Show Trial Scheduled

I see on Ace of Spades that they’re not going to reconvene the Senate until 1/19… after which they still plan to impeach Trump. So, you know, a literal show trial, as one cannot actually, by definition, impeach a former federal official for “crimes” committed while in office. Trump’s a private citizen as of 1/20.

So what would that be, Constitutionally-speaking? An ex post facto law? A bill of attainder? I swear, it’s like they’re going through the Constitution, article by article, using the “Congress shall not” stuff as a to-do list, just because they can.

Comrade Stalin wholeheartedly approves.

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3 thoughts on “Show Trial Scheduled

  1. Pickle Rick

    Well, the gifts just keep on giving. Back when Americans were still trying to find their balls for the first rebellion, back in the 1760s, it was the hamfisted, obviously petty, arrogant abuses by parliament (not the king) which shoved moderates like Washington and Franklin into the radical’s arms. Now, we’ve got absolutely nobody on deck of that stature, but that’s irrelevant. A movement finds a leader, not the other way around.
    CivNat Normie are believers in Trump, (even though I eventually came to see he was a blowhard pussy)- making a martyr of him might break their last hope of Constitutional rule of law, the Republicans, the troops and the flag. This might push them into making a leap into the dark.
    Do it!

  2. Frip

    I THINK i heard that there’s going to be Trump demonstrations in the capitals of the big cities. I hope it true. I’m near LA so I’ll go if it’s really happening. We should all try too. Not because of Trump, but just because we’re all on the Right and need a show of strength.

  3. Frip

    We need to talk about what it means to be mean. To be a mean country. To dispense with the Christian underdog bullshit that got us to this point. A revisit of early America where the Capables say to the Incapables, “No such thing as “inclusivenes”. For we’ve seen how VERY APPRECIATIVE you AREN’T. We’ve now seen where the Christian fig-leaf and Jew subversive got us. From now on…if you make it, that ALONE is proof of your worth. Well done then. Welcome to the good life. If not…good luck. Either way…fuck off!”

    Most of the Dissenent Right bloggers and commenters are already waspy mean. I insist on the above to convince the nice guys among us, like myself, that Nice Guy and Dissident are NOT compatible. Choose one or the other personalities. In writing. In class. With friends. With family. At the bar. You’re going to be seen as the dick. Be the dick.

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