnout. And, of course, how many votes the Dems can steal. Will there be violence? During the campaign? Doubtful. If Sanders is finessed again, there might be some howling, but I’m skeptical that many of the chocolate cream revolutionaries have it in them. After the election, if Trump wins? Some of the Antifa types might pitch some tantrums, and the local authorities in the Dem cities in which they pitch them will allow them to do it. Will it amount to much? I doubt it. But, we shall see.

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