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UPDATE: Just to be clear, we’re going to newsletter when blogs are finally purged. Until then, we’ll continue to post here. Since this is actually a subset of House of Eratosthenes, which is privately hosted, they might get to us later than standard WordPress blogs… or maybe a lot sooner. Who knows? The point is, our days are numbered, kameraden, as we all knew.

Posts here tend to be irregular, I know, but don’t worry — when they start taking down badthought blogs, they won’t leave any doubt as to the fact that it’s happening. No posts for a while? That’s just me being me. No blog at all? The blue screen of death? 404 error? That’s them.

Well, it looks like Big Brother Tech is getting the inevitable crackdown going a little sooner than we expected. I doubt even Orwell could’ve foreseen Twitter banning The President of the United States, calling for peace in the midst of a riot, because his Tweet might cause a riot.

But that’s where we are, in this, the stupidest, most pathetic excuse for a polity that has ever existed in the history of the human race. Gog and Og, sitting in a cave and scratching their asses with mammoth tusks, were far less retarded than The Nation Formerly Known as America.

Ah well. We knew it was coming, and since RC is undoubtedly on some list somewhere, our time fast approaches. If you haven’t gotten a protonmail address yet, I strongly urge you to. Then email me from it, and we’ll go to newsletter format.

(My contact info can be found in a link on the sidebar. I realize the page doesn’t exist, but up there in the URL bar is what you’re looking for. That’s not especially cloak-and-dagger, but it has so far worked against Nigerian Princes, and since those shall all be running the Repression Apparatus soon enough…)

(PS Who knew the “N” in “NKVD” stood for “Negro”? That’s what’s so great about life; you learn stuff. I think the full acronym is “Negro Kangz Vengeance Department,” but I’m open to suggestions).

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4 thoughts on “Samizdat [updated]

  1. dave b

    It is clear that this country is gone. We have been building up to a nice fascist state for some time but Biden/Harris will fulfill that dream of the oligarchs. They learned from the Nazis about using the media. The same people who sat by or actively aided and abetted the rioters all summer are now incensed that some people had the nerve to think this country belonged to them and invaded their sacred Capital after the biggest vote fraud in history. The AOC wing of the Uniparty wants Cultural Marxism and in some cases actual economic Marxism. There may be some infighting here but at the end of the day both fascists and communists want the same thing. Total power. Both philosophies are secular religions for losers and history has shown that Nazis and Commies get along very well. Trump could have stopped this takeover if he had more courage. If I was him I would have arrested all media heads for their attacks on freedom of speech. Mark Zuckerberg and his ilk should not have been allowed to suppress free speech or influence the election. Every Democrat mayor , DA, and Governor who sat by and let BLM/Antifa terrorize their cities should have been arrested for sedition. I would have made sure they each were hung from the White House lawn. Before the election I would have announced that anyone caught in election fraud would be arrested for sedition and likewise hung from the White House lawn, from the CEO of Dominion to the lowest poll worker in Atlanta. I would have announced the same penalty for anyone teaching Critical Race Theory and other Cultural Marxist ideas in any school. A few hundred bodies twisting in the wind would have been a small price to pay for restoring this country. Now we have a choice between not just cultural suicide but actual physical suicide of the country, or a bloody civil war.

    1. mrpknuckle

      dave b … as the good professor would say, This.

      Every should of yours is dead-eye bull’s-eye spot-on.

      It’s puzzling why it didn’t happen.

      Since November 2016, not one single traitor was arrested, charged, tried, and upon a finding of objective guilt jailed or hung.

      Not one. (Kevin Clinesmith, a clerk, doesn’t count).

      My own view, which is uninformed, not fly-on-wall, and useless (but helps me sleep fitfully once in a while) is: To do what needed gettin’ done, Trump needed Praetorian military backing, and in the end he didn’t get it.

      In Trump’s Jan. 6 rally speech, he signaled, knowingly, that VP Pence had already Judas Cucked, but all was not lost. At the end of his speech, he said, “We’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol ….”

      His walk down Penn Ave never happened.

      My spidey-sense says, upon completion of the speech, Trump learned that the military had finally cast its ballot in the 2020 Election. The vote was not for him but for the steal.

      It is what it is.

  2. Frip

    Paul Craig Roberts: “Third: The Second Amendment will be overturned or bypassed. Trump supporters will be disarmed in order to more easily terrorize them and prevent them from protecting their property and persons if the Establishment believes it is efficacious to unleash armed anti-white militias on them in order to bring them into line. White self-defense will be more or less criminalized.”

    Strange how something so obvious, can never occurr to oneself. I’d never thought of the government using “armed anti-white militias”, as a way to take our guns. Sev’s surely mentioned this strategy but I must have missed it. That WOULD be the way to do it. I’d never thought they’d get our guns. But with that nifty tactic, I can more easily see it happening than ever before. Unnerving.

    1. Severian Post author

      What do you think BLM is, if not an armed anti White militia?

      Which is exactly the kind of cunning stunt they’d pull. What could go wrong? Alas, all my guns fell overboard in a tragic fishing accident, but if I see armed Negroes marching anywhere near my place I’m opening fire. Not even a second hesitation.

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