SNUL: Proposition Nations

Over at Z Man’s, a takedown of the “proposition nation” argument.

This is where being out of step with the Twitters and whatnot really hurts me.  I had no idea things were getting this spergy out there.  Z Man is right, of course, but everything he says shouldn’t need to be said.

There’s no such thing as a “proposition nation.”  If there were, then it would be fairly easy to propose forming a new nation, consolidated around a very different set of principles.  Had the Founders intended this, it would’ve been obvious as early as 1814 — when many of the Founders were still alive to comment on the Hartford Convention.  But they didn’t, and the issue was decisively settled in 1861-5.  (Funny how the “proposition nation” folks never mention that set of propositions, eh?  Nobody was clearer about their intentions than the Confederacy’s founders; they put slavery right there in their Constitution, front and center, in terms so clear that not even a Wise Latina could penumbra or emanation it).

“Proposition nation” means “those who come here, and those who are already here who are insufficiently assimilated, should try to behave like White Christians.”  Whether or not they can is an open question, but they should try.  We all should; that’s what “patriotism” really means.

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