Settled Science Update

Science –*cough*cough*– seems to indicate that screeching about “settled science” doesn’t work very well.

But there is every reason to believe that efforts to raise public concern about climate change by linking it to natural disasters will backfire. More than a decade’s worth of research suggests that fear-based appeals about climate change inspire denial, fatalism and polarization.

Ignoring the huge stolen base there — drawing reasonable inferences from evidence is the very opposite of “denial,” you jackalopes — it seems like dawn is starting to break even in the benighted precincts of the New York Times.  Oh, so “science” can’t conclusively prove that this or that hurricane — or the other one that didn’t develop — is due to “global warming”?  And your constant, childish, butt-fuckingly obvious lies about it are backfiring on you?  Knock me over with a feather.

H/t Vox Day, who notes

Another big factor in the mass refusal to buy into the AGW/CC propaganda is the observation that no one who claims to be worried about global warming is living in a sustainable manner in wind-powered tents far away from the sea.

Or, as I like to say, I take “global warming” exactly as seriously as its proponents do.  I’ll give up fossil fuels when they do… and not a minute before.

Even Squirty has a tough time keeping the faith these days.

Even Squirty has a tough time keeping the faith these days.

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