See, THIS is Why You Need an Organization (Hypothetically)

Ace of Spades, on the “anti-fa” attack on Tucker Carlson:

Do these people think that their leftwing politics and favorable coverage from Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and Brooke Baldwin protects them at their homes or when walking down the street alone?

Yes, obviously — because it does.  Even making a Leftist uncomfortable is a federal pound-me-in-the-ass-prison offense now.  Any person caught doing anything like what was done to Carlson to, say, Don Lemon would be hatecrimed into GenPop in the nastiest prison in the land, with a life expectancy of hours (see also: Robinson, Tommy).

Do you honestly believe that the edgier elements of the evil rightwinger coalition will permit you to retain your feeling of physical safety?

Again, yes, and again, obviously — see above.  There’s no “evil rightwinger coalition,” because the minute such an organization filed its paperwork, it would be infiltrated and doxxed, as would all its members.

The Z Man, on modern media:

The approved media does not just want to shut down your ability to speak and hear alternatives. They want to stop you from eating. When Trump says the media is the enemy of the people, this is exactly what he means. That’s why the Wall Street Journal hired Yoree Koh to try and deprive dissidents of a way to make a living.

As I mentioned over there, these are precisely the kinds of situations the Kitten Patrol was supposed to prevent.  One didn’t threaten the Cat Fanciers’ people without the Cat Fanciers’ people responding in kind.  Not only that, but the various branches of the Cat Fancy party would put guys on the payroll who — thanks to their political activism — couldn’t make a living any other way.  Got doxxed and disemployed?  The Party’s got your back… certainly including helping you get some revenge.

But see Ace’s bit above, right?  Well…  let’s do another little thought experiment.  There’s a type of organization that exists in America that does what it wants.  It operates on the same kind of principles, and it’s got law enforcement all over it 24/7.  And yet it still does what it does.  I’m speaking, of course, about drug cartels.  How do they do it?

They have membership rosters.  They don’t get messed with, without massive retaliation.  They take care of their own.  They move gazillions of dollars.  They communicate easily with each other.  How do they do it?

I dunno, not being a drug kingpin or a DEA agent, but I suspect that moving money out, at least, is as simple as sending a good old fashioned Western Union wire transfer to one of those countries they use, the Caymans or whatnot.  Getting it back into the country is as simple as setting up a “nonprofit,” a midnight basketball program or whatnot, and putting some down-and-out comrades on the payroll.  They file their taxes, etc., everything nice and aboveboard and legal.  As for communication, well… if the folks setting this up don’t have some way to get around that (“burner” cell phones, ham radio, good old fashioned 1950s spycraft), then they deserve to get caught.  Hell, a Protonmail VPN probably gets it done – invite only, with cutouts and pseudonyms only….

However it’s done — and again, a) I have no idea how to do it, and b) this is all hypothetical anyway, I denounce it all — it’s about the only way to make the madness stop.

If it can be stopped, but that’s a rant for another day.  But I know this: If Tucker et al had an organization behind him, this shit would not be happening, nobody would be getting shut down on YouTube, and the Left would be leery of unleashing the Twitter mob.

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9 thoughts on “See, THIS is Why You Need an Organization (Hypothetically)

  1. MBlanc46

    Most of us know this. Most of us know the obstacles in our path. However, it can be done. To have an organization, one needs organizers. I learned decades ago that I’m not a leader of men. And no leader of men has stepped up that I want to follow or am in a position to follow. Where is OUR billionaire?

    1. Severian

      That’s exactly it. I hesitate to post this stuff, because it seems really obvious… but it must not be obvious, because nobody’s doing it.

      [The Left will never see it, and couldn’t appreciate it if they did, but the fact that we don’t have a group of American Brownshirts is a testament to President Trump’s fundamental human decency. A right-wing goon squad could roll up the blue-haired soy-infused twinkly genderqueers of Panty-fa in about two weeks. A mob kicking down Rachel Maddow’s door would shut the Media right the hell up. All it takes is a bit of cash, to defend the guys who are forced to do what they do until the law is applied equally to both sides, and a leader to get them moving in the first place. Trump could hold an “I’m sick of this shit, aren’t you?” rally tour and draw millions. But he doesn’t, and I have no idea if there’s anyone out there who could. Not with a bang but a whimper].

        1. Severian

          Heh. Maybe he’s a reader. I link there often enough.

          It’s obvious, though, isn’t it? That’s what kills me — how fucking obvious it all is. Funneling money to propaganda outlets is so easy, even minority Dem politicians can do it; it must be goddamn child’s play. So why aren’t we doing it? How tough would it be to crowdsource the “MAGA Defense Fund?” Sure, freestartr or whatever would refuse your payment, but how hard is it to send a wire to account #123XYZ in the Caymans? Our Undocumented AmeriFriends remit billions to Mexico every year that way. What are the Feds going to do, shut down Western Union? Even if Western Union refuses to send wires to account #123XYZ — which is illegal, but whatever, the Left ignores laws as it sees fit — MAIL A FUCKING CHECK. If that means “we” need to fund a guy living Jimmy Buffet-style on a Caribbean beach, opening checks all day in between sips of margarita, I’m sure we can find a guy or two to volunteer….

          1. Rod1963

            The problem is, is that most alt-right types just want to f**king rehash whats wrong with the West endlessly. It’s easy and requires no money down.

            This is why Zman’s pleas to organize fell on deaf ears. This is why nothing has been done and no resistance taken place outside of a few people like Sabo and 4chan.

            It’s not that hard to set up a business or trust or foundation. I had my own business, DBA, business checking account, etc.

            In about 30 minutes I got a good overview of how to set up a Cayman Island Account and how to set up a Foundation. I could do it and so could most people if they want to invest some time and effort into it.

            It’s certainly doable. Would I? Yes if I was living in a Red state small town. I currently live in Los Angeles county and if I set up a alt-right foundation from here, I’d be mince meat inside of a month. That is the only thing stopping me from doing so.

            But I will happily send a monthly check to one, if someone has the balls to get it set up.

            Time is running out for our side. Cut the snarkfest crap, whining about joos and do something. Organize, support each other, network, learn to fight back in different ways, do it now while there is still time.

            Trump will be gone in two years. Then all hell breaks loose for us.

  2. Kirk Forlatt

    One of the first things I noticed about your blog (and the commenters), Severian, is that the atmosphere is one of bitter truthfulness. By that, I mean that the group here not only seeks and speaks the truth, but also accepts the truth…and in this age the truth is almost always bleak and uninviting. There’s precious little wishful thinking and chest-thumping among this little group, and when there is some of that, it’s almost always good-natured and intentionally over-the-top.

    Try making realistic statements (“Not with a bang but a whimper…” “Where is OUR billionaire?” etc.) on most of the other blogs out there, Immediate shout-down, with all the name-calling you can handle. If you say “Hey, our situation fucking SUCKS, man,” you’ll be set upon by a pack of twunnysomethings who’ll call you a naysaying sperg beta soiboi who lives in his parents’ basement and doesn’t EVEN lift. People in Our Thing attack each other for being straightforward, and we expend countless calories in namecalling and character assassination against men we’ve not even clapped eyes on in person.

    The truth is that we’re in a really bad spot. More and more of us see the truth, but very few of us are prepared to actually take any sort of action…and the few of us who ARE willing to dirty our hands are too damn old to be doing this kind of shit. The younger ones are UNDERSTANDABLY afraid to get doxxed, to lose a job, to alienate their wives and families.

    We like to comfort ourselves by saying “OK, but when it gets REALLY bad, we’ll step up to the plate and do what we need to do.” That’s the equivalent of “I’m gonna start working out and eating more salads.” It’s almost certainly not going to happen. Like Jack Nicholson’s character says in The Departed, “If ya coulda, ya woulda.”

    We talk about the balloon going up, and TEOTWAWKI, and bug-out bags, and regular daily carry pieces, and all that good larpy crap, but just drive by the shopping centers and cineplexes tomorrow. The parking lots are full. People are still throwing their money away, still watching the gingers play ball, still paying the salary of a useless pastor who subverts the very things they’re trying to warn their children about, still playing the game and being good and obedient. We buy guns but we really aren’t very good at them. We read gardening blogs, but our own annual horticultural efforts are as gloomy as a Moody & Sankey hymn.

    We are waiting for someone else to come along and solve things for us. Perhaps this is some sort of detritus from Christendom…the idea that Someone is going to come out of the sky and rescue us. Perhaps the Confederate solders and their families made their throats raw with such prayers. Perhaps the Boers did, too.

    One of the few things I agree with Vox Day about is this: hell, at least the Indians fucking fought BACK. They might have gotten dispossessed and beaten and driven onto reservations, but they made the white invaders fucking PAY. What do we do? What will we do?

    As Severian has pointed out time after time after time….we KNOW what we need to do. We HAVE resources. But here we sit. Here we wait. And the sky is empty…no one is descending to help us. The horizon is empty…there are no Cat Fanciers riding to save us. The chairs next to us around our garage poker tables are empty…we’re too busy calling each other betaboys and comparing fabricated pussy notch counts.

    We will either do something, or we won’t. But if we make the mistake of thinking that America and the progeny of those who founded America are somehow God’s favorite kids, we’re in deeper shit than we think. We’re on that proverbial knife’s edge. Our entire culture really CAN be obliterated and paved over. And if it happens, it’s our fault.

    And me? I don’t have the first fucking idea where to start or how to start. If I do the things I want to do, I”ll be the next guy on Fox News being discussed. “He was a quiet man. Kept to himself….”

    But I do appreciate truth. And I appreciate this blog because it’s an atmosphere congenial to being truthful in a manly way. Not with paragraphs of disclaimers and preambles, but simply truthful. And I thank Severian for it, and for those who provide insight and provoke discussion (and laughter!) in these grim days.

    1. Rod1963

      Totally agree with what you said.

      About sniping and attacking each other and the LARPing s**t. You’re spot on. On Z-man’s blog I made a post about mocking the Left with flyers and other gags that inflame them and send them on the war path. Well all I got was attacked.

      The LARPing boys wrote:
      ‘you’re wasting range time’
      ‘they can track your flyers’
      ‘it’s a waste of time’.
      ‘you’re trolling’
      ‘why aren’t you working out’

      They don’t get it. That said, the gun nut/prepper segment is the worst. Total LARPers and pantloads.

      We have to push back even if it’s not much. Prank campus flyers promoting white pride or setting one group against another, etc. Simply putting out a flier that says “E=mc2 is a white thing” is enough to set them off. Or even accidentally losing a bucket full of roofing nails on the freeway during early morning rush hour driving to a blue hive or spreading some on a nasty upscale liberal campus parking lot. Or walk into one of their bathrooms and flush a bag of expanding concrete into the pipes. Set up detours into exclusive cosmo white communities with saw horses and traffic cones. Put out fliers in the bad part of town about a free stuff give away at some big time liberal’s home. Put at the bottom “no blacks need apply”. If you can afford a high power cell phone jammer, you can freak them out say at their favorite watering holes or even a entire college dorm. You know just Hayduking the SOB’s.

      The fact is there is a broad spectrum of actions we can take that will not elicit a lethal response from the authorities. We need to avail ourselves to them, The gun nuts need to go away. Posting “go buy more ammo” isn’t a solution. It’s being a NPC.

      We are way past discussing what’s wrong and should be on finding proper solutions and ways of resisting. 4Chan is about the only group that does.

      Instead our thought leaders like one very well known one bloviate how we have to do nothing and whose refrain goes like this: ‘We must not prank the Left, we must not Dox them, we must do anything and BTW I need money so send it to me because I’m useless’. Yet he’s seen as a god of the alt-right.

      You know how the Mexicans ethnically cleansed Los Angeles of Blacks? Well when the Mexicans moved into a part of Los Angeles infested with Blacks, they asked their local gang bangers to get rid of them, they would go in shoot dead a few young black bucks right in broad daylight and the rest of the blacks would get the message and move out. Some Mexicans served time over this. But this is what it takes. Men willing to do time to really hurt these evil bastards.

    2. Severian Post author

      thanks for the kind words.

      It’s the betrayal that gets me. We did everything we were supposed to do — got married, had kids, worked jobs, paid taxes, served our hitch in the military, drove the speed limit, passed on our values to the next generation. And for what? We weren’t lied to — those are what responsible adults in a sane society do. But our “leaders” blew all that up, because they were bored.

      What to do about it? I have no idea. I’m too old to be of much military use. I can’t leave the country, much as I want to, and for the same reasons I can’t join up with some right-wing Weather Underground. I can talk, and I can write, and I can vote, and I can preserve and pass on what I can of civilization.

      But ultimately it doesn’t matter. Hey, at least it’s interesting. As a historian, I often wondered how people felt right before the big changes, watching their “leaders” frolic and gibber like lunatics on the cliff’s edge….

      The funny thing is, you read lots of stuff from the 1850s, the 1930s, and lots of them have this air of weary, nihilistic resignation. Everyone knows it’s coming. Lots of people are even somewhat eager for it, in a “let’s hurry up and get this over with” sense, like taking an exam or getting a shot. It’s just a question of when you push in all your chips. At what point do I say “sorry, granny, you’re on your own; I’m sure that medicare ‘retirement home’ is the pits, but I’ve got to get my children out while there’s time.” When do you say “I can’t sell my house, and I’ll be penniless, but better a beggar in Budapest than a political prisoner in Boston.” We could stagger on another 20, 30 years like this — long enough to get granny gone, to get our children launched as best we can in life, to where we ourselves can say “come what may, I’ve had my innings.” Or it could be next year.

      Fun times, right? I just hope they quote me in the history books.

  3. Jay Carter

    In light of the “anti-fa”, their growing numbers, and their getting a free pass from the media, is there anyone today who can tell us why “The Skin-Heads” were wrong?
    Or “White Aryan Nation”?
    Or the “NRA”?
    Or for that matter . . .  us?

    No . . . there isn’t anyone who can tell us that. 

    We all saw it coming.

    We all weren’t wrong.

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