Settled Science Update

It’s so settled, they’ve got to ban dissenting viewpoints.  Evidence is “disinformation,” you see.  Because science.

Stacy McCain reminds us that Lysenkoism is alive and well.  Reminds me of a joke going around in Stalin’s time: “Come see beautiful Russia, home of the elephant!”

Though I have to admit, I’m having my own struggles with the scientific method.  All my observations tell me that liberals really, truly believe words are magic — if you repeat something enough times, and ruthlessly squash any contrary utterance, that thing will somehow become true.  No other hypothesis remotely fits the data.  And yet I just can’t get my head around the idea that actual adult humans could believe this.

Well, nobody ever said science was easy.  Though maybe if I repeat it a few hundred thousand times…..

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2 thoughts on “Settled Science Update

  1. Robert M Mitchell Jr.

    Many, if not most Liberals work in jobs where words are in fact magic. Witness how well the spell “Affirmative Action is Now and forever more Diversity!”. Worked on the Supreme Court, that’s pretty powerful magic, yes?

    1. Severian

      True enough. No doubt that’s why there’s so many of them in academia, too — it’s easy to convince yourself the world works the way you say it does if you can force hundreds of students to parrot it back to you on exams semester after semester….

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