Short Game vs. Long Game

I spend a lot of time in and around academia, so when I say I see the “Alt-Right” (or whatever we’re calling it) going down the same dead end as the Left Establishment, I know what I’m talking about.  And as I want to see at least part of the Alt-Right agenda succeed — that’s important, write it down, highlight it with glitter paint if you have to, but remember it — what I’m doing here is constructive criticism.  I am not interested in authoring (let alone passing) purity tests, doctrinal statements, grand sweeping philosophies, or D&D character classes.  Been there, done that, for most of my working life — trust me when I say that academia is often little more than spergy bullshit, Judean People’s Front vs. People’s Front of Judaea-style.  Y’all want to avoid that.  But that’s where you’re heading.

Successful revolutions, like successful business deals, relationships, and pretty much anything in life more complex than getting a snack and vegging out in front of the PlayStation, have short games and long games.  Unsuccessful ones have one or the other, or neither.  “Pickup” would be an example of going all-in on the short game.  Ok, so you’ve banged her…. now what?  This is why “Game” guys like RooshV and Heartiste don’t actually write much about Game anymore; they’ve discovered the need for something more.

The academic Left, meanwhile, went all in on the long game.  Before you hit the comments and start yelling about how they control the culture, a) I know, and b) how’s that working out for them?  Are they a happy bunch, would you say?  More to the point, are they any closer to their ideal society than they were fifty years ago?  I like to joke that you know feminism sucks because they’ve been in complete command of everything for half a century, and they still haven’t managed to get the gals that lousy 25 cent raise.  The truest of true believers are still out there, whining that Cuba just needs a little more time to build socialism, but most everyone has known the jig’s up for years*.  So they retreat even further into their long game of endlessly rejiggering social institutions.  Transgender bathrooms?  Ah yes, surely that will do it!  All we have to do is teach ladies not to care about Bruce Jenner’s wang flopping around in the stall next to them, and we shall finally have Utopia.

At one point, of course, the Left did have a short game, a very effective one.  We call it “Alinskyism” now, but back then it was the practical application of all that stuff Gramsci was talking about re: hegemony, combined with Lenin’s stuff about a vanguard party.  The theory doesn’t matter, though; point is, they had a long-term goal and a series of short-term, implementable, measurable steps to get them there.  They didn’t lack discipline, conviction, and willingness to fight; they only failed because their end goal is impossible.  They’re only all-in on the long game now because endless recondite discussions of “intersectionality” and whatnot let them pretend that the goal is still in reach, and their labors have purpose.

I’m starting to wonder if the Alt-Right has either.  There’s some semblance of a long-term goal, an end state, somewhere.  As the Z Man said somewhere, Vox Day seems to be trying to anoint himself as the Pope of the Alt-Right, so his stuff is worth a look.  Here are his “Sixteen Points.”  That’s coherent-ish and not obviously self-contradictory.**  The problem is, it doesn’t square with history, any more than the Marxists’ platform does, or the Libertarians’.  How do the Montenegrins, say, maintain their national identity against the Greeks or Turks or what have you, without banding together with the rest of Serbia?  And once banded together for common defense, how do they avoid being internally dominated by the Serbs?  Maybe I misremember, but I think Bill Clinton wrestled with a very similar question in between blow jobs.  It didn’t end so well (he didn’t read his Hobbes either).  Vox Day also frequently goes on about “Fake Americans” who “have to go back,” because America is a White Anglo-Saxon nation which the Founders designed to secure a future for their race.  That’s an end state, all right, but about as viable as Communism’s “dictatorship of the proletariat,” and for the same reason (please define “Saxon” and/or “proletariat,” comrade).

Short-term, the situation is even worse.  Giving “Antifas” a wedgie is great fun, and I can’t think of a more deserving bunch, but there’s got to be more to it than that.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s noble and necessary work, as is pointing out that race is real, that biology and behavior correlate, etc.  But they can’t be the only things, especially in a culture that still considers “racist” the worst imaginable insult.

Short-term, if I were in charge, I’d work on sabotaging some of the Left’s hoariest old canards as a prelude to introducing realtalk.  If all behavior is cultural, as they insist, then some cultures must generally produce worse outcomes than others (see, for example, Antifa culture, which seems to produce wedgies and beatdowns and doxxing and, at Auburn at least, arrest).  From there, suggest that Black culture produces poor outcomes, and once you’ve got that, introduce the idea that maybe, just maybe, biology has something to do with culture.  It’s science, after all, and don’t y’all fucking love science?

But that doesn’t address the fundamental issue:  What is it, exactly, that the Alt-Right wants?  What is the end goal?  When all the Black Bloc are unmasked, all the slacktivists wedgied, all the Fake Americans returned and all the traitors thrown from helicopters…. what then?**  Figure that part out, and plan accordingly.

I suppose it won’t do any good to remind commenters that I’m actually on your side with this, so hammer that caps lock key down and get to work.


*Obama did us a real solid in that regard, if you think about it — celebretard leftists have been claiming for 50 years that the only reason Cuba isn’t out there kicking the world’s ass with their 100% literacy and free health care is the American embargo.  Obama normalized relations with Castro’s shitty gulag of an island, and whaddaya know, it’s still a shitty gulag.  Score one more for Soetero’s reverse Midas touch.

** Alas, I suspect that the answer will be something like “and then everyone is left alone to do his own thing.”  See what I mean with this “not lining up with history” thing?  When has it ever happened, that mobilizing that kind of social and political power resulted in the greater number of citizens being left alone in peace?  (If you answer “America after the Revolution!”, I suggest you read up on Shays’ Rebellion, the Whiskey Rebellion, the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, the Hartford Convention… basically, the entire history of the Early Republic, starting with the John Adams administration).

6 thoughts on “Short Game vs. Long Game

  1. “I suppose it won’t do any good to remind commenters that I’m actually on your side with this”

    I tried to find a good youtube video with “Hey, that was directed at ME, wasn’t it?!” but I just don’t have the skill. No matter what your seven regular readers believe, at least you pump out good material almost daily.

    • No, not directed at you. I’m trying to point out that the Alt-Right is doing the same thing the Left does when it comes to purity tests, deviations, heresies, etc. N.b. to spergs: I AM NOT ASSERTING MORAL EQUIVALENCE BETWEEN LEFT AND ALT-RIGHT. I’m talking about rhetoric and tactics.

      I’ve been around academia for a long time, so I can tell you where this kind of spergy shit goes — nowhere good! I know a guy who had to fight tooth and nail to keep his job because of a beef someone had with his wife over some trivial political point… next thing you know, he was the subject of all kinds of baseless allegations, which only eased up when he threatened to sue the university.

      Yeah, it’s that bad — say one not-entirely-critical thing about the People’s Front of Judea, and the Judean People’s Front will try to ruin your life. We’re all in this together, boys.

  2. Well part of the problem with short vs long game is that history never ends, does it? Has anyone ever accomplished their long goal?

    Maybe the short game is to get some wisdom and understanding knocked in the heads of these antifa idiots, and the long game is to ensure that my children can have a few years of peace and quiet (past that will be up to them).

    • Ah yes, zee point, she is beginning to grow clear! 🙂

      No, history never ends. The Left thinks it does, the neocons think it does, and, from everything I’ve seen, the Alt-Right thinks it does, too. When your philosophy carries the unstated but obvious corollary “do this, and then we shall have Utopia!” you are a Millennarian sect, no different in that regard from the Marxists. (Again, n.b. to spergs, I AM NOT ASSERTING MORAL EQUIVALENCE BETWEEN LEFT AND ALT-RIGHT. I am saying that your end goals, though diametrically opposite, both fail, and for the same reason: The assumption that History stops).

      Everything in human affairs is temporary. I certainly believe that some temporary political arrangements are better than other temporary political arrangements, temporarily, and if my choices are “Marxism” or “Alt-Right,” I’ll take Alt-Right all day every day. But in saying that, I’m not signing off on the idea that if we only do this, that, and the other thing, we shall have Utopia. There is no rest this side of the grave, boys, and no Utopia here either.

      • Yes. It’s funny how many “realists” and “free thinkers” who scoff at fairy tales think that if their system succeeds, they will be able to write “And they lived happily ever after” on the last page and never think about it again.

        On the right it’s especially astonishing. The US Constitution, which many so rightly revere, doesn’t do this… within the first 50 years of our new Republic, we had miniature revolts (one of which led Washington to take the field with troops, the only sitting Commander in Chief to do so), Alien and Sedition Acts, the sitting Vice-President murdering the former Treasury Secretary in a duel, Andy Jackson threatening much the same to Henry Clay when he started murmuring about secession, a war in which the brand-new White House was burned to the ground while the First Family fled on horseback… and of course everything brewed itself up into a bonafide Civil War, and may yet do so again.

        Should the wet dream of certain segments of the Right come to pass, and an armed insurgence restore pure Constitutional rule to the United States again, I don’t think the fifty years following are going to be any smoother than, say, 1787-1845 or thereabouts.

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