Ahhh, “science,” you never fail to let me down.

Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says.

And here I thought that all those “conservatives are hating haters what hatingly hate, and are stupid poopy-heads too” studies being brought forth with such regularity by our nation’s psych departments were rock solid.

Next you’re going to be telling me that the polar ice is as thick now as it was in the Seventies, or there’s been no measurable surface warming in fifteen years, or some such nonsense.

Because science.

Squirty could not be reached for comment

Squirty could not be reached for comment


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One thought on “Science!!!

  1. philmon

    Do a google image search on polar bear population.

    What should immediately strike you is you’ll find a whole slew of charts about polar ice coverage and very little about … you know … what you actually searched for – polar bear populations.

    Turns out that in the last 60 or so years, that population has about quadrupled in size. But you’d never know that by the news cycle stories.

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