SJW Traits So Far

Thanks to everyone for their input so far! Boiling all the excellent suggestions down, I’ve got the following rough nosology (a fun vocab word that should get a lot more play here in Our Brave — so brave, thank you for this — New World; a “nosology” is a classification of diseases).


Reject the past / embrace “the right side of history.” [metaphysics] This is a fairly easy one to tie back to Marx, but since so many people — including lots who actually still call themselves Marxists — don’t know about Marx’s metaphysics, it’s a great place to start. Tied to

“Fucking love science.” [metaphysics] Because of his metaphysics, Marx thought his system was the only truly scientific understanding of the world.

Embrace contradictions / are complete hypocrites: [metaphysics] another consequence of the “dialectical method.” According to Shafarevich, early Russian critics of Lenin compared the Bolsheviks to homicidal astronomers — they’re mathematically certain an eclipse will come, since it’s science, comrade… but the first thing they do upon convincing themselves of this is form a Party and start murdering people, to make sure it comes.

Are ahistorical. Since the past is by definition one long catalog of error, there’s no point in looking at it. Even their own “mistakes” contain no lessons, since these were merely the “thesis” which produces the “antithesis” which shall lead, inevitably, to the higher “synthesis” of utopia.

The outcome of all of this is “equality,” which isn’t some temporary state of worldly affairs but a metaphysical condition — utopia, the ultimate synthesis, the end of history.

See everything as zero-sum. [economics]. A consequence of the Manichaean worldview and the Labor Theory of Value.

This produces a view of the world that is both relentlessly materialist, yet at the same time strangely spiritualized. They — and only they — can bring salvation to us through their correct understanding of the objective, scientific processes of the universe. Which leads to

Are Manichaeans. [metaphysics] The other side seeks to hold back the inevitable, which makes them pure evil. There can be no compromise with evil. Also

Gnosticism. The Gnostics never got around to explaining how one can actually move up and down the levels of creation, since the higher levels should, by definition, be inaccessible to the lower. In the same way, Marx never explained how, if no one can transcend the cognitive limits of his “class situation,” he, Karl Marx, was able to transcend the cognitive limits of his class situation, such that he could see the objective scientific etc. This leads directly to the Fundamental Paradox of Internet Liberalism. Also leads to

Sense of themselves as a vanguard party. [Bolshevism]. Anything at all that advances the Revolution is fair game.

From there, the various flavors of Social Justice are just tools — to break down the family, undermine religion, etc.

Thoughts? Additions?

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5 thoughts on “SJW Traits So Far

  1. AvatarPickle Rick

    The concept of “Higher Law”. The SJW determines that any law that they deem “ist” of any type is superseded by the Holy Scripture of SJW, whatever flavor it takes in that time or place. Thus, Normie Law is ignored, flouted, and broken with impunity when SJW judges or legislative elites apply their standards to any lower ranking SJW who does get involved with the legal system.
    The collary to that is SJW law, once enacted, is to be obeyed fully, for all time, and woe to anyone who breaks it.

  2. AvatarSome Guy

    Agree that they definitely see everything old as bad and anything new as good. See how they embrace new and improved women, now with penises! This makes me think we’re heading towards a future where there are few if any “legacy” women in any positions of authority. Kind of like how there were no actual women actresses in Shakespeare’s time just men in drag.

  3. Avatardave b

    I would add a childlike gullibility to this list. The same people who make a fetish over natural (whatever that is) will embrace industrial crap like the Impossible burger and all the various plant protein meat substitutes that Bill Gates and his ilk are pushing down out throats right now, overlooking the fact that all that crap is factory processed pretend food. Same thing with their love of electric cars/ Never mind that the manufacturing process and the generation of electricity makes gas carts look like the clean solution. Not to mention the multitude of other problems with what may be the stupidest thing ever invented.

  4. AvatarFrip

    There’s only 2 true differences betwenen us and Progs. They are high IQ but lack judgement. Which explaines number 2. They are neurotic weasels. Which affects judgement horribly.

    Othewise we’re all human and we all suck. Everyone hates humans in equal measure, both right and left.

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